More and more people are breaking free from the chains of their religion.

Religious Values Kill Moral Progression

More and more people are breaking free from the chains of their religion. More and more people are seeing that enjoying the freedom that comes with moral progressivism is way more pleasant than chaining yourself to moral conservatism. A chain is always a limitation, a border which we cannot cross. But to find better moral values we must always search on unknown terrain.

- Jurian Janssen (Religious Values Kill Moral Progression)

Quote Source: Religious Values Kill Moral Progression

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I definitely agree with the

I definitely agree with the source title.and putting it in context with the title I can say I likely agree with what is being said.

The problem with creating a bunch of rules to define morals and calling it the word of God is the word stays the same but everything else progresses in time around it. people grow by leaps and bounds and if one thing that was never a problem before pops up now the whole rule book is outdated.

People are pretty good as a whole at determining what are right and wrong actions and the longer time passes after a book is written the stupider and stupider the book looks . If there was a god and he was all an powerful omnipotent being that existed outside of time and had seen it all one would think his book would have seen everything coming and made all the rules we need for all of time.

If I tried to write a complete moral code I am sure it would take years and I would still miss a bunch of things even if I did not miss anything, I am sure it would be outdated soon enough. As other ideologies evolved and technologies gave us new things we could do. The bible reads like this and it was also written in a time when I guess a lot of things we would not find morally acceptable were considered completely reasonable. In the future I wonder how archaic my thoughts would look especially after people with ulterior got their quills on my papyrus.

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