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Free Speech

Public safety should trump the “rights” of others to use speech to incite violence either directly or indirectly.

Morgan Kuiper

An 11-year-old girl in Michigan was released from the hospital after God shot her in the shoulder, according to the girl’s parents.

by Z. Joseph Beal
Einstein and Jesus

Although humans seem predisposed towards religion, science is what consistently explains the universe.

by Z. Joseph Beal
Live in Sunshine

Too often, atheism is framed as an oppositional force. Atheism – and by obvious extension, the atheists who give that philosophy material shape – is a doctrine built on resistance.

by Jithin Mohandas
Prayer of Cruelty

A famous faith healer tragically failed to predict the death of a toddler who came with family to attend his charismatic convention in Nottingham.

AR Under Attack

Dear Theists, we know you’re mad and you want to shut us down, but have some integrity and stop lying in order to attempt to achieve that goal.

by Casper Rigsby
Love Wins Everywhere

Moderate Islam is easy to hold to, as long as everyone caters to your dysfunctions.

Instrument of God

According to the Christian worldview, Dylann Roof was simply carrying out god’s will.

Khartom Bahri

If we look at the Quranic injunctions pertaining to shariah, it is evident that the teachings of the Quran cannot be applied to present times.

Christian Flag

Despite the advice of the city attorney, the city council in Cochran, GA has voted 5 to 1 to fly the Christian Flag outside city hall.