Pastor Caught Trying to Rape 12-Year-Old Girl


Tennessee pastor of the Church of God International in Palmer, William E. "Tim" Smith, Jr., was caught by police trying to rape a teenage 12-year-old girl in his own car. Police in Grundy County arrested the pastor with his pants down in an attempt to rape a girl while driving her back from a church-related outing at a nearby lake.

According to, the police report of the incident says that during the ride back, Smith stopped at the side of the road near where the officers were parked and began making advances on the girl. As he pulled his pants down, a police officer knocked on the window, which caused him to jump up in alarm and pull up his pants. The girl told police that she had tried to resist his advances, but he was nonetheless persisting in pursuing her sexually. The police report also states that Smith showed “no remorse” during interviews with police officers for trying to force himself sexually on a minor. “This is very disturbing and heartbreaking,” said Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum of the incident.

Smith was caught in his act by police officers who were looking for a stolen vehicle and they stumbled upon a truck stopped in the forest. Before he was arrested, Smith tried to convince police at the scene that the girl was 18 years old, and when they asked the girl about her age he shamelessly answered for her. According to the police report the policeman asked the man how old he was at that point and he replied 48 years old. Then he asked the girl how old she was and the man answered for her, stating she was 18 years old. Smith answered the question for the female several times. Once the policeman told the girl to answer the question truthfully Smith tried to persuade her to tell him she was 18 years old. After the arrest, Smith showed no remorse at all and only stated that he has done nothing wrong.

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Luckily for the girl, the police arrived and protected her from the attacker, but it was only because the police was looking for a stolen vehicle. If that was not the case Pastor would have enough time to do even worse things to unprotected girl. Also the question is whether the girl is his first victim? According to his behavior after he was caught by the police it looks like he was cold blooded and tried to trick the police into letting him go.

The church has lost its credibility and morality a long time ago, but every time something like this happens, one cannot remain indifferent.

Photo Credits: Indian Express

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