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Watch what you step on

I had tenants before I took over my condo, a couple with their 2 kids. I went over while they were still living there and b/c I had my shoes on and didn’t want to dirty the tiles but also didn’t want to take off my shoes, I skipped unto a rug that was conveniently placed, I figured for the kids to play on, or whatever. Oh the horror! The man gently asked me if I could get off their prayer rug. LOL! I felt such shame for having offended them but at the same time I was dying to run out and laugh! I had no idea they were Muslim, I didn’t care. Ya, they had Arabic names but they could be Christians too and the latter offend me more b/c I’ve had more contact with them and I was raised to be a Christian.
Anyways, nothing to debate here, just thought I’d share.



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Whoops! LOL

Whoops! LOL

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How funny! It's a prayer rug,

How funny! It's a prayer rug, not a prayer tablecloth. I suppose if it were a prayer tablecloth and you set a drink down on it they would be offended. There should be a whole line of "prayer???"
Like: Prayer:
Shower curtains
Bath towels
Welcome mats
Wall Tapestries
Couldn't you just see someone getting red in the face because you used the "prayer toilet paper?

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ROFLMAO..... Bwaaaa-haaaaaa-haaaaaa-haaaaa...!!!

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You are lucky you were not in

You are lucky you were not in an Islamic country. If you stepped on a prayer rug intentionally or treated it badly, you could be charged with blasphemy and that would cost you jail time or possibly death. You never know when a Muslim is going to have an "Uncontrollable reaction." Look what happened when prayer rugs were respectfully displayed as art in France.

"NANTERRE, France (AFP) - An art installation showing high heels on Islamic prayer rugs was pulled from an exhibition near Paris after a Muslim group complained the work could provoke "uncontrollable" reactions, the artist said Tuesday."

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