This is why it is sometimes a good idea to be open about your atheism.

Open about your Atheism

Look, I've spent almost 35 Years as a believer; 7 of those as a fundamentalist, creationist Christian. The only reason I've spent almost a year now, as an atheist, was because another atheist friend of mine had the cojones to give his views on his facebook wall, all the time, giving me courage to pursue the doubts that were already in me.

I don't think anything will change until we actively challenge the things people take for granted. I have no time to waste apologizing, or being careful for what I know as truth, because I *wasted* so much of my life on nonsense thanks to people who had NO COMPUNCTION indoctrinating me and taking advantage of my vulnerability as a young adult searching for answers. If these kinds of videos -- videos on truth -- offend people, then it is because of their own insecurities about the truth they accept as truth. There is nothing wrong with this video... and we shouldn't pussyfoot around the truth anymore. Should we be gratuitous dicks to believers? No. But I see no reason why belief should be left unchallenged. NO REASON.

- Lizmari M. Collazo


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Never underestimate the power

Never underestimate the power of a drop of water or a butterfly flapping its wings, Many people sit on the sidelines silent feeling alone. When you go out and are open about who you are it can inspire others like you to do the same. You show them they are in fact not alone, you show the world there are more like you. The ripple you create will spread across the pond and the force of your movement can be the wind on their backs.

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So silly a big man in the sky

So silly a big man in the sky that can create a big bang,
but needs your begging to cure or whack grandma.

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