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Welcome, and congratulations

Welcome, and congratulations on waking up to the real world and releasing those imaginary burdens.
It's great that you are trying to influence your daughter to wake up as well.

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I used to be catholic until I

I used to be catholic until I became an atheist over two years ago now, a conversation with an atheist friend of mine caused me to question my religion so I started to research many different religions out of curiosity and after a while I realized they were all so similar and I thought how is my religion any truer from these? From the start I never really liked my beliefs as I disliked the discrimination against homosexuals and how women were treated in the bible, so one day I eventually realized there was no god. At first it caused me to fall into depression, bit after a little while I accepted what life was and I haven't felt better about myself and my life.


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I was born and brought up in

I was born and brought up in a Hindu family in Uganda,which was and is still overrun by the American Evangelical Society. They are influential in almost every aspect of the country, even the media.We had more Worship channels than news. Saturday cartoons were bible stories enacted by vegetables.If my memory serves me correct,Jesus was a cucumber. So it was pretty confusing for me when at school where i was taught the ten commandments in RE class and going back home to perform pooja for idols of Shiva,Vishnu etc..
I began to question everything. My parents were more liberal and gave me the whole God in different forms all religions are equal and so on . My Born-again friends on the other hand were convinced that the mark on my forehead was the invocation of the devil. At one point i was leaning towards the path of being saved because the book of revelation scared the shit out of me. And I am ashamed to admit that at one point , i even thought of trying to convert my parents, just because i didn't want to go to hell. I had to force any doubts out of my mind for the fear of eternal damnation,but it was always peripherally present. Looking back now, I'm amazed at how the Church could have such control over a whole nation and penetrate so deep.And the sad story is that it gets worse .I'm sure most of you know about the gay rights issues there. It is illegal to show support for gay rights in that country now.
Anyway, at one point i came across atheist literature online and i learnt that i was not alone. The reading the God Delusion sealed the deal.Now living with a much happier and clearer mind

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Welcome. Interesting stories.

Welcome. Interesting stories.

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I was born an atheist. My

I was born an atheist. My father refused me to take part in any religion till I was able to make my own choices. As a child, I wanted to go to church, but just to be with my friends. I never prayed, never expected something or had to explain myself to some superior forces. As growing up in a country full of fanatics who only have their God in their heads and nothing else, I have been mocked, rejected, insulted because I didn't believed, because I was different from the mass. But I regret nothing, it allowed me to observe the full extent of human stupidity, and not following a blind path led by hypocrites who read 6000 years old books and tell people to do good deeds while they do he exact opposite. Today I'm very little tolerant to all religions. In my opinion, a person that is unable to think by himself and hides behind the Bible or Quran is a weak person, a person that I can't consider as human.

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When I was in Elementary

When I was in Elementary school I was bullied a lot, it got to the point where I was going through major depression and because of that my grades began to fail. When my grades began to fail, my parents would also begin to pressure me and both physically and emotionally abuse me. In a time of great weakness I told my parents I wanted to kill myself, the only thing they told me that was if I killed myself that I was going to Hell and that God would hate me; angered by that statement I asked my parents if they would miss me if I died, to which they completely ignored and gave me no proper answer. That was the time I began to clearly doubt my faith.

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My parents, although they're

My parents, although they're very religious, wouldn't ever say that. Or maybe they would :/

Anyway, I respect you for realising that they're ridiculous. And if they don't miss you. We, atheists, definitely would. But please don't think of suicide. Make the most out of this life cus YOLO

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When I was in Elementary

When I was in Elementary school I was bullied a lot, it got to the point where I was going through major depression and because of that my grades began to fail. When my grades began to fail, my parents would also begin to pressure me and both physically and emotionally abuse me. In a time of great weakness I told my parents I wanted to kill myself, the only thing they told me that was if I killed myself that I was going to Hell and that God would hate me; angered by that statement I asked my parents if they would miss me if I died, to which they completely ignored and gave me no proper answer. That was the time I began to clearly doubt my faith.

