Why Should My Civil Rights Be Dictated By Your Bible?

Civil Rights Dictated By Bible?

"Why should my civil rights be dictated by your interpretation of the parts of the bible you chose to believe in?"

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Civil rights should always be

Civil rights should always be determined by common sense and logic and religion uses no common sense or logic at all. This si why it will always seem crazy to the open minded inividual.

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This is because religion is

This is because religion is completely driven by selfish and completely illogical thinking.

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If you choose to believe the

If you choose to believe the bible you should keep it to yourself and study the whole thing until you know all parts well, fully understand it. Work at this long enough and you will find contradictions, when you do, you will be forced to question it's validity.

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The only document that should

The only document that should influence civil rights is the Constitution, and unlike the Bible, we as citizens can amend that.

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It is also interesting to

It is also interesting to note how empowering it is for people to know they can actually dictate themselves. Following religious scripture is ultimately telling people that they themselves do not have the knowledge or power to make their own decisions and that they must be told what to do. This makes change very difficult to occur.

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