Deep, dark caves

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Deep, dark caves

The kids trapped in the cave in Thailand are being brought out safely thanks to the "miracles" of human courage and endurance, combined with advanced science and technology. God couldn't even stop the rain.

But these kids in India face a lifetime with their minds trapped in the deep, dark cave of religion. Why aren't they holding up placards praising the achievements of Jacques Cousteau?

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That coach is one world-class

That coach is one world-class idiot. Pray that he gets some brains.

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Hey I know what a good idea is! Lets take a bunch of teenagers and walk miles/kilometers into a cave, even into places where we have to get on our bellies and crawl through tight quarters. Lets ignore all signs that these caves hold water and signs of water passage that goes up past the cave roof!

I mean I was pretty stupid in my young 20's, binge drinking parties on campus at my college where I was one more bust away from being expelled etc. But damn I was not so stupid to take a bunch of teenagers down miles into a cave.

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And I love spelunking. Done

And I love spelunking. Done it many many times with me wife all over the world. However, one thing we always did...

We NEVER took our daughters with us when went spelunking. ONLY if we went to tourist caverns such as Carlsbad Caverns, Mammoth Cave, Linwood Caverns.

If we were going to a spelunkers only cave, they stayed home with friends/relatives.

So yeah, this guy was a retard.

I have been keeping up with this story because I want the kids to be saved. Fuck the asshole stupid enough to...


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@Diotrephes: That coach is

@Diotrephes: That coach is one world-class idiot.

They're turning him into a saint. "If he didn't go with them, what would have happened to my child?" said the mother ...." He didn't go with them. He took them. He was the responsible adult. Because of his stupidity a brave man has died.

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"He didn't go with them. He took them. He was the responsible adult. Because of his stupidity a brave man has died."

The guy is as stupid as a frog but it's all good. He's a hero.

"Meet the 25-year-old coach of the Thai soccer team who was trapped in a cave for 17 days — here's what could happen to him now that they've all been rescued"

"Despite the dangerous situation the boys were in, lawyers from Thailand have told Business Insider they doubt that Chanthawong will face charges.

"I personally believe that the coach would not face criminal charges," said Chatnarin Bumpenwattana, an associate lawyer at JTJB International Lawyers, a law firm based in Bangkok.

"All parents would be very likely to forgive the coach for this action," another Bangkok-based lawyer said. "

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Unfortunately, I have seen

Unfortunately, I have seen too much of that nonsense. My wife is a psychologist, and for a few years she worked in a faith-based organization that took care of developmentally handicapped adults. Most of the staff were there because of their religious convictions, and all-too-often my wife would run up against "let us pray jesus heals him" instead of applying recognized and beneficial programs to assist them in raising their quality of life.

For myself, I apply a simple method for those with more faith than brains. I tell them that I am fully qualified in First Aid, including the Heimlich maneuver. I ask them flat-out to make a decision. "If I am dining with you, and I see you choking, do you want me to apply a proven medical treatment to save your life, of do you want me to stand back and just pray."

"And I am 100% serious. I will stand there and watch you choke to death if that is your decision."

When you put a person's feet to the fire and force them to choose between reality and life or a possible death and a fantasy world, they tend to re-calibrate their reality meter and choose the more intelligent option.

But for those children who are hundreds of miles away and very safe, they do not have to make a choice, they just go with the crowd, follow the instructions of their parents and teachers, and sleep well believing they did the right thing.

Thousands of others around the world did not bend their knee and pray, but instead took positive action. Qualified and trained specialists volunteered their time and were willing to risk their lives, many others lent tremendous technical support. Those trapped in the cave were rescued by science and good people who took action.

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@David Killens: I see you

@David Killens: I see you choking, do you want me to apply a proven medical treatment to save your life, of do you want me to stand back and just pray."

Your analogy reminded me of a news story from New Zealand about a 14yo girl with Downs syndrome, who was somehow allowed to choke to death in a fundamentalist Christian commune. "Prayer Ready" is the girl's name. The brainwashed members have all told the coroner that she choked to death alone, but I've a feeling they tried to pray the lump of meat out of her throat.

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It's an inbuilt defence

It's an inbuilt defence mechanism using selection bias, and you can't reason with a thought process that thinks if a baby falls from a second story window, and survives it can only be explained by a deity using magic, but if it falls a few inches and dies from a fractured skull it is bad luck or worse, the devil.

I'm glad the children are safe, but saddened that people don't give credit where credit is due. I mean why would a deity allow the tragedy, and put the children and their parents through that amount of suffering only to change the outcome at the end, all the while making sure no evidence exists it had acted at all. It's a depressingly stupid idea, like fate or karma.

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Common, you all know it was

Common, you all know it was the Pentacostals rolling around the floor and speaking in tongues that saved those kids. All part of the master plan we mere humans are incapable of understanding,BY DESIGN (added that for someone).

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The real horror behind this

The real horror behind this shit is the fact that the little Indian children are told their prayers have worked each time a child is pulled from the cave. The whole process is about turning children into assholes who think that sitting on their asses and muttering a few words to the sky is ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING TO HELP THE FRIGGING WORLD. These poor kids will be turned into adult JERKS who pat themselves on the back and pretend they are good people for doing nothing at all while pretending to give a shit. Watching children being conditioned to pray is a sickening sight.

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LOL seeing all you atheists

LOL seeing all you atheists jerking each other off due to your hate of all things religion truly makes my day. Especially, when 100% of the things being said are false but, hey, don't let that stop you. Please carry on, I'm truly enjoying the show.

