The United States is not a Christian Nation - Casper Rigsby

The United States is not a Christian Nation - Casper Rigsby

The United States is not a Christian Nation.... It is a Nation that has been taken by Christian Terrorists.

- Casper Rigsby

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I don't agree with this, the

I don't agree with this, the United States is not a Christian nation but it has not been taken hostage by Christian terrorist as of yet. As it stands now various Christian groups are vying for control but thus far they have only in large numbers taken control of about half the nation this is scary but they have not taken us hostage yet. Christians do horrible things on other continents which I can provide evidence of along with evidence of Christians from here even, not only providing support toward, but also participating in these horrible things, but here in the US they have far from taken over.

Right now we are at about according to the CIA world fact book at 78.5 percent Christian as a percent of the population as far a demographics go. I think these numbers are skewed and with a little more confidence and security gained by the extreme christian groups here in the US we will likely see soon especially if they can gain another 1.5 percent of the population numbers, the nation will soon begin to see more realistic numbers of those that have opposing views start to come to light namely atheistic views. But not unfortunately until the the Christians have gone intolerably out of line.

I think the numbers that are included in the amount of people who are considered Christian in the US is grossly exaggerated. The more I look into it the more I see this is true. I think the worst thing besides killing natives and enslaving Africans here that this nation ever did was employ the use of the term God by our government. It has led Christians to believe that this country is theirs and will no doubt down the line lead to a holy war in their eyes on its soil.

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