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I wasn't always an atheist my

I wasn't always an atheist my gf was & when she died I just didn't want god to exist because if he did I would kill so either ways he just wouldn't exist

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I come from a family which

I come from a family which became extremely religious after moving from India to Dubai. My parents are now huge supporters of the Hare Krishna Movement (ISKCON).
There used to be huge gatherings every Friday (Weekend in Dubai) , "cultural" gatherings and at first I enjoyed going and just listening about this "Krishna". Soon my father started forcing me to go for these weekend classes (Sort of like Sunday school) where i was forced to wear ethnic clothing, nothing modern or even slightly revealing because if I did wear anything slightly revealing, or even slightly see-through I was either dishonouring my family or just a prostitute. And everyone was so pretentious and treated anyone who knew lesser than them or anyone who questioned them like they were the stupid ones for not believing in what they believe. It's NOT ENOUGH to just believe in God. The very MOMENT you step into a religious gathering YOU ARE MADE TO FEEL like you're DOING SOMETHING VERY WRONG. In those weekend classes I was made to read the Bhagavad Gita which was explained by a guru named Srila Prabhupad. In one of his purports he mentioned that women needed to be controlled because they were not intelligent and could poison family blood through adultery. And that's was the tipping point.

One of Lord Krishna's avatars, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, preached that men should not renounce Grihastha, which means family life, and move to the forests to gain enlightenment BUT HE HIMSELF did that. He left his own wife.
Even Srila Prabhupad did the same thing! He left his wife and children to start preaching about this Lord Krishna.
To me, Lord Krishna sounds like a total sleazebag with his Gopis ( girls ) and Radha ( his true love)
It's just so much bullshit. There are many many books that have been written and a huge web was spun to make any one believe every thing. Every answer to your questions seem so ridiculous.
There is one story about an Atheist king Hiranyakashipu who was murdered by god himself BECAUSE he OPENLY admitted he was an atheist to his son who was a die hard believe of Lord Krishna.

Kill anyone who questions your existence.
This is why I am an ATHEIST.
I will never apologise for not joining a cult, yes, a CULT (you need to be initiated to be a true devotee)
I will never apologise for not buying into the bullshit web of lies of being lesser than you actually are.

What I believe in is Human Kindness. Not a religion in which you stroke some "God's" ego. Jeez. What a load of bullshit.

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Girls out here idolize that

Girls out here idolize that Krishna Radha relationship lol. & did we really have to sing the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times in a row??? We'd be sitting in temple forever and a day.

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Well i used to be a christian

Well i used to be a christian, like a fanatic christian. Going to church, even dressing as a priest child carrying around images and other christian stuff in church (just some orthodox stuff) but it was then when i became a teenager, and i changed a complete point of view. First of all, i had the really bad influence from my parents and the rest of my family, who are all orthodox people deep inside their religion. Their whole behavior was one reason i became an atheist, and I'm still like i have nothing to do with those people. But the highlight from the whole story, was like one year ago when my sister was finally treated from her illness, we were running to hospitals for years and stuff and she couldnt be treated. After like 3 years (2013-16) when she was finally treated my parents wanted to take us to the church and thank the god for treating her. Well, this really upset me, as doctors were being mindfucked and they were looking at her all day, trying to cure her for years and instead of thanking them, we thank dear god who was just sitting there. I wouldnt make a cross on me, and my father asked me whats wrong (he didnt know i was an atheist and he is still kinda confused). So i tried to tell him about my disbelief, that the whole religion thing is just too silly for me and the easiest way to explain how the universe was created. Well he went nuts as well, he also blamed me for my sister's illness "because god wanted to punish us for me being an atheist" and that me being an atheist offends them because basically i call them stupid. I had doubts about my atheism, but after that one, i was sure that i, have nothing to do with those people. The so called christians. And after searching about it, i finally made the conclusion that there is no such thing as god. About my parents, my father tried to force me into religion, but because i really wanted to avoid that one i just said to him that i searched about it and i changed my mind and that it wqs just a phase, only to save myself from the hands of that asshole. I will have to live with it, but since im still depending on them, i have nothing to do than just be patient until the day i will no longer need them. This is basically the reason im using a nickname and not my real name, because i still have to hide.

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I out grew religion about

I out grew religion about seven years ago.

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Like every human being who

Like every human being who has ever lived ever, I was born that way.

