Solid Proof for God's Existence

Proof of God's Existence

If God isn't real, then who tangles our headphones in closed backpacks so perfectly? Checkmate atheists.

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God has such a tough job!

God has such a tough job!

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I know the complexity of the

I know the complexity of the knots formed in the pockets of theist who would never think of using wireless headset must mean that God is real. I mean how could a knot like that form itself right, there's no way these knots could form without divine intervention, so this is proof that God exist and likes to fuck with theist.

The Great Flying Spaghetti Monster is real and just loves tinkering with your headphones because he nothing better to do than use his divine intervention to make our lives difficult in a plethora of ways and such tangled headsets could only be formed by a force with such understanding of knots as the flying Spaghetti Monster. Behold evidence that FSM truly does exist.

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