Mississippi Passes Most Restrictive Abortion Law in the US


Mississippi lawmakers on Thursday passed the most restrictive abortion law in the United States at present. It will make the abortive procedure illegal after 15 weeks of pregnancy. There was a 75-34 vote in favour of the measure in the House.

Governor Phil Bryant stated that he will be signing it. The owner of the only abortion clinic in Mississippi has made a pledge to sue. Eventually, the Supreme Court of the United States may take up the case. It is a possibility. Two exceptions are in House Bill 1510.

If a foetus happens to have a health problem that may prevent it from survival outside of the woman full-term, or if the pregnant woman’s life is at risk, then abortion is permitted in the Mississippi bill. However, cases involving rape and incest are not exempt.

In appeals court in 2015, a North Dakota attempt to ban abortions after six weeks was struck down. The North Dakota case involved a foetus with a detectable heartbeat. Arkansas would be similar as the two other cases but after 12 weeks pregnancy.

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Hillary Schneller, a staff attorney for the national non-profit Center for Reproductive Rights, explained, “The Supreme Court has said and resaid again and again that states cannot prohibit women from obtaining abortions prior to viability, which is what a 15-week ban would do.”

Schneller’s group, or the one she is associated with, is based on New York City, New York. It advocates for free access to abortion and has made an open call that the bill is a) medically unsound and b) unconstitutional.

Photo Credits: Fox 5 Atlanta

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