Ruth Hurmence Green: The Natural is so Awesome

The Natural is so Awesome

"The natural is so awesome that we need not go beyond it."

- Ruth Hurmence Green

Quote Source: The Born Again Skeptic's Guide To The Bible

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I definitely agree. There's

I definitely agree. There's so much in our immediate surroundings that we don't understand, things we really ought to take the opportunity to explore. I don't see how it could be more useful, or more fulfilling, to instead imagine possibilities about how we can get to an afterlife that may not even exist.

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Yeah Nature is truly awesome,

Yeah Nature is truly awesome, and there is so much to learn about it! Through it perhaps we gain longer life and eventually have no need for an afterlife. When we could have and do have the present life.

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Thinking about it, what

Thinking about it, what exactly is natural and who is to say something is not?

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Good question, Zaphod! The

Good question, Zaphod! The natural is everything that we think that we understand inasmuch as we are not overly challenged by understanding that would lead us to challenge our understanding.

Uh . . . well, let me put it like this. There could be alien extraterrestrials that in some way created life on our planet. Dawkins is cool with that, but so long as it doesn't have anything to do with the Bible. Uh, like this. Lets say Charles Darwin was a failed preacher of God. Which he was. And one day he sees a finch that looks different from other finches. And he sees a turtle that is different than other turtles on a specific Island. And at the same time, anthropological excursions into what is admittedly a laughably suppressed and uptight sexual society even dresses chimps up in full attire so as to be prudent. They actually dress piano legs so as not to offend. They start to see some moral or immoral paradox.

At the same time, of course, you realize that the theory of evolution certainly wasn't introduced by Darwin. Socrates and Greek philosophy prior to Jesus had workable theories of evolution. Did you know that? Crazy isn't it?

Oh, well. Whatever.

So they have monkeys dressed up like humans. And daughters dying of diseases even though they were given all of the current scientific bullshit cures hydro logically. The failed preacher failed on a lot of fronts. You know you can actually research Moses like you can Darwin? You probably wouldn't want to do that, though.

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She is so right, more people

She is so right, more people need to stop and look at the world around them for what it is and not what they think it should be.

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Nice wheels, but at that

Nice wheels, but at that speed it ain't going to happen.

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Exactly! Who are we to think

Exactly! Who are we to think beyond what nature has already given us. Are we better or more powerful than nature itself?

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We could be. I envision a

We could be. I envision a global revolution which destroys all religious, governmental and commercial institutions as we know them. Science and technology, were it to escape the limits of our own paradigm, could easily supply every need for every man woman and child on this planet without them having to be slaves to the economic, religious or political accommodations we are accustomed to. A machine can weld your fancy sports car, can perform surgery on you, can build you a house in under 24 hours and build a machine that can do that for anyone else for nothing. That means you don't have to toil, I don't have to toil - we could drop the fractional reserve banking. No imaginary money. No rich, no poor. you got a machine that can provide everything everyone needs in a sort of imperfect world. The oil companies have no place. The Bankers have no place. The religious and the political would certainly have no place and think about it. Money? They need it. We don't.

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