What will life look like in 100 years?

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What will life look like in 100 years?

will robots rule the earth?

will zombie Apocalypse happen?

will this forum still be alive?
and will our great grand children be a member of it?

will alien life form be present on earth?

can you predict it??
just for fun....lets be seers.

throw your best WTF prediction

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In 100 years, the anthropomorphic effects on the global environment will poison the biosphere to the point that the human species (Homo idiotus) cannot be supported by Mother Earth. Mother Earth talks to her son, then Atlas Shrugs. The Great Cosmic Bunnies now see their chance and give intelligence to the new dominate species, Leporidae erectus.

All hail the Great Cosmic Bunnies.


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We probably won't be being

We probably won't be being driven around in personalised hovercars.

Everyone will probably have a standard of living guaranteed by the robots, in return for fulfilling basic communal duties that automation cannot carry out. People will be global citizens while at the same time the world will become far more decentralized.

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I take a few ques from

I take a few ques from trends in animal production, I think there will be more regulation on breeding. Sperm and ova will be screened and approved for breeding. Less Natural and uncapped breeding. Humans will have more machine parts. We will live in sealed artificial environments. There will be no Wild animals or humans. War and violence will not occur. There won't be competition for resources but everything will be allocated. There will be an elite technocracy. Freedom will be pretty much obsolete. We will be mining other planets and have clean Power. The ocean and environment will be unlivable.

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I'm not going to be around to

I'm not going to be around to watch it. Good luck to you. With the collapse of the American dollar, Corporations will become the new masters of the planets. Nationality will be traded in for company loyalty. Companies will hire private police force and armies and wars will be over dwindling resources as company cities all vie to keep their populations alive and working.

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I am an optimist, so:

I am an optimist, so:
1. The Simpsons will be in its 123rd season.
2. Science will be able to manipulate nuclear fusion solving the clean energy problem.
3. Populations will be kept artificially in check.
4. Life on other worlds will be proven.
5. Religion will be hanging on by a thread.
6. The Detroit Lions will still not have been to a Super Bowl.
7. Bush's and Clinton's will still be running for President. (ok - this is not optimistic!)
8. Human brains will be transported into robotic bodies.
9. The hottest vacation spot will be The Four Seasons Saturn's Rings.
10. The Fast and The Furious 108!!!

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1. The day of the Lord will come “Jesus will come like “a thief in the night”… to those who are not watching! To those who are asleep, those in darkness, they will be caught in the trap -“they shall not escape”. (I Thess 5:3)

In that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives..... And in that day living waters will flow out of Jerusalem, half of them toward the eastern sea and the other half toward the western sea… And the LORD will be king over all the earth; in that day the LORD will be the only one, and His name the only one. (Zech 14: 4-9)

The rapture will take place at the Last trumpet. ut in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet the mystery of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets.” (Rev 10:7)


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release the kraken...along with thanos and dormammu

now that's a scene that you wanted to be in. if its the end of the world.

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Megacities of maybe a billion

Megacities of maybe a billion people or more
World population of 20+ billions. Maybe 90 to 95% will be black or brown and Africa will have the most democracies.
The USA will have retreated and be 5% of the world economy rather than 20+%.
Perhaps Chinese communism will prove more effective or enduring than currently established western democracies and access to information my be controlled by a minority.
China may have occupied Taiwan and have control of vital rare earths.
Russia may remain a kleptocracy and impose control on neighbouring states while the Balkan republics may be part of an EU.
People will use driverless transport and remember with horror the days of self-drive cars with the same horror we look back on cars without seatbelts or crumple zones.
The Blockchain and personal handsets will revolutionise work, financial, shopping and social environments.
Work will be for the talented and perhaps reached through periods of internships and voluntary work while many if not most will rely on Citizens Income for all or most of their working lives.
Countires may exist but not nations and people will choose their nationality according to their ability and options. The most able will be able to go to successful nations while the less able will be relegated to less successful ones, much as the best companies can get the best people now.
Life expectancy will exceed 120, on average.
The proportion of women in the UK parliament will have risen from 29% to 30%. Everywhere else women will insist on being reasonably well represented, at least in political arenas.
Religion will have taught mankind no end of a lesson, as witchcraft should have done long ago. Clerics will take their places beside wizards, warlocks, soothsayers and psychics.

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What will life be like? Let

What will life be like? Let’s start with the new geography, climate and weather. Based on the CO2 that we have already injected into the atmosphere, Planet Earth will be holding a lot more heat. Ice will melt, sea levels will rise with consequent inundation of low lying areas. Imagine, go diving to check out the marine life in the ground floor of a ruined and abandoned luxury Miami Beach condo in the morning and then fish from the next floor up in the afternoon.

The dissipation of this additional heat in the atmosphere will cause much more extreme weather: monster storms, droughts, wildly shifting temperatures, shifting agricultural zones. People will be displaced, people will riot, countries become failing states, refugees my run out of places to go.

People will still be people, the good and the bad, the oppressors and the oppressed.

I have no idea if technology will enable some groups to hang on in enclaves – till the power runs out.

Enjoy it now folks, because as Carly Simon sang: “These are the good old days.”

