Atheist Republic News Summary: Proud Boys Warns of 'Civil War' if Trump…

1. Proud Boys Supporter Warns of 'Civil War' if Trump Loses Election
Location: United States of America

Proud Boys:

2. Bangladesh Approves Death Penalty for Rapists
Location: Bangladesh

3. Indian Transgender Shopkeeper Harassed by Locals
Location: Kerala, India

4. Priest arrested after group sex on the altar of church
Location: Pearl River, Louisiana

5. Algerian Activist sentenced to 10-year imprisonment for 'inciting atheism'
Location: Algeria

6. Taliban on Trump: "We hope he will win the election" and withdraw U.S. troops
Location: United States of America

7. #BoycottTanishq trends after ad on Hindu-Muslim marriage accused of ‘love jihad’
Location: India

   Jewelry ad that was pulled for Love Jihad:

8. Casteism in Uttar Pradesh: 65-year-old Dalit man assaulted, forced to drink urine #DalitLivesMatter
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

9. Pakistan bans social media app TikTok over 'immoral' content
Location: Pakistan

10. Catholic symbols in Irish state schools to be phased out
Location: Ireland

Video Descriptions:
1. Actor and blogger Walter Masterson shared a video of a Proud Boys supporter who says that there will be a "civil war" if Trump is not re-elected in November and goes on to advise people to stock up on guns and ammo. The clip featuring the self-identified supporter of the far-right group was posted online, took place during a Trump rally in Staten Island, New York. The unidentified Proud Boys supporter, describes how the group are "not brawlers, but we're there. We're like the Marines, we're the first to come in," he adds. He continues "If Trump doesn't get re-elected, there's going to be a riot. If he doesn't get elected, this is when you're going to see a civil war."

2. Bangladesh’s government recently approved the death penalty as the maximum sentence in rape cases, following the release of harrowing footage of a group of men attacking a woman went viral on social media last week. This sparked days of protests in the South Asian country where rights groups say rape victims rarely see justice. Under the current law, the maximum sentence for rape in Bangladesh is life in prison, unless the accused murdered the victim. Local rights group Ain-o-Salish Kendra says that 889 women were raped in Bangladesh between January and August of this year.

3. In a recent incident, a transwoman from Kerala, has been harassed for selling biryani. Sajana Shaji had been trying to make ends meet during the pandemic by selling biryani. Shaji was managing to make a living and had even provided employment to four other transwomen. For over a month, however, local shopkeepers and vendors had been spreading rumours about the quality of her biryani. A tearful Shaji said in a Facebook Live stream that her shop usually sold 300 packets of biryani a day, but now could only sell 20. She said, "People keep asking us [transwomen] to work and live a decent life, instead of begging on trains and roaming the streets at night. But if the society does not allow us to work respectfully, then what are we supposed to do?"

4. On Sept. 30th, a passerby noticed that the lights of the Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River were on unusually late. According to court documents, the onlooker saw the small parish's pastor partially naked having sex with two women on the altar. The women were wearing corsets and high-heeled boots. There were even sex toys and special stage lighting, as well as a mobile phone and separate camera, mounted on tripods, recording the whole scene. The eyewitness took a video and called the police, who arrived at the church and viewed that recording. Officers then arrested Rev. Travis Clark, who had been pastor of Saints Peter and Paul since 2019, and the two women on obscenity charges.

5. Algerian anti-government activist, Yacine Mebarki, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and fined over 10 million Algerian dinar ($77,000 USD) for "inciting atheism", "offending or denigrating the dogma and precepts of Islam", and "undermining national unity". This is the most severe sentencing to be handed down to a peaceful protestor since anti-government overreach protests began in February 2019 and is part of a larger escalating crackdown on activists, opposition figures and journalists. The charges of inciting atheism likely come from a copy of the Quran that was found with a page ripped during a raid on his home last month. There is no evidence that Mebarki himself is an atheist.

6. Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, told CBS News in a phone interview on Sept. 9th, "We believe that Trump is going to win the upcoming election because he has proved himself to be a politician who accomplished all the major promises he had made to American people, although he might have missed some small things, but did accomplish the bigger promises, so it is possible that the U.S. people who experienced deceptions in the past will once again trust Trump for his decisive actions." He continued "... Other politicians, including Biden, chant unrealistic slogans." A different senior leader said, "We hope he will win the election and wind up U.S. military presence in Afghanistan." Tim Murtaugh, Trump campaign spokesman, said that they "reject" the Taliban support.

7. An advertisement by Tanishq Jewellery featuring an interfaith married couple has received severe backlash with ‘#BoycottTanishq’ trending on Twitter. More than 17,000 people tweeted calling for a boycott of the jewellery brand and a ban on the advertisement. Several users accused the jewellery brand of promoting ‘love jihad” and ‘fake secularism’ through the advertisement. ‘Love jihad’ is a term coined by Hindu-extremists, and refers to an alleged campaign by Muslims to convert Hindu girls via the guise of love. In the 45-second advertisement, members of a Muslim family can be seen celebrating a traditional Hindu ceremony for their daughter-in-law who appears to be South Indian. The company has now removed the ad from YouTube, and it's store in Gujarat is receiving threats.

8. A 65-year-old Dalit man, identified as Amar, was allegedly assaulted and forced to drink urine in Uttar Pradesh. The accused, identified as Sonu Yadav, had attacked the elderly man's son with an axe, and after this attack, the father and son lodged a complaint against him. Yadav was irked at the victim's actions and was attempting to force them to withdraw the complaint and settle for a compromise. A local superintendent of police said that the accused are among the influential people in Roda village. He said that the police arrested the prime accused and added that efforts to arrest all other involved in the incident are underway. He added in a statement, "We won’t tolerate any sort of bullying. "

9. Pakistan has blocked TikTok, the social media app, for failing to prohibit "immoral and indecent" content, the country's telecommunication authority recently said in a statement. Confirming an earlier report by Reuters about the potential ban, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued instructions for blocking of the application.  Arslan Khalid, a digital media adviser to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, backed the PTA's warning to TikTok in June to filter its "obscene content." He claimed that the "exploitation, objectification [and] sexualization of young girls on TikTok" was causing pain to parents. The PTA said that it will review this decision once TikTok has created a  satisfactory mechanism to moderate unlawful content.

10. Irish state secondary schools are to phase out a range of Catholic influences such as mandatory graduation masses, the exclusive display of Catholic symbols and visits from diocesan inspectors. The new rules apply to more than 200 secondary schools run by the State’s Education and Training Boards (ETBs), which are officially categorised as multi-denominational. The new rules include: any religious symbols on display must echo the beliefs of the wider school community rather than one particular religion. It also states that school events that mark a specific religious event or celebration must be on an opt-in basis, as opposed to requiring students to explicitly opt out. The news rules do not necessarily apply to a separate category of 70 schools that have legally binding agreements with the Catholic Church.

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