Richard Dawkins: Scaring Children with Stories of Hell is Child Abuse

Scaring Children with Stories of Hell

"I am persuaded that the phrase ‘child abuse’ is no exaggeration when used to describe what teachers and priests are doing to children whom they encourage to believe in something like the punishment of unshriven mortal sins in an eternal hell."

- Richard Dawkins

Quote Source: Richard Dawkins Foundation

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I agree as teaching children

I agree as teaching children about mortal sins and eternal damnation in Hell, teaches children to act out of fear rather than to act out of hope, this generally leads to less productive people in my opinion.

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Especially at the age that

Especially at the age that most children learn of their soul's supposed fate, it can be really disheartening to learn that not only are you going to hell, but that your parents (who you've probably seen take the Lord's name in vain at least 10 dozen times before kindergarten) relatives and friends are all going too. The real kicker is even if you suck it up and repent and leave all your loved ones behind to go to heaven, you can't take your dog with you, since animals apparently don't have souls...

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I wouldn't call it child

I wouldn't call it child abuse at all. The real fingers should be pointed at the video game industry, fast food and television reality shows. Religion would come in a far last, it would still be there, but not as prevalent as the others.

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Fear often confused with it

Fear often confused with it is not respect. Many religious people do not respect God but rather choose to fear and teach fear of this imaginary entity. If they are right about this entity they better change their ways because in most versions this entity seems to demand respect not fear and those who treat others with disrespect do the same to God when they don't understand how God would in theory want them to act.

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