I grew up in a Catholic family and went to Catholic school for six years, but even as a kid, those bible stories never seemed like more than just that: stories, no different from Aesop's fables or Greek mythology. I finished high school and, as a newly minted adult, I remained unconvinced. Up until then, I had gone to mass, but the Sunday morning after my eighteenth birthday, I said to my parents, "You kids have fun!" (or words to that effect).

Philosophically, I like to put it this way: Religion accuses their god(s) of existing but presents no tangible evidence for his/her/its/their guilt. As a member of the jury I have voted to find God/Yahweh/Allah/Kahless/Etc. not guilty of existence.

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I grew up in 'Catholic

I grew up in 'Catholic Ireland' as a catholic, with varying levels of participation in the faith until about 8 years ago. My turning point was 'The God Delusion' though when I read it I initially rejected large parts of it. I need to read it again to see if I still do. I've read other books since, and I think I gradually shifted my thinking.

Now, I consider myself as Atheistic as they come. My frame of mind has altered 180 degrees and there's no going back. I think the Bible/ Torah/ Koran are nonsense, probably the greatest adverts for atheism one could dream of. And when I read passages from the Bible to demonstrate how malicious God is, and how he can't possibly make any sense, I come to realise that most people think they have read and understand the Bible, but they haven't and don't. People are really blindfolded and don't realise it.They think it's you who has lost your marbles if you declare yourself non religious, rather than the reverse.

Mostly, I keep my views to myself because when you live among communities that have that belief ingrained in them, it's not really worth the hassle in being too open. I have children that I have had baptized, purely just to fit in, but that is the extent of their participation. They can decide for themselves when the time comes what direction they should take, though I will leave them in no doubt as to where I stand. Schools in Ireland are still 95% run by the church, unfortunately.

I feel that many Irish people don't even understand the term 'atheist'. Someone even likened me to a scientologist when I declared myself atheist and proceeded to scoff and joke, as if I were the one who was being ridiculous.

Someone else informed me that it would be unfair for me to choose a path for my children, that I didn't have the right to choose, even though she had had her catholic faith chosen for her, by her parents. Comical!

I now find that I feel comfortable in the company of atheists, and as a general rule, I would trust the thought process of an atheist much more so than that of a theist ( although I'm capable of playing devil's advocate for both sides - meaning I don't agree with everything atheists argue ). If I have to sit through a mass for a wedding or a funeral, I cringe. I don't force my views on anyone, but neither do I retreat if the question arises. The church, or my involvement in it has never done me any harm. I was not influenced by bad experience or a falling out with God. I just used my brain to see past the nonsense and made a rational decision to stop wasting time on an imaginary entity.

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I was brought up attending

I was brought up attending the usual church occasions and even church youth camps and such, but never really had religion pushed down my throat. I can't remember exactly when, in pre-teens anyhow, I had already deducted that religions are sort of like stories of Santa and such. There for feeling of safety and pleasant stories, as well as a way to promote morality and ethics.

So I brought it up with my parents that why do we actually go to church and so on, and my parents laughed and said they don't even belong in the church themselves any more, they've just done it as a customary thing to do in our society and they just wanted me to make my own decisions about it all.

Later they also revealed they weren't actually married (despite stuck together till death) and I resigned from the church mainly to avoid paying for it in my taxes, and as unnecessary - I didn't think for my generation it would be necessary to keep up the appearances by visiting the church at least now and then.

This is what I do with my kids as well, they are in the church for now, and go to their camps and activities too, because it's a good education as well, and they need to know the history and basics of our society into which religions have played a large part of course.

They can resign later, I can already see they fully already understand it's just something to put people's minds at ease if they can't find the meaning of life and reason within themselves.

