Victor Hugo on Sacrificing the earth for paradise

They Promise You Heaven

Sacrificing the earth for paradise is giving up the substance for the shadow.

- Victor Hugo

Quote Source: 2000 Years of Disbelief

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The ignorance propagated by

The ignorance propagated by faith is destroying our planet in more ways than I can count. Giving up the earth for paradise is exactly what many of the faithful are doing and they think its all good because they will go to heaven after treating this supposed gift given to us by a baseless god will give them an even better gift after we have proven how well we can handle the first gift we were given.

The gullible people of faith have been duped into believing an all powerful being that wants them to do things that bring about the destruction of the gift it gave them and that doing these things will get them into some imaginary place where everything is perfect. There is certain point where being ignorant makes you a bad person and if such a thing did exist that even remotely resembled a God I am sure it would agree.

The ignorance of the faithful is a direct threat to our well being and that of our children, and they are so dumb they can't find a way to put aside their faiths and work toward making peace and paradise on earth so they don't have to leave it to get to heaven the first place.

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