Atheist Republic News Summary: Christchurch Shooter Sentenced to Life

1. Christchurch mosque shooter sentenced to life imprisonment
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

2. Father Accused of Honor Killing His Teen Daughters Finally Caught!
Location: Texas, USA

3. Muslim girl's family shaves her head over boyfriend & faces deportation
Location: France

4. American Atheists Urges Supreme Court Not to Impose Blasphemy Law
Location: USA

5. Bangladeshi blogger faces death threats for criticizing Islamic fundamentalism
Location: Bangladesh

6. Outspoken Nigeria Atheist Still Hasn’t Been Seen Since Arrest #FreeMubarakBala
Location: Nigeria

7. Indian journalist trashes Hindu scripture and sparks outrage
Location: India

8. Lawyer allegedly provided gun in murder of man accused of blasphemy
Location: Peshawar, Pakistan

9. Liberty University Doubles Down After Falwell Denies Reports Of His Resignation
Location: USA

10. Chinese hospitals aborted late-stage pregnancies and killed newborns
Location: Xinjiang, China aka East Turkestan

Video descriptions:

1. The mass shooter who slaughtered 51 worshippers at two New Zealand mosques was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.The March 2019 attacks targeting people praying at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques shocked New Zealand and prompted new laws banning the deadliest types of semi-automatic weapons. They also prompted global changes to social media protocols after the gunman live-streamed his attack on Facebook.The judge imposed the maximum available sentence on the 29-year-old Australian gunman, the first time the sentence has been imposed in New Zealand. Judge Cameron Mander said the shooter’s crimes were so wicked that a lifetime in jail could not begin to atone for them.

2. Yaser Abdel Said, a Lewisville cab driver wanted in connection with brutal slayings of his two teenage daughters, is in custody in North Texas after 12 years on the run. According to the FBI, Said, who was considered armed and dangerous and known to carry a weapon while driving his cab, was apprehended without incident by SWAT agents from the FBI's Dallas Field Office. Yaser Said had been on the run since 2008 after police said he took his daughters, 18-year-old Amina and 17-year-old Sarah, to get something to eat on New Year's Day. He put the girls in his taxicab and left their home in Lewisville where he allegedly shot them both as they sat in his cab.

3. A Bosnian Muslim family in France who severely beat and shaved the head of a 17-year-old daughter is set for deportation after their trial. The young woman sustained the abuse after she engaged in a relationship with a Christian Serb. She had fled her family’s apartment after they condemned talk of marriage to her boyfriend, and upon returning, faced brutal abuse by her mother, father, uncle, and aunt. Family members left her with a broken rib, multiple bruises across her body, as well as potentially permanent damage to her ears. The four family members involved in the abuse will be tried for violence against minors.

4. The civil rights organization American Atheists, urged the Supreme Court Justices to refrain from restricting free speech and conjuring a de facto blasphemy law into existence from the bench. The case involved is Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, wherein Catholic Social Services (CSS) claims the city of Philadelphia must provide it with a taxpayer-funded contract to place children in foster care despite its refusal to comply with the city’s nondiscrimination requirements, in part, because two Philadelphia officials made innocuous statements about the Archdiocese and the Pope. Geoffrey Blackwell, Litigation Counsel at American Atheists, stated, “If the… Court were to overturn decades of jurisprudence because of these harmless comments, it would create a doctrine akin to a blasphemy law. Free speech would be stifled, and officials would be encouraged to fawn over religion, since to do otherwise would endanger any government action.”

5. Asad Noor, an outspoken Bangladeshi blogger, has been facing threats and intimidation from both state and non-state actors for supporting minorities and criticizing Islamic fundamentalism. In July, Noor published several video blogs protesting the persecution of Bangladesh's minority Buddhist community in Rangunia. A local leader of the country's ruling party Awami League (AL) sued the blogger under the Digital Security Act, accusing him of "hurting religious sentiments" and "running propaganda against the spirit of the liberation war." "In my YouTube and Facebook videos, I have been criticizing Islam and Prophet Mohammad, referencing the Quran and the Hadith. At the same time, I am critical about political Islam. That's why Islamists are angry with me," Noor told German news agency DW.

6. Mubarak Bala, president of the Humanist Association of Nigeria, was not one to filter his words. On April 25, he logged on to Facebook again and typed a post calling the Prophet Muhammad a terrorist. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Bala, was arrested after lawyers in private practice in his conservative birthplace, the Muslim-majority city of Kano, complained about his Prophet Muhammad post to the police. Other nonbelievers are worried that these same lawyers are drawing up a list of other Nigerian atheists to be prosecuted and that more arrests may be coming. In violation of a June court ruling, he has not been allowed to see his lawyer. Mr. Bala is believed to be the first atheist arrested in Nigeria for blasphemy.

7. Delhi-based journalist Sushmita Sinha’s video criticising Hindu festival Teej created controversy on social media recently, with many calling for her arrest. Sinha is seen holding a Hindu scripture, Hartalika Teej Katha, and asking viewers if she should use the book as toilet paper or tissue paper as it “is of no use” to her. “I have paid Rs 15 for this useless book, now it’s of no use to me. Now I am wondering if I should use this book as tissue paper or toilet paper. What do you think?” Sinha said in the video. The book has Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on its cover. Sinha claimed she is now receiving death and rape threats. A hashtag demanding her arrest has been trending on Twitter recently.

8. A lawyer has been arrested for allegedly giving a pistol to the teenager accused of gunning down a US citizen as he appeared in a Peshawar court on blasphemy charges. Tahir Ahmad Naseem was fatally shot on July 29th. According to investigating officers, a junior lawyer was arrested for “allegedly providing a pistol to the assassin to kill Naseem”. Authorities say the shooter, who according to police is 17 years old, has confessed to the killing, claiming the lawyer provided him with the pistol. Lawyers don't typically undergo a pat-down before going into courts, and officials said the arrested lawyer had discreetly handed the pistol over to the teenager.US officials say that  Naseem was lured from his home in Illinois to Pakistan in 2018, when he was arrested on blasphemy charges.

9. Officials at Liberty University, one of the nation's largest and most well-known Christian universities, are doubling down after Jerry Falwell Jr. denied reports he'd agreed to step down as president following allegations of sexual behavior at odds with the school's honor code. The latest breech between Falwell and the university comes on the heels of an investigation published by Reuters in which Falwell's former business partner, Giancarlo Granda, claimed he had a multiyear sexual relationship with Falwell's wife, Becki, which involved Falwell looking on while the pair engaged in sex acts. Liberty University, whose campus is in Lynchburg, Va., holds its students to a strict moral code, which includes prohibitions on sex outside of marriage and same-sex relationships. A statement released late Monday evening by Liberty's spokesman Scott Lamb said that "matters came to light that made it clear that it would not be in the best interest of the University for him to return from leave and serve as President."

10. Hospitals in Xinjiang aborted late-stage pregnancies and killed newborns as part of China's mission to erase Uighur culture, a doctor who worked in the region told Radio Free Asia. In 2017, China passed a law limiting Uighurs and other ethnic minorities to having three children if they live in rural areas or two if they live in urban areas. Hasiyet Abdulla, a Uighur doctor who spent 15 years working in hospitals in Xinjiang and now lives in Turkey, told RFA that when a child was expected to be born into a family who already had two or three children or who'd had a child in the past three years, the pregnancy would be terminated, even at "eight and nine months." Sometimes medical staff members would "even kill the babies after they'd been born," Abdulla said.

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