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Well i became an atheist

Well i became an atheist about 1,5 year ago im 19 now . At the last year in high school something in me changed , things happened, personal things that made me very sad and depressed and i was seeking comfort in my religion ( Greek Orthodox Cristianity ) cuz i needed hope and by searching and reading i found out that what i believed in was a lie :P !! So i kept seeking the truth and here I am :) !
It was a very unplesent experience because i was you can say a "true believer" i was brought up thinking that the best thing someone can be is a Cristian but i always had my doughts on some things. I was going to church every sunday and i was very close with many priests and people from the greek church ( I didn't get mulested or anything don't worry ) because my mother works in one as a spetial kind of cleaning called lady "Neokora" so i was exposed to the not so good things that happen behind the Act witch helped open my eyes ! I also visited a place caled Holy Mountain "agio oros" witch is kinda like a seperate country inside Greece ruled by the church and only males are allowed to live or visit there ( witch is bullshit ) and the people there were suposed to be all good and all loving ( at least that is what i was told ) but they were nothing but good and loving to the contrary they were hateful and biter + they were ignorant about anything scientific !
Now i'm a physics student and hopefully one day a Cosmologist, wish me luck :)

So in short this is my story :) ! Cant wait to read yours !

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I don't know what the turning

I don't know what the turning point was, but you know what they say about floods; no single raindrop is responsible.
A few things stand out in my memory. One time in the sixth grade, I remember reading a newspaper article about how gay marriage had been legalized in Florida and getting really excited, showing it to my best friend. At the time I don't think I knew the magnitude of that excitement. My homosexuality was then beaten down by the Mormon doctrine I grew up with and society in general... but now I've come to terms with it. I have a boyfriend who makes me happier than "god" ever did.
I had never felt "the spirit" during all my years of church-going, obsessive scripture reading, and prayer. Everyone talked about how they felt strong emotion when in touch with the divine, about the warmth in their chest, and I just had... nothing. For the longest time, I thought there was something wrong with me. Now, I've excised religion from my life, and all those things that were so normal suddenly make me uncomfortable. People say it's the spirit telling me to come back (the spirit must like a needy girlfriend who only cares once you're gone) - but I've actually studied psychology and am fully aware that it's just my id being idiotic (pun intended).
The thing that made me put my foot down about being forced to go to church was when my Sunday school teacher did a lesson on Genesis, talking about the creation of the world and how Adam and Eve were the first humans. She had our class's full attention until I raised my hand. Sorry, that's just not true. I described the cosmic microwave background radiation, the fossil record, the minimum viable population. "Well, that's certainly a possible alternative," she said pleasantly. As if it were a mere hypothesis.
And I've never liked paying tithing.

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Hello. First time here. I

Hello. First time here. I like to write allot so don't say I didn't warn you. Here is my story

One day I just picked up the bible and started reading it. "What was all the hub bub about?" I wanted to know. From cover to back I read the damn thing and was amazed. Joined a cult. Went to Sunday school and church like the rest of the flock of zombies. I really got into it. A mindless brute.

I just started to think about what I was reading and listening to. It did not sit well with me. Mass genocide and murder? Killing babies? Was that really necessary? What do other people think of this? I joined some chat rooms, christian youth groups, bible studies, and had religious debates with atheists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. Conversations between atheists and people who believed their religion never got anywhere. The atheists usually left because the religious people would gang up and go Bible Bible Bible. It's true! It's true! It's damn true! They weren't interested in talking about evidence or proof. The only thing they wanted to talk about was how to get saved. I took the atheists advice and went to several museums and Egypt, but I was afraid of what I was learning because the bible warned you about this. Do not believe it. Do not believe in other gods and information because it comes from Satan. The christian's pleaded with me or offered to prayer or teach a lesson from the bible. Had enough of that at church. I didn't listen. Better off for it.

My heart would beat really hard and fast. "Is god testing me? Is the devil trying to lead me astray? Am I destined for hell? I'm not allowed to masturbate?" Losing my faith and unable to release my aching penis scared me to death. I even met and talked to Dr. Zahi Hawass and he said how often he gets told that Jewish slaves built the pyramids. He gets very angry and tells the tourist it's not true. The tourist usually gets upset and believes the evidence is covered up because he works for "Satan" and prays for his soul. They could not believe what he was saying. I could not believe they could not believe. I asked the religious people in the chat rooms or YouTube if they ever went to a museum. Most have never been to a museum or Religious site. They didn't even have problems with what "god" did in the OT. "It was necessary. God is perfect and never wrong! It was all part of his plan! You just have a lack of understanding! Can I pray for you?" Oh I heard that so many times.

"Didn't you go on field trips to the museum at school?", I would ask. "I was home schooled" Huh? What!? Then how can you say the Bible is true if you've never been to a museum or religious site to confirm it? Their response? The bible proves the bible so I don't need to go to a museum. I know its true. Even if I did go to a museum it wouldn't change my view. -_- Not impressed. A true zombie.

