Omar Khayyam: If logic occupied the place of faith and superstition

Omar Khayyam Mathematics

If instead of studying religion, men would have devoted to develop mathematics - algebra. If logic of science would have occupied the place of Sufism, faith and superstition, religion that divides human beings would have replaced by humanism…

- Omar Khayyam

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Huh interesting, I do wonder

Huh interesting, I do wonder how much more advanced this world would have been had we've devoted the time that has been devoted to religion instead toward math, sciences, and understanding all that is in this universe. Just imagine all the lives that have been devoted toward religion all these years imagine how much time could have been devoted to advancing our knowledge had we no religion to distract us as a species.

When I imagine this I imagine a better world one full of little to no suffering and peace on earth. I picture most worldly problems gone and a smarter more sustainable humanity. I imagine things like cancer cured, money obsolete, starvation non-existent and I imagine lives longer and better lived. Pollution a non issue. all around I see a better earth.

I have been noticing that the more I look into it my opinion that religion has its uses, benefits and place in the world fades and teh more I think yeah there may be some growing pains but religion was ended tomorrow thirty or forty years from now the world would be a much better place. Not that it is going to end anytime soon but it's nice to imagine.

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