Holy, Sin-Free Christian Social Network Launched in Ghana

Sin Free Social Network

Christians in Ghana now have access to a holy, sin-free Christian social network as an alternative to Facebook. The web application, developed by Ghanaian Christian group LoveRealm, was launched on January 9 and it happens to be the first in the country to offer social networking options that are free of un-Christian content.

“Social networks these days are filled with nude content and violence. LoveRealm however ensures a holy social network experience by censoring and removing ‘unchristian’ content. This ensures that God is the entire focus of our social network experience,” said CEO Yaw Ansong.

The developers have been inviting hundreds of Christians to use the web application since its pre-launch event at Pentecost Convention Center in the capital city of Accra earlier this month. LoveRealm CTO Bojan Jordanovski said that the invitations ensure users can make necessary changes and incorporate desired information to their profiles. The team behind this web application believes that it is offering a platform to those who believe in God and want to follow Him in connecting with likeminded people from within Ghana and beyond.

“You will meet people just like you; people who have struggled with the things you have struggled with,” Ansong revealed.

While some believe this platform will allow those struggling to keep their faith to share their weak moments and confess their wrongdoings to others, founders of the web application say that it would give an opportunity to Christians to come out from the various vicissitudes of life.

“So it is not just a place to pour out your heart and frustrations but a place to find solace and solution” Ansong added.

Photo Credits: America News

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