The Big Bang Theory argument. It's pretty popular with theists. I've been to the museum and read all the information at the exhibit. I even went to peer reviewed science article websites to learn a little more about it. Watched some science documentaries, which there are plenty on Netflix, and they all said the same thing. It explained the expansion of the universe. Not the origins. The origin of the Big Bang is currently under scrutiny and testing by physicists, quantum physicists, NASA, and hundreds of other brilliant minds far greater than my own. I bring it up to see what the theist believes and they all say the same thing. "How can you believe that nothing came from a Big Bang?" That's new. I didn't read anything like that at the museum or peer reviewed science articles. I let them know that they've been misguided or lied to by their priest and what the Big Bang theory actually teaches at the museum. "But it's only a Theory? It could be wrong! Museum... ...is that the best you can do?" Hear this one allot. I explain its a scientific theory. Big difference. They ask me to teach them the Theory of Evolution or the Big Bang Theory as if I was a priest or something. Go to a museum or purchase a new scientific book from a verified reputable peer reviewed source. These people have worked their butts off to discover this information to educate you. It's their job and it's not a religion of faith. Yeah. That is my best. No response. Probably went to confession after the conversation. "I've been tempted by the Devil!"

When I get no response back it makes me happy. It's like I've started the spark to get them to think like a human instead of a savage. Job done.

Christians forwarded me to people like Kent Hovind, who is a known felon for tax evasion fraud (how Christian), or creation ministries and museums. I went to a creation museum once. It was like Sunday school all over again. Tour guide explained that dinosaurs walked with humans and did not eat meat before the fall of Adam and Eve, which the exhibit showed a T-Rex that looked like the one from Jurassic Park that was next to a couple of humans picking fruit. There were no fossilised skeletons to see or hold. Just a bible verse and a carefully crafted dressed scene like it was from a picture book. For children.

"Not with those teeth" I said out loud. The entire group, including the tour guide, looked at me. "Those teeth are not designed to eat vegetation. Vegetation is tough and requires to be ground into a pulp before swallowed. Have you ever seen how a cow chews its feed? It's hard work. I've held a few carnivore and herbivore teeth at the Museum of Natural history. The teeth of a carnivore, like T-Rex, are serrated like knives and cannot grind down tough vegetation. Their teeth have perfectly evolved (Oh no! He said it!) to tear and rip flesh apart before the animal swallows it's meal whole. Even if a T-Rex ate vegetation before the fall of Adam and Eve there should be fossil evidence to support the claims of Genesis. Why don't you have any fossilised skeletons of T-Rex with teeth designed for eating vegetation for this exhibit?" The entire group had a look of shock on their faces.

I was asked to leave the museum. I found I was actually banned when I tried to go back in. Just for asking a valid question. Cult behaviour

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks after my few years of investigation. Religion is bullshit! Gee... ...you think I wouldn't be able to come to that conclusion. I had learned that evidence never lies. Even if the evidence is faked because... ...well its fabricated evidence.

People lie. And we're good at it. Religion is a mental illness that is used to control the masses. I stopped believing in invisible magical friends when I was 10. Hate myself for doing it again in adult hood. Live and learn.

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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Quite frankly it was a slow

Quite frankly it was a slow process and one full of stumbling in the dark.

My whole life I've been stuck under the thumb of indoctrination. Our church had plenty to distract the kids from legit observation. Sadly my mother didn't realize half the brainwashing for kids was Sunday School Class and would often let me sit upfront with the adults. I was pretty hypnotized for a while with it all.

Unfortunately for my church and fortunately for me I happen to be a curious person. I excelled in high school helping many students with their work, and that was after being bullied for being deficient in grade school. So after getting my school life in check I discovered that being smarter than the mexican gangster wannabes of my class was a huge confidence boost. I was smart enough to be a nerd, I also didn't yap. But I was smart enough to know I wanted to be smarter.

