The EU and it's Future

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The EU and it's Future

As you all know, the new president of the U.S is having thoughts of having better relations with Russia and degrading them with China, plus starting to force NATO member countries to pay their part (which is fine by me).
But with that happening, the entire EU parliament is becoming suspicious towards Trump's future policy which may put him and the entire US as the enemy of the EU.

You all know why the EU was made, you all know why it exists and you all know that 2 World Wars were enough to get people straight-minded about the extent of extreme Nationalism and Conflict.

What we Europeans need now (being a European myself), is Unity and Brotherhood. We are all divided by Countries, but by blood we are all European, and our main goal should be to aim our eyes towards Russia and Putin's regime.

But a few questions to this forum (also providing my opinion):

Would you agree with ONE EU army instead of a split force? To this I am entirely Pro, a Army with a more centralized command will become much more effective, and cooperation can exist as there is also mutual goals. A united army would bring a better independence of US forces in Europe.

How do you feel about the Idea of Angela Merkel and the some People's thoughts of the EU as some 4th Reich Regime under her? Polls showed that 52% found EU helpful, while the 48% Not. I am against this, for some reasons that is as her influence has brought stability and retaliation towards Putin.

How do you feel about about Erdogan's outrageous claims that the Netherlands were Neo-Nazis and threatening Europe to unleash the Refugees into it? As Erdogan has been nothing but a filth-licking dog, and a Dictator who hides behind Democracy much like N.Korea, I'd expect this.

How would you feel about the entire European Nations confederated into 1 Nation, the U.N.E (United States of Europe), much like the U.S? I am Pro this, and I know that many civilians will find their "Autonomy taken off", but that's wrong, I'm talking about a Confederation, where states maintain Autonomy, with the exclusion of the Legislative powers and the Veto ability which are Upheld by a type of "congress" and President. An entire Nation similar to the US.

What are your thoughts towards Serbia? Will their particular friendliness and very-pro thoughts of Russia be a danger to European countries if they manage to join in the EU?

And one last question: Name one European version of Bernie Sanders if you can.

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France's Marine Le Pen urges

France's Marine Le Pen urges end to Russia sanctions.

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It's always these Anti-Muslim

It's always these Anti-Muslim, Islam and Immigration parties that are weirdly Pro Russia.

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I fully agree with you,

I fully agree with you, though I am against wars, armies and states when it is our freedom itself that is threatened we as Europeans must act against this menace.

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I dream of a federal european

I dream of a federal european state.
And Putin does all he can to stop it by funding anti eu candidates and parties around the continent.

We, as europeans, need to unite before it is too late.

Dark and terrible times are coming.
War times.

And we are not ready.

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You and I are true Europeans,

You and I are true Europeans, our Ideals fit no less than perfectly!

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Good thoughts and questions,

Good thoughts and questions, Endri. I fully support a European republic with a unified government of member states and all of the accoutrements that come along with it, including a European military. I view this as an incremental step toward a worldwide unification of member states that unites all of humanity into a common bond. The only thing that bonds humanity right now is gravity, and that's been an epically pour unifier. We need a shared mission for humanity and all of life. I wonder what would happen if a comet is detected that will impact the earth in 20 years' time. If religious insanity didn't derail us, I think nations would unify and endeavor collectively to protect all that we hold dear. Why do we have to wait for impending destruction to recognize our shared humanity and collective well being? I want Europe and Asia and Africa and the Americas and the rest to unite, so European unity is immediately desirable to me. There are risks to unified governments, but every history book retells the horror of a world divided. So yeah, I support The United States of Europe.

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Well said!

Well said!

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Truett, there is still

Truett, there is still discord, many people are being disillusioned in the idea that Merkel or the German government in general will control it, mostly being caused by the way that many non-EU countries such as mine follow their requests. It's stupid comparing Germans again to the past because they are a leading on, it's sad.

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I agree, Endri. Suspicion of

I agree, Endri. Suspicion of Germany is constant. Compare though a potential analog in the US. California and Texas are the two heavyweights in the US. If we were independent nation states with our own militaries and national interests, the potential for conflict between nations aligned with progressive California and those aligned with conservative Texas would be a constant threat. By unifying into a common republic, the US has been war free since 1868. Compare that to the divide that led to constant wars in the past between Germany and its neighbors in France and Britain. Germany would probably enjoy more influence than other member states in the same way that California enjoys more leverage than even powerful Texas. Perhaps there are remedies to improve that dynamic, but who could prefer the history of a divided Europe to the civil relationship enjoyed by California and Texas? A united Europe is in the best interests of every European and every peace loving being on this planet.

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The UK is now threatening war

The UK is now threatening war with Spain over the Gibraltar issue. We are only one week into "Brexit" and there is already sabre rattling by British politicians against EU policy regarding Gibraltar. They are publicly saying that they will fight over Gibraltar against Spain in the same way that they fought over the Falkland Islands against Argentina. Naval military build-up has been requested, with defense of Gibraltar is a listed reason. Here is a report from Slate:

Here are the opening sentences in a report from The Telegraph on April 2, 2017:
"Britain's Royal Navy is substantially weaker than it was during the Falklands War but could still "cripple" Spain, military experts have said.

Rear-Adml Chris Parry, a former director of operational capability at the Ministry of Defence! has called on the Government to "appropriately" invest in Britain's military capacity if it wants to "talk big" over Gibraltar."

This is a shocking development and it helps prove the importance of the EU in securing peace. The US should support the EU, not sabotage it.

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