Why doesn't God just show himself?

Invisible God - CJ Anderson

God cloaks himself in invisibility and leaves the world to guess, hope, and kill over his identity and existence? This is love?

- CJ Anderson

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People will say that the

People will say that the trees, the stars, the universe, look at everything that has gotten here, is enough proof of god. But to me, that is science, biology, and nature doing its work. If you plant something in the dirt, give it water, sunlight, and oxygen, something will grow...that is science, NOT god. Religious faction will say, this or that could not have happened by chance, there had to have been a purpose... why does everything need a purpose? Earthquakes, typhoons, tornados, psunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions...what possible purpose could those things have, other than causing death and destruction. These thing are science, nature, and things lining up scientifically, and biologically, for them to have happened...so yes, something incredible COULD just happen. People want to make more out of things than they really are.

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Christians will ignore these

Christians will ignore these facts or will say that God works in mysterious way or some shit like that

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