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Well I heard a story on the

Well I heard a story on the radio a phew months ago about a guy that thinks he's jesus has been released from a mental institution after killing his sister and grandmother cuz he thought they were witches. so who knows perhaps he is JC.

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It is such a common delusion

It is such a common delusion (someone thinks they are Jesus) that it is a standard question used during assessment at mental institutions ("do you think you are Jesus Christ?").

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No I am much greater.

No I am much greater. But seriously is that really a frequently asked question at mental hospitals.

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Oh yeah; in fact it is often

Oh yeah; in fact it is often asked several different times in slightly different ways during the same assessment.

Sounds foolish because clearly anyone can see through the ruse, but that is kind of the point. Someone with poor mental health will likely have a hard time maintaining that facade.

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It's so funny and tiresome at

It's so funny and tiresome at the same time to read or listen to believers trying to explain the existence of God. I truly do not understand why there continues to be discussions on that subject since it has never been proven that any of this is because of a God creating us. Believers believe in the bible and they believe that God is perfect. Prove that God isn't perfect using the bible and then that God cannot exist. It's really simple:

What does it mean to have regret about something? When you regret something you wish you had made a different decision about a particular situation because you had NO IDEA of that the outcome would be negative or unfavorable for you.

From Genesis 6:6-7, God regrets making humans to put on the earth because of their "wickedness". It bothered him so much that he had to blot them out and he was SORRY to have made them. What is he sorry for? Aren't you sorry when you do something wrong? I thought God never did anything wrong? If God is perfect, then why did he have to apologize for what he did? If he is all-knowing, then he would have understood that man would behave this way form the beginning. This should be evidence for the Christians that their own texts shows them that God is not all-knowing and that he disagreed with his own creation and DID NOT get it right the first time. That's not perfection. So, if he isn't perfect then he isn't the God they claim that exists. It's really not that hard to understand this.

Some people love the idea of religion and God because it keeps them from having to own up to their own responsibilities, or just deal with life in general. You do some nasty shit you wanna do to someone and you can blame the devil instead of yourself. You screw up a very good situation on your own and you think you can pray to God to fix your ignorant mistake and make it all better. Some people just gotta have it even if it's illogical.

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You have to read and

You have to read and understand the following., pease go ahead and try to understand.,Who created Satan?

It has been widely said that GOD created Satan by Some former Christians as Atheists now but it's absolutely wrong.

Satan was not created by God, in fact he was created as an Angel by God but turned to be Satan, here's the details. God created heaven and earth and also created Angels in His pursuit of some activities in timeless period. One of the Angel was just thought to himself, why don't I become like God? This sort of desire raised in him due to the fact of nature by noticing the actions and powers of God, however it's not wrong one to have such a desire but why he had such a desire & where it was originated from? To answer this, first should have to know,

How God was came into existence?
God is an eternal that means He was FIRST came into existence by the time there was nothing as He was alone, if so, you would probably ask another question, how did God came into an existence? For example: God came into existence like an orphan who didn't know about his parent, if he knew his parent then, he wouldn't be an orphan, whether he has a parent or his parent died that's nothing to do his present position as an orphan, similarly God was an orphan or alone,

how did he come into an existence?

The answer is, He is an eternal that mean He was First and Last, alpha & omega, thus nothing could happen outside of this first & last. It's called eternal, however eternal mean "no beginning & no end" as far as western definition, I have no problem. Thus, asking an orphan who's your parent is absolutely absurd likewise how did God come into an existence is something absurd beyond what was explained above.

Now, you can think of an angel who received such a "concept " as desire that was originated from the way God came into existence but the difference is in the case of an angel, it was "SECOND" but he could have shared his desire to God but he didn't, thinking that God unaware of his thought and devising a plan as he unaware of God who knew everything, but God well aware, when the moment he raised such a thought and waited, but an angel was conceiving more of his device and God summoned the angel to the great shock and advised him, not to develop such a concept against supreme God, at least you know now that I'm a supreme God and nothing could happen without my knowledge and repent, it's nature such concepts arise but u didn't frank enough to share with me but planned to topple me, but this angel don't heed and demanded time so as to fight, God said, it's not just but the angel said, if you don't give time then it would be construed that you're defeated, God gave him time. as a rebellious, thus an angel became a rebellious & was thrown out from the presence of God and became Satan.

This may seems odd but this's what happened before man was created and this sort of incidents happen in day to day life, for example: I introduced NTA's as witness of JESUS on Twitter but there are many seeing me and claimed witness of Thor, witness of Horus etc., but they doesn't have their own idea as this's what happened in Satan, who was an angel but became Satan by seeing God. Thus, Satan was not created by God.

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Peter, I would bet a million

Peter, I would bet a million dollars that if you were born and raised in the Middle East, you would be defending the Quran and using verses from the Quran as proof for Allah the same way you're doing it with the Bible right now.

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7 minutes and 13 seconds

7 minutes and 13 seconds spent on a list that proved nothing.

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7 minutes and 13 seconds

7 minutes and 13 seconds spent on a list that proved goals.

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You say that God didn't create the devil, but then in the same post you actually say that God actually did (shaking my head). Get your story straight please. You said, "In fact he was CREATED as an angel by God, but then turned into Satan".

It doesn't matter what he turned into. Does that make sense? My parents made me and raised me up to be nice, but then if I decide to turn to a life of crime there isn't anything that changes the fact that I came from my parents. So whether someone turns out to be bad makes no difference who they were created by.

This is why we Atheists gets so tired of religious people defending their beliefs. You can't even remember what you say and how in the end it just shows that what you believe contradicts itself altogether. You also fail to realize that you become an Atheist when it comes to someone's religion other than yours, because you have to remember that all the religions can't be right. If some religion is the truth, one of you is wrong.

How can your Jesus of Nazareth be born in Bethlehem? They are about 70 miles apart. If I was born in Dallas, you wouldn't just say that I'm from or that I was born in Houston because it's now where I reside. This is one of the very many inconsistencies you cannot explain away with the whole "reading it out of context" excuse and that was a very light example.

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lets take a look at the parts

lets take a look at the parts of the bible your local pastor will not say at church.

Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man intimately. But all the girls who have not known man intimately, spare for yourselves. Numbers 31:17-18 or how about this one

If a man has sex with an animal, he must be put to death, and the animal must be killed. Leviticus 20:15 NLT
or my personal favorite

No one whose testicles are crushed or whose penis is cut off shall be admitted to the assembly of the LORD. Deuteronomy 23:1 NRSV

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Peter, if you believe your

Peter, if you believe your oven is on and I believe it is off we can't both be correct. Belief doesn't factor in. Belief is not a means of determining fact. You are arguing that belief is proof, but the oven is either on or off, and believing otherwise doesn't change what is actually happening. You've got to see that.

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What evidence do you have that your god is real. Can the evidence be tested by anyone, and everyone gets the same results?


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