Religion has passed its expiry date.

Era of the Sword

It is no longer the era of sword. It is the era of economy, human rights, science and technology which Islam and any other religion is unable to provide.

- Ammar Anwer

Quote Source: Pakistan Herald

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So true

So true

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religions name was/is used

religions name was/is used for segregate the humanity in different culture,race,creed and gender,Its not a blessing,Its a curse

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I think in a time before

I think in a time before science, religion was relevant in that it offered up an explanation for the things unknown. Once science came around and begin offering up much better (factual) explanations, religion has largely lost its relevancy.

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we have released ourselves

we have released ourselves from the barbaric era -- the era when value is estimated by the amount of blood on one's hand. It's now the time when brilliant mind and ardent love take over. I'm so disappointed that there are still a myriad of people who still choose the barbaric way all because of a false book.

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only many people find it too

only many people find it too difficult to digest

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