So I began to slowly absorb information like the sponge I am. I remember pointless interesting facts, and I applied that to my curiosity to grow fast outside of school. That's probably about the time I discovered the atheism side of youtube. I thought I was strong enough in my faith to watch some Amazing Atheist and learn how to combat atheism. Watching his dumb ass strike down idiot Creationists made me curious to what a serious atheist would be like. If TJ Kirk a dropout could easily enough use satire to disprove most Creationist arguments while being dumb enough to smoke, drink, and shove a banana up his ass. Well that made me curious what people like Sargon of Akkad and Aron Ra could do.

I discovered Sargon first I believe and that was my largest step, but Aron Ra sealed it. I began to imagine concepts in detail that previously the mere mental mention of would have ended in a few minutes of intense praying. I began to unravel a few arguments I had once supported, and now I'm a godless satan worshiper. Not only Atheist, but Anti-Theist.

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Well my mother war raised

Well my mother war raised catholic and hated it she never liked the preaching aspect of it and left with a bitter taste in her mouth after my grandparents divorced and my family was asked to leave that church. So my mother/father raised me with no religious preference and let me just kind of discover everything out for myself and make my own decisions. But when i was 8 my father died of a heart attack, and me being the confused young boy i was at the time first blamed myself, because from what i understood about the whole death thing, was that god took bad people to hell and good people to heaven. My father was a deputy sherrif and former tradesman, a good honest man loved by all even the inmates he watched over. So this lead me to the conclusion it was my fault that i must have done something wrong to upset god and this was my punishment. But after a few years of grief counseling I came to the conclusion it wasn't my fault, i was lead to believe this was "apart of gods plan", but i was doubtful. After all that had happened i was left with a seed of doubt that lead me to hole after hole in the whole "religion" thing and by the time i was 12 i knew i was an atheist of course growing up in a heavy military area an overwhelming majority of people were religious so i claimed to be agnostic until i was 14/15. After that i realized that while a good chunk children at my high school were indoctrinated into religion there were so many atheists/agnostics/doubters in the closet that i knew i could only help by setting the example and proudly saying to anyone who asked. Yes, I am an Atheist.

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I'm an ex-muslim living in

I'm an ex-muslim living in Egypt and raised in Dubai. I've seen the true horrors of Islamic rule in majority muslim countries. Sexism, homophobia, fascism, and classism are fed to the masses on a daily basis and under the protection of absolute religious authority. I owe the internet alot, If I hadn't been exposed to this vast universe of minds and discussions I'd probably be some backwards muslim fundamentalist now. To answer the question I'm atheist because Islam is an oppressive religion to those who are not "believers".


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I was Christened as part of a

I was Christened as part of a family that attended Church on some Sundays and most holidays until my sister screamed repeatedly as a child (this was when I was still a very young). I grew up not knowing much about religion just that we did 'it'. It was around aged 7-8 that I really realised what was going on: weekly my school did the Lord's prayer and we would visit the local Church around Easter and Christmas.

I began noticing that it was odd and I never really enjoyed it (except when you got food for it, I liked apples). Deciding that it wasn't for me, over the next few years I came to the conclusion that there was nothing behind it and I shouldn't believe it. I still said the Lord's prayer and can probably still remember most of it about 10 years on now (see the end) because it was what I was told to do. My family never really questioned it as they... Actually, I don't know whether my parents believe or not... Well just goes to show how you don't need to make a point either way. But they didn't really push me at all.

After this, moving into secondary school, I became aware of politics, feminism and other stuff. I don't take part in any ceremonial thing like prayers just staying silent out of respect. Now I just take the position of "Have you actually thought about that at all?" on most topics which is just another thing that came from disconnection with faith. Anyway here's what I can remember from them drilling a prayer into me aged 7-10:

Our Father who art in Heaven
Hallowed by thy name
Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day
Our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us

That's what I can still remember... Wish they did this with something useful...

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I started thinking. The rest

I started thinking. The rest is history.

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Hello this is my first post.

Hello this is my first post.

