People of faith have rejected the benefits of an open mind.

Benefits of an Open Mind

People of faith have rejected the benefits of an open mind. 

- A.C. Grayling

Quote Source: The Guardian UK

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I would not say this is

I would not say this is always true, though it may be true in some instances and of course it's true of a majority of outspoken people of faith.

I wish it were not so, but usually its the most closed-minded and ignorant of people who feel compelled to form an opinion about anything enough to challenge the beliefs or lack thereof of others the same people tend to be hateful and take offense to everything.

I have met plenty of faithful individuals who would suggest otherwise. I have also met plenty of atheist who were just as closed-minded about things as theist can be. I think the majority ignorance is rooted in pride or ego with a little of differing types thrown into the mix. But, I have not gathered enough to form a solid opinion on this matter yet and perhaps I never will.

I think if people as a whole could get over their fears of being wrong and put their prides and egos away the advancement of humanity could multiply by leaps and bounds. It's healthy to always question all of your beliefs. Through questioning our beliefs we can learn more about them and this can help us expound upon them and bring them to new heights but also it can discredit them and bring us to realizations that disprove what we may have been wrong to believe in the past.

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