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Indonesian Atheist

Halo, I'm Indonesian girl (23 years old tho), an exmuslim and basically an agnostic-atheist. I love seblak pedas (OK. forget about this line) and I really want to live as a "real" atheist. I mean, I am tired to do a lot of stuff like shalat and even fasting. Well, if its about zakat, I don't mind to that, but shalat? I mean worshipping something that doesn't exist? Well I am not claiming that I am really sure that generally God doesn't exist. But Allah as God? It's just no. The flaw in Islam as religion from God is just unacceptable.

I'm currently hiding my identity (of course), because if you live in Indonesia, you can't just come out like "hello guys, I am an atheist". (Well, some people are a bit lucky to have atheist friends in real life) There is even a law that ban people to show/share about atheism. We can just mingling around as we want. Thats why I join this site, just in case I can meet many people just like me.

If you guys just like me, please... be my friend.. tell me that I'm not the only one here.



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Hi SP & welcome. Stay safe

Hi SP & welcome. Stay safe and find support.

I hope the authorities don't go out of their way to arrest non-believers, I expect they are just afraid that their religion is nonsense and are having trouble facing that reality. A simple idea might be to just ask people "do you believe in god?". Surely that's allowed and might be an easy way to determine who is frightened or aggressive in response and those with whom it may be discussed.

Apparently a person's religion is on their Indonesian passport and it is necessary to choose one of eight "recognised" religions - or so I heard.

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So far, I haven't met any

So far, I haven't met any atheist Indonesia. Moreover, the more I reveal myself, the bigger possibility that my family will know. Obviously, I dont want that happen. They will kick me out from the house for real :'(

Anyway, there are 6 recognized religions in indonesia. Islam, catholic, protestant, kong hu cu (confusianism) , buddhist, and hindu. We must choose one of those religions for our identity card. If its not, there would be a lot of problem ahead in birocracy.

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hi I'm an Indonesian atheist

hi I'm an Indonesian atheist too
and if you can please contact me
its lonely here

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Juned, try this:
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Welcome to AR Seblak Pedas!

Welcome to AR Seblak Pedas!

You are certainly not alone! There are a lot of atheist and agnostics here, feel free to start a topic and discuss anything you would like to that you could not talk about with your theist friends and family.

That is unfortunate about Indonesia's laws and culture being against atheist/agnostic.

I was agnostic until I looked up the commonly accepted definition of the word: god.
With stuff like worship, creator of morality, and supreme being in that definition, I realized I was actually atheist.

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Greetings Seblak Pedas!

Greetings Seblak Pedas! Welcome to the site : )

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You are welcome here, Seblak

You are welcome here, Seblak Pedas.

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Hello, Seblak! (Cute name -

Hello, Seblak! (Cute name - bet it's yummy!) Greetings & Stay safe!
I am from Europe, though, but hope you find some other indonesian atheists eventually.. I wonder how you could unendangeredly unite and support one another - what horrible times we live in. Yesterday a story was posted about malaysian authorities moving to investigate atheists, who posted a photo online.
Nobody is doing anything bad, nor planning anything evil, but you must behave like an organized criminal, or like a resistance group during ww2.
At the moment, best be super careful, even about small things like prayer - don't seem overly pious, but perhaps just pretend to yourself, prayer is a good thing, and you are like a child, meditating happily while performing the movements or in mosque/surau (don't know, how you do it in Indonesia..)
It might even feel refreshing, and meditative - inner focus, meditation can be healthy, after all. Afterwards just return to your atheist mindset - sounds crazy, but might work as a good practice for dealing with the inherent contradictions of life & world..
Or it will drive you insane - but - hopefully not!

Oh, dear, I could almost bet this post didn't really cheer you up - well, keep a low profile, read books, and keep tentatively searching for fellow atheists around you - while international atheists can tell you online: You are right, and you are sane - strict religion is NOT the truth and does not make sense, especially not modern day fundamentalism!!

