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Night 1

Is he in time out or just banned?
I actually don't think he is Friedmanite. Just a similar mixed up brainwashed kid.

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Who? I know a Friedmanite


I know a Friedmanite

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This him:http://www

I was skimming through the previous posts, and I thought that you were having insomnia or were being haunted, or playing FNAF. Anyway, is this the guy:

He says here he's a Randite- those guys are pretty nasty. I know a Friedmanite, they are a lot more liberal than you think.

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Friedmanite is anything but

Friedmanite is anything but Liberal or even sane. He is a 16-year-old self-entitled punk.

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The member called "The

The member called "The Friedmanite" may be, but Friedmanites are generally decent people.

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Only met one and don't like

Only met one and don't like him one bit. Also, I don't like the ideals of Freidmanite himself. Too Austrian and elitist. A theorist that doesn't understand how common people have to live to survive, not realistic. Kind of Like Karl Marx.

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I know a Friedmanite and he's

I know a Friedmanite and he's pretty cool-
What specific ideals of Friedman do you not like? He is very different from Ayn Rand- he believed that we do have a responsibility to the poor, he just thought welfare was very ineffective at doing this. I believe he was the one who devised the NIT, and said we should replace welfare with it- and I agree wit this program actually, because often times is gives struggling families more money, it gets rid of the costly welfare bearocracy, and gives MASSIVE tax breaks to the middle class.

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Freidmanite is naive. He

Freidmanite is naive. He touts lofty ideals that are not practical nor realistic. He decries the Fed as if were a corporate monopoly and that is NOT what it is at all. He decries welfare instead touting private charities. What he doesn't understand is that welfare takes care of every aspect of need. Whereas charity only cares for what it wants and in most cases, there is a price to pay like converting to a religion. He touts privatizing everything like roads and schools which would alienate the poor. He counts on business, to be honest without any oversight. That is unrealistic. He doesn't want massive tax breaks for the middle class. He wants to eliminate taxes altogether. He thinks that business will take care of everything ignoring the fact that they would have NO motivation to do so.
Basically, he is ignoring the fact that business is only motivated by profit and nothing else. They don't care about responsibility whatsoever. If they could get away with it, they would have slaves, create pollution and not clean it up, produce dangerous products. The free market does not adjust for that. You may say that people would not buy inferior products but history has shown people buy what they can afford. You would say that people don't have to work for oppressive companies, but people work where they can, they don't have a choice in many cases. Friedmanite is a total failure. Just looking at economic numbers is a fallacy. It doesn't account for the human condition or reality. It is as naive as the Communist Manifesto.

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The ideas of Milton Friedman,

The ideas of Milton Friedman, not "the Friedmanite," from what I can understand he isn't even a Friedmanite, he's just part of Ayn Rands cult.

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