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Iranian University Ban: Women's Stand Against Mandatory Hijab

Female university students were barred from universities in Iran after refusing to follow the country’s mandatory hijab laws. This resulted in sham disciplinary “hearings,” class suspensions, and threats of being given zero grades.

Drag Queen Rocks Religion: Provocative Performance Shocks the Philippines

A Filipina drag performer stirred controversy after a viral performance at a local bar where she dressed up as Jesus Christ and danced to a remixed version of a Filipino-language Catholic Mass worship song, sparking a heated debate on where to draw the line between “expression” and “mockery”, especially in a country like the Philippines, where around 79% of the population identify as Catholic.

Why Indian Ex-Muslims Formed a Movement Defending Secularism

Leaving one’s religion can be difficult and more challenging for some people than others. Such is the case of the Ex-Muslims of Kerala (EMU) members, an organization formed by former Muslims living in the southern state of Kerala in India.

Indonesia's Blasphemy Epidemic

Several human rights groups in Indonesia have called on the government to place a moratorium on blasphemy, urging them to amend the country’s laws on blasphemy and calling on the police to temporarily halt the enforcement of blasphemy-related articles to stop the abuse of religious minorities in the Muslim-majority country.

Mob Justice Unleashed: Bangladesh in Turmoil over Alleged Blasphemous Post

Around 2,500 people were arrested in Bangladesh on June 4th after an allegedly blasphemous Facebook post defaming the Prophet Muhammad sparked street violence in the Muslim-majority, South Asian nation.

Most of those arrested for participating in the violence in the country’s capital Dhaka were unidentified. Bangladeshi authorities also arrested a man named Mohammad Sohel for making the reportedly blasphemous social media post.

From Human Trafficking to YouTube Ban: The Odd Case of a Filipino Pastor

Filipino pastor and self-proclaimed “Appointed Son of God” Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy couldn’t stop YouTube from terminating his channel for alleged violations of the platform’s community guidelines on June 21st.

Quiboloy’s YouTube channel was taken down after Canadian YouTuber Mutahar Anas, also known on the platform as SomeOrdinaryGamers, flagged YouTube’s support team on Twitter on June 20th and informed them about the pastor’s prior cases of human trafficking and his FBI warrant.

'Send them to India': The Cost of Celebrating Holi at a Pakistani College

Students at a Pakistani university received a disciplinary notice for participating in Holi celebrations at their campus, sparking debate on celebrating religious activities from other faiths in the Muslim-majority nation.

Criticizing Islam Costs a Life: Kurdish Artist Gunned Down

The Kurdistan region of Iraq was shocked upon learning about the murder of a Kurdish artist in a town in one of its provinces over allegations that he criticized Islam and was an atheist.