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Hi, I'm from Indonesia too

Hi, I'm from Indonesia too and I'm an atheist too
I'm new to this website too btw, I made this account because I saw a fellow Indonesian atheist just like me

Being an atheist in this country is basically fine as long as you stay low profile, because this country is not based on sharia law (except in a state called aceh), it is even fine if you're muslim women and not wearing hijab and I believe there is no death sentence for atheist in this country

and BTW, It looks like your family is some kind of religious or Islam fanatic, and it is kinda hard situation (I guess you must stay hidden as a fake muslim) and if you want to browse the internet and visit this forum make sure to lock your door and use google chrome on the incognito mode (CTRL+SHIFT+N) so it will not save your browsing history, you don't really need to use any vpn because this country doesn't really care about things that you searched (including porn, etc)
I'm kinda lucky my family is open minded and I'm basically fine and I have few atheist friends too

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Welcome Yohanc! It is great

Welcome Yohanc! It is great to hear about people creating accounts to get in touch with other people in a similar situation.

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Welcome to AR Seblak Pedas!

Welcome to AR Seblak Pedas! Please be safe. You are not alone here at AR.

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Hi nice to meet you all, have

Hi nice to meet you all, have just joined

i am an atheist and i am indonesian,

i know this website from youtube channel: secular jihadist

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Welcome to AR Temjin!

Welcome to AR Temjin!

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Welcome Temjin! 3 indonesian

Welcome Temjin! 3 indonesian atheist in as many days!

Band up and support each other!

I will have to check out that youtube channel.

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Very interesting...https:/

Very interesting...

They adopt a little religious or theological language in the 'About Us' bit....
I like most of it but a 'secular jihad' and 'evangelist'? I don't know about the rest of the world but I am sick of jihad and evangelism.
Still, best of luck to them.

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One of the host, Armin Navibi

One of the host, Armin Navibi is actually one of the founders of this website, Seth Andrews interviewed him, then i checked his youtube channel, secular jihadist, and then it led me to this website.

anyway, here in indonesia, you can be atheist BUT you cannot spread atheism, there is a law that ban spreading atheism, it's actually a law about banning the spread of marxis communism, but in it, it includes atheism, phew....

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Religionists are frightened

Religionists are frightened of dissent and for good reason. Superstition cannot withstand analysis.

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Gnostic atheist, anarchist.

Gnostic atheist, anarchist. Live in South borneo, part of indonesia archipelago. I hope we can meet.

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I can't add much to that,

I can't add much to that, except my own welcome to all of you. You will find friends here.

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Hello, I'm an ordinary boy

Hello, I'm an ordinary boy from Indonesia, 19 yo, an ex-muslim and an agnostic-atheist. My university is very religious, and freethinker like me are extremely rare. When my closest friends knows that I'm an atheist, they shun away from me . Maybe in their eyes, I'm such a bastard infidel. I don't know what to do . . .

I'm sorry for my bad English.


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Try clicking on 'Resources'

Try clicking on 'Resources' at the top of the home page?

You have resurrected an old thread here, C Zigfrids. Welcome to the Forum.

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A welcome place for atheists

A welcome place for atheists everywhere. And everyone on the planet is an Agnostic. There is no Knowledge. Prove me wrong.

I found this.....
Being an atheist in a Muslim country is not easy. In early August, a photo depicting an atheist meeting in Malaysia went viral. The image not only elicited statements from politicians and officials, but also prompted many social media comments. Some Malaysians said atheists were not accepted in their society and that apostates deserved to be killed.

Indonesia enjoys the reputation of being more open-minded when it comes to religion, but atheists and secular people are still stigmatised.

Choose your posts wisely and it never hurts to cover your tracks. Some of us are very lucky to live in countries where we are not under religious dictates.

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Hi there, nice to know you. I

Hi there, nice to know you. I'm from Indonesia too, and I'm 23 on 2018 hahaha. Don't worry, I'm really sure that you're not alone here. I mean, if Indonesia is an atheist-friendly country so I think many of us will speak up in the public. But the problem is, no, this country is really not atheist friendly, so maybe if you meet someone, they need times to know you then just wait until they said that they're an atheist. You know what I'm saying :) And if you don't know, as far as I know, there are 2 groups for Indonesian atheist in facebook: Dialog Ateis Indonesia and Anda Bertanya Ateis Menjawab. I think you should check the groups. It's really worth to join and I can guarantee you won't feel that "bad thing being an atheist" feeling anymore.

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"tell me that I'm not the

"tell me that I'm not the only one here."

You are not the only one here.

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