Atheist Republic News Summary: Lawrence Krauss, Egyptian atheist


Lawrence Krauss has broken his silence about a BuzzFeed article published last month, accusing him of sexual misconduct. In a lengthy Google Document, he addresses each accusation and offers a counterpoint.

A radio station in Nottingham has been fined 2,000 Euros for broadcasting a song that glorified non-Muslim violence. The radio station has said that they do not agree with that message, but this is not the first time they have been met with controversy.

On March 10th, women and men in Tunisia will be marching for equality in inheritance. With a long history of inequality between genders, they hope to unite and possibly start changing legislation.

A male escort has accused almost 40 priests of homosexual behavior. The accusations are being investigated by the Vatican.

In Lahore, Pakistan, a man tried to kill himself while police were questioning him over a blasphemy case. He’s currently in a hospital, scared that he will be accused of blasphemy as along with his cousin. He has faced severe torture in custody.

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The Satanic Temple is suing the state of Missouri over strange abortion laws. Women are forced to wait 72 hours and read a biased pamphlet designed to make them feel guilt and change their minds.

A driver was arrested in Israel after purposefully driving his car into a policeman and two soldiers. The attack was deemed “nationalistic” as it was an Arab motorist who attacked Israelis.

An Egyptian atheist was kicked off of a television show after suggesting religion wasn’t necessary for moral values. The host told him he needed to seek psychiatric help and kept apologizing to the viewers for having to witness the exchange.

Christians seems to be upset over the Freedom From Religion Foundation threating to sue a sheriff after he sent a bible verse to his employees following the Florida school shooting earlier this year. The sheriff has not responded to the FFRF’s request to remove religious propaganda from his work memos.

Pakistan has had harsh blasphemy laws since the 80’s, and in 1986 updated their laws to include the death penalty for people who blaspheme against the Prophet Muhammad. After the Colosseum in Rome was lit in red to bring awareness to persecuted Christians in Pakistan, the world is starting to take more notice of Pakistan’s barbaric laws.

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