The moral design of nature is bungled

Break His Windows

The moral design of nature is as bungled as its engineering design. What twisted sadist would have invented a parasite that blinds millions of people or a gene that covers babies with excruciating blisters? To adapt a Yiddish expression about God: If an intelligent designer lived on Earth, people would break his windows.

- Steven Pinker

Quote Source: Harvard

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Nature is just it - nature.

Nature is just it - nature. It lives by it's own laws. The only people who would say that it all was made by a design - the ones who never observed it up close(just literally spending a week camping would show 'em that, I swear. Being alone in nature proves it more than anything, judging at least from my own solo camps. Take minimal stuff(I'm doing hammock+cooking setup from, gathering a lot of food on the spot even).

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