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Why do Theists Say...

That there is proof of jesus, noahs ark and other claims proving the bible is correct? I had a debate with my brother recently and he seems to be positive that there has been documented proof of their existence. I have never heard of anyone making such claims and being taken seriously. Can anyone elaborate or point me in the direction of these claims...

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theists take this shit

theists take this shit seriously

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Sounds like you should sit

Sounds like you should sit down with your brother and a lap top and have another debate requiring him to show his proof to you. Here are some sources to oppose his apologetics: http://www.talkorigins.org/origins/other-links.html

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There is absolutely no

There is absolutely no recorded evidence about Noah's ark, or Jesus turning water into wine, it only comes from that book.


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Saying something is true is

Saying something is true is easy. Proving something is true is Hard.

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Noah's ark and the immorality

Noah's ark and the immorality of slavery (old and new testament) are two good initial topics of debate to begin planting the seeds of doubt.

Concerning the Ark, you might ask him how a six hundred year old man built a battleship size wooden boat by hand and then collected at least two from the millions of each species on earth, including the habitat specific dietary dependent and symbiotic ones without electricity, refrigeration, plumbing or air conditioning was able to house, feed, water, dispose the waste of and provide veterinary care for all of them without losing a single one. Thus making an entire species extinct in the process while the boat floated around during a world-wide flood to the height of mount Everest for several months. An event that went unnoticed by the Egyptians, Chinese, Australian aborigines and every coexisting society at the time. Also, how plant life on earth survived the crushing pressure, darkness and salinity of eight kilometers of water overhead before the water magically receded and the animal species on the ark managed to disembark and traverse the planet to their present locations from the deserts of the middle-east which according to some included dinosaurs.

Matt Dillahunty loves to argue slavery with theists. He has several videos on the topic. Here is one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtl8hIzb66A

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@Imfree: "Concerning the Ark,

@Imfree: "Concerning the Ark, you might ask him how a six hundred year old man built a battleship size wooden boat"

Stranger things have happened. I heard that a middle-aged Australian built a battleship-sized wooden boat in the middle of a dry plain in a land-locked US state and persuaded other people to pay for it. And then he filled it with many examples of every type of idiot in the world.

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If the Ark Encounter fails, I am really curious what they will do with that monument of stupidity.

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Another question for the ark

Another question for the ark is how did they not freeze to death.

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Of course many theist say

Of course many theist say their is proof. If they didn't they would realize it is no better than believing in santa claus.

Naturally their proof crumbles like a house of cards when even lightly investigated.

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Most theists might also have

Most theists seem to have lower expectations as to what contributes to "proof".

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Your brother was told, as

Your brother was told, as have been all other theists, of these things by people he trusted. That is the basis of theism's faith. It isn't so much focused on the biblical theme itself but rather directed towards people theists trust who told them of it. So it has been going back in time to when the story was originally seeded by Paul the apostle. Read Paul's story. Understand why he was possessed of the jesus and god the father story he heard of from surviving members of the nazarene cult. Once you understand that you will get the essence of the rest of the story, how it was expounded upon by other contributors to the bible over time, and come to the realization (conclusion) that the much exalted Faith is in people and not gods or religions. People want to feel a sense of belonging and it isn't to things. It's to other people. That is where inner strength comes from in life. Your brother is simply parroting stuff he's heard from other people who are parroting it from others, which keeps the meme of Faith strong.

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Amazingly, there are people

Amazingly, there are people who admit dinosaurs and evolution are real, but insist that their version of the Jewish god created these things. Clearly proof that, however much we humans advance intellectually, there will be those who insist on having faith. I still believe it all goes back to the mortal fear of mortality. Most people will believe anything to keep from honestly facing that horror.

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My grandfather's idea of

My grandfather's idea of proof is an account of how his friend lived through cardiac arrest. It's called medical science, Grandpa.

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