Preserving the Right to Uncensored Expression

Right to Uncensored Expression

Preserving the right to uncensored expression is important not only because it is indispensable for an object examination of truth claims..but also it has intrinsic value. Human dignity requires the freedom to express oneself as an individual.

– Ronald A. Lindsay President, Center for Inquiry

Quote Source: Center For Inquiry

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I think in this age of

I think in this age of information freedom of speech is quickly becoming an issue of the past as it will become futile to attempt quieting concepts no mater how ridiculous they are as technologies advance. In the future the only way to be a theist is to to be ignorant much like today but it is getting harder and harder to hold up the facade. In the words of Bob Marley a theist by the way, you can fool some people some time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time. In no time in human history when ever you are reading this, has it been easier to stand up for you right to freedom of speech.

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