Christians Exploit Earthquake in Nepal to Promote Religion

Nepal Earthquake

Some Christians shamelessly celebrated the tragic earthquake that hit Nepal last month and exploited the devastating death toll and large-scale destruction to promote religion and God and also justify their own superstitious beliefs. According to government records, close to 8,500 people died, as electric supplies failed, hospitals ran out of capacity and mortuaries started to turn away families of dead people.

In the midst of all this havoc, Christian ministries decided to step in and shamelessly exploit the tragedy as an excuse to raise money that would in all probability be put to use elsewhere but not on relief and aid as promised to the thousands of victims of the Nepal earthquake. If this does not seem exploitive enough, some Christians used the tragedy to promote their own versions of Biblical fantasy. While some hailed the earthquake as a sign of Christ’s inevitable return, others said God was punishing pagan heathens in Nepal for failing to establish Christianity as their state religion. It must be mentioned here that 80 percent of Nepal’s population is comprised of Hindus and 10 percent of Buddhists.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, followed by an enormous aftershock on Sunday, cost hundreds of thousands their lives and many others grave injuries. While the repercussions of the quake were felt across Eastern India, an avalanche was witnessed on Mount Everest.

A street preacher in California, Tony Miano, tweeted prayers for those that lost their lives in the earthquake, quickly following it up with more prayers that no pagan temples be rebuilt after the tragedy and that Nepalis repent not having received Christ as their god earlier.

In a conversation with another Twitter user, Miano said the Bible had taught him how most people in the world hate Jesus, which is why they build temples to “false gods.”

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Obviously, social media was quick to react to the preacher’s sickening exchanges.

“It is arrogant and callous to pray that the Nepalese would give up their faith and sources of comfort in a time of tragedy #nepal,” a woman in Chicago wrote.

“@TonyMiano you are what is wrong with the Christian religion and you are in for a rude awakening come judgment day,” a woman in Santa Fe added.

Similarly, an Adventist Church leader in Nepal, Umesh Pokharel, who claimed to have traveled far and wide to deliver food and tents to victims of the earthquake, said people should trust God and rely on Him blindly since He alone is in control of everything.

“I find many people are living in fear and some of are having psychological problems,” he said. “They all need our help to guide them toward Jesus. The earth is still shaking, and people are panicking. … We are leaving everything up to God. ... We would like to thank God for providing the necessary means to help these people in their time of pain and grief. At the same time, we are able to share the love of Jesus with these communities.”

However, noteworthy is a minority that has been carrying out legit relief work for the victims of the earthquake, consciously steering away from promoting any one religion.

Photo Credits: India Opines

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