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the delusion of RT

Zombies and the walking dead make for good copy, but do little to advance our understanding of life and death. Unfortunately, neither did the National Geographic with a cover article entitled, “The Science of Death: Coming Back from the Beyond.”

The article issues forth just about every misconception of life that permeates our national discussion. Sam Parnia, a critical care physician and author of the book Erasing Death, is quoted as saying that death “is a process, not a moment.” So far so good. But then he makes a common but critical error in thinking, which gets to the heart of our problem. In discussing a victim of a whole body stroke, Parnia writes that the patient’s organs can continue to function for a period after the heart stops beating. From this he concludes that “for a significant period of time after death, death is in fact fully reversible.”

Well, no, it is not. If a patient can be revived, the patient was never dead in the first place. But how can that be if we see no brain waves and the heart has stopped beating? Surely that is dead, isn’t it? If someone was revived from that state, clearly we must say he came back from the dead, no? That is certainly what is commonly believed, but no, we can’t. The success of reviving the victim means that during that state in which it seemed as if biological functions ceased, the functions essential for life in fact remained viable enough to be resuscitated — and therefore the patient never died. Reports of Mark Twain’s death were exaggerated only because he was not dead. The same is true for “miracles” like toddler Gardell Martin who was “dead” for an hour and a half after falling into an ice-cold stream. We are very happy to have him among the living, but he never left us in the first place.

We find this curious state of suspended animation difficult to accept as anything other than dead because we are asking the wrong question about life and death, without ever clearly defining what it means to be alive. Most of us hold deeply and unquestioned the idea that life is all-or-nothing , on or off, live or dead, one or the other, black and white. I mean, something is either alive or dead, end of story. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are in good company in failing to define life. Dating back to the early Greeks and across millennia to modern times, great minds have recoiled from the notion that life might be a matter of degree, because our intuition so strongly demands that something be alive or not. But our intuition serves us poorly here. The problem seems to be that the more rigorously we attempt to define life, the more we encounter ambiguous cases that test our assumptions, stretch the limits of our definitions, and demonstrate where intuition and common sense falter. With even casual observation, the essence of what makes something alive quickly becomes non-intuitive when we are presented by forms that defy easy categorization such as bacterial spores or crystallized virus capsules that can rest inert for centuries before being reanimated. Those viruses would appear to be no more alive than a pile of salt, but we know that only one can be re-introduced into the kingdom of the living.

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It's technology, isn't it? At

It's technology, isn't it? At one time, if your heart was stopped, that was it. Now doctors and paramedics routinely restart hearts. That's called resuscitation, not resurrection. Modern medical technology has pushed back the horizon for resuscitation dramatically. As long as the brain isn't severely damaged, the patient can be saved. That's especially true when people are immersed in cold water or buried in snow.

The diagnosis of death is a specialist task. Unless someone has been decapitated or burned to bones, it takes a physician to be sure. In Japan, the media never report people as being found dead. They are always in a state of cardiac and pulmonary arrest until a doctor pronounces them dead. I guess the newspapers don't want to be sued by the living dead. (LOL)

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@Qu@si "Zombies and the

@Qu@si "Zombies and the walking dead make for good copy" One of the most popular books ever written agrees with this. Who has time to read the rest?

Isaiah 26:19-21

But your dead will live, Lord;
their bodies will rise—
let those who dwell in the dust
wake up and shout for joy—
your dew is like the dew of the morning;
the earth will give birth to her dead.

Go, my people, enter your rooms
and shut the doors behind you;
hide yourselves for a little while
until his wrath has passed by.

See, the Lord is coming out of his dwelling
to punish the people of the earth for their sins.
The earth will disclose the blood shed on it;
the earth will conceal its slain no longer.

King James Bible (Matthew 27)
And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

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I have contended for years

I have contended for years that we as a society are superstitious, lazy and uninformed - often willingly- about what constitutes life.

This applies to when a person's life ends - as well as when it begins.

To say "Life begins at conception" is as wrong as to say life ends when your decayed corpse turns to dust.

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I work as an RN. 27 years in

I work as an RN. 27 years in nursing. I have performed CPR many times. The heart stopping, of course, is not always death. This stuff is routine practice in the health care community but seems so susceptible to manipulation by irrational people. Death itself is veiled to most of us. 10 years ago I tried to estimate how many people I had seen die and I estimated between 250 - 300 people. I stopped counting. Mostly middle aged to elderly, some babies and teens. My own brother. In these times, only police,/ fire/ Paramedics , soldiers, victims of war, and medical personal see this kind of attrition. Humans used to see death on a regular basis. We need a more realistic relationship with death to combat these frauds and opportunists.

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Cognostic said....

Cognostic said....

Bla bla... Bla blah... ☺️ Lol

Do you post that garbage to be funny ?
Or are you actually a theist who is trying to save us from some make believe guy in the sky ???

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@Fishy Re: Cog

@Fishy Re: Cog

Pretty sure Cog was posting that to be sarcastic and funny. LOL

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Depending on the cause of

Depending on the cause of death it normally takes a while before your corpse is completely dead. It usually takes 4 to 12 hours for your body to truly die which happens when rigor mortis sets in.

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""the patient’s organs can

""the patient’s organs can continue to function for a period after the heart stops beating""

Let's assume this guy is right. I guess they probably can or could. Do any organs with without blood? No. Do they work absent instructions from the brain? No. Does the brain die pretty quickly after the heart stops beating. Why yes. So why is the good doctor talking nonsense. My guess is... TO SELL BOOKS

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"Bring out your dead!"

"Bring out your dead!"

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"I'm not dead yet!" x-D

One of my favorite scenes.

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@Cali Gal Re: Not dead yet

@Cali Gal Re: Not dead yet

Ah. In that case, you must be a witch! She's a witch! Burn her!

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there he goes. there he goes

there he goes. there he goes again...

"Question about the validity of Jesus"

this kid weird. i guess the only thing he want is attention..
pity .

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RT is a lost cause. He keeps

RT is a lost cause. He keeps pulling this shit over and over again. He wants confirmation of his superstition, not evidence that he is wrong. He is young and stupid and uneducated. He is destined to give all his money to some faith healer scam artist probably from YouTube where he finds all this shit!

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