When I was a child, the concept of God was very frightening. He would be there to check up on me all the time, if i am lying to mum and dad. God was powerful, he can bring me gifts if I prayed with my heart. Then one day, i was sexually abused by a person (who was a family friend). I was 7, i had no idea what was happening to me. I told my mom about the incident after some days and she did nothing. While growing up, I tried to blame "God" for what happened to me as a 7 years old and no religion would let God take the blame. It was a man's cruel intentions. I found it very frustrating. So I digged deeper and deeper. Alas, after years I had the answer to my questions. Without "God" every equation made sense. Without God, it was me who needed to make things right. Why is it that God is always taking the credit for something good I did and not for something bad the rapist did? Seems like God, isn't real. Its just some bullshit fed to you and people eat it up. When you apply rationality its just someone with a great PR team and nothing else.

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You are so beautiful inside

You are so beautiful inside and out.
You went through something you shouldn't have happen to a kid. The worst part of your story to me was that you were brave enough sweet girl to tell your mom. I'm so sorry she did nothing. You are wise to know that life makes sense without god. I hope you can keep finding that strength inside you because it will do so many greater things that god could ever have done. Thank u for sharing. :)

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I do not know if this thread

I do not know if this thread is being buggy again, but welcome to the boards Opopopu. Sorry to hear about the abuse as a child, but that was a brave thing to share, and I can certainly see why it would lead to the proper questioning of god, yes, it all does make much more sense when you take god out of the equation.

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So Hi, new to the site here.

So Hi, new to the site here.
I grew up in China, which is a communist place. I was never introduced to religion, I just was not aware of the issue. When I came to Canada, my parents met some friends. They would gather every Sunday to play ping pong at a church. I was a kid then, didn't know anything about anything. I was involved in a few Sunday School or so, then my parents stopped going. It would be a long while since I went there again, the teacher was like "where have you been, it's been a while". We don't go there anymore because we moved.

Ever since, I was never involved into religion, or atheism. It was until I got into university, where I got into a habit of playing youtube videos on a second monitor, that started slowly into atheism. It started from a recommended video on the topic of "Justin Bieber sucks", I went there, it was made by a guy named The Amazing Atheist ( on youtube, and Thanks TJ ), or now known as TJ Kirk. He talked a lot of sense, or made sense to me, and made a lot of videos on atheism. I slowly went to more and more youtube videos debunking bible claims etc, and one day in the comments section, somebody said they spend time here instead, so I decided to check this place out.

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Hi Waffleguy

Hi Waffleguy
Glad your here. A lot of good people on this forum. Except Justin Bieber rocks:) lol
And lucky you get to live in awesome Canada.

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I am from a Hindu family

I am from a Hindu family (hardcore to be frank). Like every other kid, I used to have doubts regarding the religion.But my mother used to shut my mouth saying that it was an ancestral rule and I should not dare to even question its validity.This made me move on in my life without any doubts in my religion.
In my 8th grade, I was again thrown into doubting my religion because of its misogynistic approach in the society...for example, sati which means burning the wife with dead husband (just like game of thrones, but more screams), child marriage, dowry, caste system, rape etc., this again made me confront my parents who shut my mouth again.

after three years...
We had something called IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). It is a prestigious issue for a student to enter the university and parents get more excited to make their kids enter the University, even the kid does not like studying engineering. I wanted to be a theoretical physicist .But in India, you have study engineering/medicine or you are a disgrace to the family.
I was made to study 18 hours a day and I was thrown into depression, I sought God for my pain but couldn't. I thought something was wrong with this religion and Gods.
I couldn't get away with depression and studies. I tried to commit suicide. But I could not. This made me question God again. This time more seriously.

This made me read many scriptures in Hinduism but it was all BS. Then I slowly started to drift towards atheism.

One day I asked a priest if God exists. He felt so threatened and gave some reasons, but I gave some contradictions. He threw me out of the temple. I asked everyone around me but they all felt the same way as the priest...then I understood that they do not respect God...they fear him.

You think that sexual harassment by pastors is a big thing. But many 'god-children' here have a human-trafficking racket, drug business, at least 10 murder cases, Rs.1billion in black money, 20 rape cases (minimum numbers here), even though they are exposed..they get more popularity and devotional attention than before and our gods seem to get along with it

In a religion of 330 million gods, not one had helped my depression, not one had helped my mom who suffered from cancer (she recovered just because of the doctors and she says it's the grace of gods), not one helped others to get through caste-system, not one condemned honor killings. These thoughts made me an Atheist.
Here's a pic of a typical hindu room for praying and puja...


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