Mormonism's Actual Beliefs

Mormon Beliefs
  • Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was a con-artist arrested for bank fraud
  • God marked dark-skinned people as a curse
  • Right after his resurrection, Jesus visited America to meet ancient Jews who sailed there
  • Exclusive Mormon underwear protects believers from harm
  • God lives near a planet or star called ""Kolob""
  • Mormons can become Gods in the afterlife


Zaphod's picture
HAHAHAHA! Silly Mormons,

HAHAHAHA, Silly Mormons! Seriously though, I wonder if this where the concept of Under Armor came from?

SammyShazaam's picture
I must get me some of that

I must get me some of that magic underwear.

arakish's picture
And everyone wonders why I

And everyone wonders why I call them Morons instead of Mormons.

Me too Sammy Shazaam...


Rohan M.'s picture
Makes perfect. Fucking. SENSE

Makes perfect. Fucking. SENSE!!!

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