Intelligent Design?

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Intelligent Design?

This is the newest philosophical ideology used by modern-day Christians.

I can refute this with one example: Humans.

If intelligence was used to design us humans, simply look between our legs.

What's up with that?

An entertainment console and a sewage system.

NOT Intelligent Design.

Alright y'all, come with some others.


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Why is my brain, the most

Why is my brain, the most vital and vulnerable part of my body, placed in the most vulnerable location on top of my shoulders? If we were intelligently designed, we would keep our brains under our stomachs, with sub-brains in our armpits, like the octopus.

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Did you know that you have brain cells in your gut? They make most of your important decisions.

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Thousands of people die from

Thousands of people die from having the same tube used for breathing used to ingest food

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Here is my Top Twenty Human

Here is my Top Twenty Human Evolution FUBARs. My absolute fave is #19.

Physical FUBARs

1. An unsound spine
2. An inflexible knee
3. A too-narrow pelvis
4. Exposed testicles
5. Crowded teeth
6. One set of teeth to last us four score and ten years)
7. Meandering arteries
8. A backward retina
9. A misrouted recurrent laryngeal nerve
10.  A misplaced voice box ( choking's the 5th most common cause of accidental death in the US)
11. A brain like a dysfunctional workplace
12. Our inability to biosynthesize vitamin C
13. The awkward wiring of the male urinary tract
14. The close proximity of our genitals to our rectum
15. Our multi-function genitals
16. The overly complicated human foot
17. Our inefficient sinuses

Behavioural FUBARs

18. Our love for sweet, salty and fatty foods
19. Our tribalism
20. We have any number of cognitive biases- pareidolia and apophenia,  just to name two.

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Well we don't have antlers or

Well we don't have antlers or horns on our heads and our ears and nose are in the right place on our head to support glasses to aid our eyes. Suppose our nose was placed above our butts and our eyes were on our finger tips.

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Intelligent design would have

Intelligent design would have had to include volume control for the ears, with an off/on function and microscopic and telescopic settings for each eye as well.
Now that would have been intelligent.
I have always wanted to be a good guy Borg....sorta like Tinman I guess (with that vacuum attachment that Kryten has of course)

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@Grinseed Re: "I have

@Grinseed Re: "I have always wanted to be a good guy Borg....sorta like Tinman I guess..."

Me? A good guy???... Take that back right now! *pouting*

Oh, I met a couple of Borg before at a bar in the Emerald City. We struck up a conversation, and they told me that while all their different attachments did have their perks, they usually end up spending a fortune on batteries, especially if they are away from the mother ship for long missions. Oh, and you really don't want to know where the battery compartment is located.

Edited for last sentence addition.

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About the batteries...I think

About the batteries...I think I can guess. I can only hope they're AAA size.

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@Grinseed Re: Batteries

@Grinseed Re: Batteries

Uh.... Sadly, they told me the batteries are actually ATV batteries. So much for intelligent design. Personally, I think the engineer who developed the plans was just sick and twisted.

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I would add that the immune

I would add that the immune system is pretty flakey. We’re it designed well, it wouldn’t fail as often. As someone with a few autoimmune disorders, I can say that the system is not wholey reliable.

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Intelligent design is what

Intelligent design is what some creationists use in an attempt to rationalize and defend the bible. Now we get to the fun part. If god made man in his image (Genesis 1:27) then why does man have such an inferior body? In fact, our senses all suck in relation to other animals. My dog can hear better than I can, bats have better hearing, eagles have better eyes, get the drift?

I would want my god to have eyes like Superman, ears like a fruit bat, and a nose that doesn't block up every spring. How come my god sucks?

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@ David K

@ David K

" If god made man in his image (Genesis 1:27) then why does man have such an inferior body?"
The answer to that is gods interstellar phone is really bad, only like a 5mp job. And we are in his image, just a really crappy selfie. The vid quality isn't even 720p which explains the lousy voice recording and other stuff. Also it was only a head and shoulders fully clothed so a lot of stuff just had to be put together on the fly...the real engineers were somewhere out by Alpha Centauri and couldn't be fucked to come all the way over and check the finished product.


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