Stop worrying and start living. It's the only chance you have.

Is Life Meaningless - Jurian Janssen

Truly believing in an afterlife basically devalues the life we are in now. What are ±75 years on Earth worth compared to an eternity in heaven? Barely anything if you ask me. It is downright greedy to not be satisfied with one life and demand a second one. In many people this greed is so strong that they simply start to image there must be an afterlife. It is this imagination, this fantasy that takes away the value of the life we have. And by devaluing your own life, you automatically devalue the life of any other being on this planet. We should not even be thinking about an afterlife. Instead we should be doing anything to make this life worthwhile.

Stop worrying and start living. It's the only chance you have.

- Jurian Janssen

Quote Source: "Immoral Afterlife"

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