Sarah Silverman: When God gives You AIDS

Make Lemon-Aids

"When God gives you AIDS — and God does give you AIDS — make lemon-AIDS!" 

- Sarah Silverman

Quote Source: YouTube Clip

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I really don't know much

I really don't know much about AIDS, I've been told its a life threatening disease with no readily available cure though to me it seems more like a symptom of HIV which is a virus. I think we need more HIV awareness and prevention to combat the cause of AIDS and from there we should be able to to better rid the world of this disease. I know only one person the Berlin Patient has possibly been cured after a leukemia treatment which involved a bone marrow transplant he apparently overcame not only aids but HIV as well this one lucky soul may be one and only person who will ever be able to say cancer saved his life. Five years later and there is still no sign of the virus coming back in the Berlin Patient but unfortunately trying to reproduce the result thus far has only resulted in temporary success in other patients. I think the answer lies more in the bone-marrow he received rather than the patient himself but that is just a theory. Monkeys for example under the influence the cocktail to suppress symptomatic signs of the virus could be brought to levels where the virus could not be detected in blood test but it was found the virus stayed dormant in their stomach tissue cells and when drug therapy was stopped the virus would come back just like when people treated with the the drug cocktails for HIV would reach undetectable levels but after ceasing treatment would later be found to have the virus again.Perhaps a stomach removal and bone marrow transplant would work for the monkeys but I know what would work for humans it is still a mystery where the virus hides in humans when when drugs used to relieve symptoms get down to undetectable levels. This makes wonder if the Berlin patient may have had a stomach flu or some other unknown variable which made them different seeing as Idon;t believe in luck ... But seeing as it would be hard to find bone marrow transplants for everyone with HIV or Aids unless we get on with cloning techniques which many religious groups stand against then I think people will continue to die of their AIDS so long as we can't over come these religious barriers. I really do think the best approach is to try and rid the world of HIV through a worldwide implemented awareness and prevention program. but it's imperative we treat the cause and not the symptom to our problems..

All that said what Sarah Silverman is saying here is a play on the old saying "When life gives you lemons!" The source Youtube video but it was taken down. It's from Sarah Silverman Jesus is Magic I am not a fan of her edgy offensive stuff which I fail to find as funny as it is offensive, it just the niche of comedy she chooses to be involved in. She goes out of her way to be offensive to everyone so don't watch her stuff if you easily offended as it will make light of the racially offensive terms rape ect.. but if your thing she will likely be able to get a laugh or two out of you. that being said no matter who you are if you do decide to watch this keep in mind she is a comedian filling this niche and almost everything she says is meant to be offensive and at least in some way comical and is thus not true though often plays with the stereotypes people believe to be true.

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