Atheist Republic News Summary: Iranian Man Flogged for Drinking Alcohol


In the city of Kashmar, Iran, a man was flogged 80 for a “crime” committed a decade earlier. It’s unknown why authorities decided to punish him now, for having an alcoholic drink while underage at a wedding.

A woman called into a Catholic talk show called Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie, then confessed something that proved her link to religion to be quite dangerous. She told everyone that she ate the vomit of someone in the hospital after they puked up a communion wafer. She said she couldn’t let the Lord’s body “go to waste”.

A suicide bomb attack in Pakistan has left 130 dead and the number is rising as over 200 people are injured. Isis is taking responsibility for the attack.

Turkish Creationist Adnan Oktar has been arrested for many crimes including child sexual abuse. No one is certain about how long he will remain in jail, but since he’s had altercations with the president before, it’s possible he’ll stay for a long time.

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A woman is accused of murdering someone with her car, has claimed that God made her do it. While off of her anti-anxiety medication, she started talking to God, claiming he made her arch her back while driving, so she was looking upwards and didn’t know she hit anyone.

Philippines’ President Duterte has apologized to God for calling him stupid last month. He was accused of committing the highest form of blasphemy and made it clear that his apology was only for God, not his critics.

A photographer in Turkey attacked a man after learning he was going to marry a 15 year old child. He said he felt her fear, as she was trembling, then refused to take photos of the event. The groom who was attacked, got a broken nose during the fight.

Man who married an 11 year old Thai girl was fined $450 in Malaysia. He was charged with polygamy and marrying illegally outside of the Islamic courts.

Russia is arresting people who are connected to the Jehovah’s Witness organization, calling them an extremist group. They are raiding houses and conducting searches in order to cut back on the religion’s growth.

Denmark has passed a new law ordering every child one year old and older to spend 25 hours a week away from their families, in order to learn “Danish values”. They are targeting low income “ghettos” and will not pay welfare rations if parents don’t comply with the education law.

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