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I predict that the physical

I predict that the physical population of the world will be down to a few million individuals, with billions more minds living in virtual environments on solar powered orbital platforms. People will be able to move freely between physical and virtual worlds until their bodies finally break down, after which they will transfer permanently into the virtual world. Hopefully these environments will not be created by Microsoft. Human intelligence will be augmented by machine intelligence, so everyone will be a potential Shakespeare, Mozart, Einstein, or Leonardo. We'll discover the secrets of life, the universe, and everything, including the number 42.

Some may choose to join deep space missions, their minds slowed or shut down for centuries until they reach other solar systems.

With the physical human population in rapid decline, the global environment will gradually recover, with a little help from technology. With less mass-production and mass-consumption, pollution will end. Populations of other species will recover.

The elimination of death will naturally result in the elimination of religions. We won't need gods because we'll be gods in our own designer heavens.

Or we'll blow ourselves to hell in the 21st century equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis, but with Trump and Putin in charge instead of Kennedy and Kruschev.

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Moral of the thread:

Moral of the thread:

In 100 years, most of us will be wrong, but some morsels from above will be close enough to the new reality that a few of us will become -


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If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever. - George Orwell

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HalfmoonChas - If you want a

HalfmoonChas - If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever. - George Orwell

That is the quote I thought of when I first read this thread; but felt it was too depressing :P

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Pessimism is a thoughtcrime.

Pessimism is a thoughtcrime.

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Re: "Pessimism is a

Re: "Pessimism is a thoughtcrime."

*multiple police sirens*.......*screeching of tires coming to a sliding halt*.... *opening of doors on several patrol cars*...... *authoritative voice blaring over a megaphone*.....

"Attention! Attention in the forum! This is the Keystone Thought Police! We have you surrounded! You are all under arrest for multiple thought crime violations in accordance with the Multi-uni-international Ordinance Law Code of the Omni-Counter-Productive Double-Speak Post Bi-Lateral Non-World Order Subcommittee Group!"....

*dozens of tactical-clad soldiers dispersing around the perimeter*

*megaphone voice*... "You are ordered to exit the forum peacefully with your hands up! Failure to comply will result in our using laughing gas and trained attack bunnies!"....

*the sounds of savage, vicious bunnies barking in the background*.... *the click-clack sound of multiple laughing gas canisters being chambered into launchers*

*megaphone voice*... "You have an indefinite amount of time to comply! Although, we strongly recommend you do comply before lunch time! Our Anti-non-discriminatory Employee Inequality Biased Unfairness Policy forbids us to conduct operations during strictly regulated break periods! As a result, your inevitable capture would be delayed a full hour should you fail to surrender prior to lunch! DO NOT make us have to leave and then return! Remember, it is YOUR tax dollars that are paying for this!"

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@Tin-Man: Remember, it is

@Tin-Man: Remember, it is YOUR tax dollars that are paying for this!

There are no tax dollars. There is the income that the government takes from your work, and the pittance that it leaves you to live on.

"Should five per cent appear too small
Be thankful I don't take it all
'Cause I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman"

The Beatles, "Taxman"

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Pessimists are beaten before

Pessimists are beaten before they start
Optimists are likely headed for disappointment
Realists are what we all think we are
Pragmatists try to focus on the important but may miss the significant.

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Tried being a pessimist, but

How true...

Tried being a pessimist, but got tired of the ass-whooping before starting.
Tried being an optimist, but got tired of the constant disappointment.
Tried being the pragmatist, but got tired of not having the full picture.
Tried being a realist, now I'm happier than ever.


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The good news is that we all

The good news is that we all come from a very long line of survivors.

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Oh my, Alembe, that is such a

Oh my, Alembe, that is such a lovely thought!

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In the tear 2118 the

In the tear 2118 the population is 20 billion humans. Basic resources are so scarce that rationing is strictly enforced. Using more than your allocation of energy, food, water, etc. is punishable by death. Science, however , has continued making progress and reanimating those cryogenically frozen people is now possible. So they will be reanimated then executed for being energy gluttons.

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I don’t know if it will be in

I don’t know if it will be in a 100 years, but I read that in the next 20 years most people will prefer to live in mobile self-driving cars, and stop buying normal property as today, source: https://tranio.com/articles/self-driving-mobile-homes-how-driverless-cars-will-change-the-property-market_5354/ I think it is quite possible, taking into consideration today’s property price...

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Few will want to live in

Few will want to live in mobile homes but it is land that is usually most of the cost of buying a house, certainly in the UK. As world population increases so will land values.

There are approximately 1.35bn Chinese, 20% of world pop. Though that %age should decrease substantially, they are buying up land all over the planet. Not just Vancouver and many Australian cities, but all over Africa and all countries have their Chinatowns and Chinese population.

Recently (Economist UK magazine) reports suggest that Chinese tourists, students and ex-pats returning to China are unimpressed by Western democracy. Chinese tourists now 11% of visitors to New Zealand and their numbers seem to be increasing exponentially.

The population may be mainly black and brown in 100 years, but what political system will prevail? What ethnicities or cultures will be most prominent? Where will secular, liberal democracy be?

Also a Scrafig. A device for instant translation between standardised Spanish, Cantonese, Russian, American (ex-English), French, Italian and German. It is difficult for, say, a Vietnamese to reach fluency in any western language, but they can learn Cantonese.


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