By the way, same twisted version of religion you guys hate and deny, is the same version every theist (at least Muslims) deny as well

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Another vapidly moronic post

Another vapidly moronic post from you, filled with your usual mix of fallacious ad hominem and vapid rhetoric, but no substantive attempt to address any topic. If you can't provide one single cogent comment do try and resist the urge to advertise the fact, and instead just read all the posts in silence, in the extremely unlikely event that one day you'll be able to grasp some of the simpler points being made.

Here's a clue for you Bullwinkle, which particular vapid superstition is involved here is utterly irrelevant to the point being made. Hence your Muslim comment illustrates not only rank stupidity, but a fair amount of bigoted prejudice as well, but the latter seems to be your calling card judging from your posts in other threads.

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@Searching for truth: when

@Searching for truth: when 100% of the things being said are false

Accusations of falsehood without proof or even specifics make you sound very hysterical and infantile.

Put up, or shut up.

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@ Searching for truth: LOL

@ Searching for truth: LOL seeing all you atheists jerking each other off due to your hate of all things religion truly makes my day.

Ahhhemmm.... "I got this one Tin Man" Wouldn't you say using a ripped male hulk body as your avatar in a chat room just a bit gay? And I am wondering, in today's society why you would think calling someone else gay would be offensive? If some atheists want to jack each other off, seriously, what business is it of yours. You know, we have another thread going about people who have an inferiority complex but over compensate by being narcissistic tyrants. Hmmmm - Half naked hulk of a man? Worried about people jacking each other off? And Islamic. Did you know that your gayness is actually rooted in Islam? This is a classic case of reaction formation. (Look it up or find the other thread.)

" The Ottoman Empire, the seat of power in the Muslim world, didn’t view lesbian or gay sex as taboo for centuries. They formally ruled gay sex wasn’t a crime in 1858.
But as Christians came over from the west to colonize, they infected Islam with homophobia."

"The fundamentalist Muslim nation of Pakistan forbid homosexuality, yet leads the world in Internet online searches for gay pornography."

Muslim countries actually lead the world in Gay Porn downloads on the internet. Are you sure you are not just suppressing your own feelings and then trying to fight them by projecting them onto the atheists around you who are free to act on their desires if they so wish?

Take me for example. I am completely free to jerk off as many men as I like. So far, that number is ZERO. But who knows..... people grow and change. It's really not something that concerns me. In fact, I never think about it until someone like you brings it up. So.... why would you say such a thing and imagine it is insulting. All I can think is that it is an outward manifestation of an internal mental and emotional conflict over which you are suffering greatly. Perhaps counseling and getting in touch with your real feelings would help.

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Dang-it! Now I'M searching for that ten thousand agree button. Outstanding response. If you don't mind, though, I just have to add one more little thing. (Sorry, can't help it.)

Hey, Hulkster, just a little observation here, but I can't help but notice how so many of your threads seem centered around the topics of homosexuality and transgender folks. Just like Cog said, those are things I rarely ever think about unless somebody brings them up specifically. In my mind, people are simply people, regardless of their sexual orientation. Therefore, what is there to think about? To me, that would be along the same lines of spending all my time worrying about why any particular person wants to play a particular sport. Ummmm.... Who cares? And keep in mind, I have several gay, lesbian, bi, and trans friends. Some of them have even stayed as guests in our home for days at a time. Matter of fact, my wife happens to be bi-sexual. And, come to think of it, one or two of our guy friends in particular actually have "the hots" for me. Now, I do know many guys who would be incredibly "threatened" and uneasy about something like that. (I imagine you would be one of those guys.) Personally, I take it as a compliment. Yet, here you are bringing up these topics over and over again trying to "diagnose" people like my friends as "sick" or "mentally ill". What exactly is it that makes you feel so threatened by them? They are simply people, no different from you and I, trying to live their lives and be as happy as possible in the world they occupy. Why is that so difficult to understand?

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Tin Man

Tin Man

Wow. Literally every word you said is also true for me. Wow. Threatened/Complimented. Hmm... I guess whenever a gay man said he had the hots for me, I guess I took it as a compliment. I remember once when a gay friend of ours was over at our house and he mentioned something along the lines like that to another guest and my wife overheard, my wife came to me and said she was "jealous." And she even admitted it made her, well you know the word. Horny.

Someone Doing the X-Files Thing (The truth is out there),

Dude. As others just said, I am beginning to believe that you are homosexual. And you are terribly distraught over this fact because of the religious nonsense that has been drilled into your head since you were a child. Hell, even I did not notice the fact that practically every thread you have started is dealing with homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenders, et. al. What gives? Here on these boards, just admit that you are homosexual. We don't care. Even I don't care.

Hell, ain't you seen my posts of having dated a transgender and how she was a delightful person? And how if I had not gotten a job at Yellowstone, we'd still be in a relationship? Dude I ain't got no prejudice except for a bigotry against bigots.

I shall be the first to admit that I ain't "gay." Yes, I may have dated a transgender and you could say that makes me gay. However, as others have pointed out, biological sex is so completely and absolutely different than gender identity.

Let me shut the fuck up. I'm getting verbose again.


Edit: inserted omitted words

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Hilarious. Yet, oh so

Hilarious. Yet, oh so damnably true. Great going Cognostic. This is THE Cognostic I truly love.

@Tin Man: You are know required to make sure Cog gets his proper diet and does not go off on one those "episodes."


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@Arakish Re: Cog

@Arakish Re: Cog

Awwww.... Does that mean I'm not allowed to give him "vitamin" shots anymore? Phooey!...*kicking the dirt*... Well, at least the diet will be easy. A couple of bananas and a handful of lice and he'll be fine.

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I rike flied lice. Oh that

I rike flied lice. Oh that reminds me of one of the the funniest Ventriloquist routines I have seen. Jeff Dunnham and Peanut, Tasetofvagina like fish no fuk?
Shitty wok is another great routine from South Park -

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