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@ John 6IX Breezy

@ John 6IX Breezy

- "But theres a reason why all the Greek, Egyptian, and Roman gods are expired. Because those gods make specific claims about the nature of the universe. Zeus, Thor, etc control lightning. The moment we can predict and control lightning those claims are disproven."

Are you saying that all one has to do, is to define a god in a way that makes it impossible to disprove, like say "immaterial, incorporeal and invisible". Then you would have to believe in it, because you cant disprove it?

- "making excuses for not knowing how to disprove something is intellectual laziness."

As an exercise, how would you suggest to disprove the supernatural claims of the Bible?

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John 61X Breezy,

John 61X Breezy,

The old pagan gods lived a lot longer than Christianity has, and who is to say that in a few more centuries Christianity won't join them? Change comes rapidly these days! In Genesis I the god of the Bible gives us a Babylonian cosmos. Do we see a Babylonian cosmos when we look at the universe with Hubble? Do we know of any talking donkeys or snakes (outside a certain green one)?

If science created life tomorrow, my bets are on the idea that you would come up with some kind of rationalization. People who lack the very concept of doubt concerning their dogma are not going to change no matter what is discovered. Chimp3 is entirely correct about the burden of proof. Perhaps, one of my earlier posts on this thread might help you understand the concept of the burden of proof.

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God's can't be disproven, and

God's can't be disproven, and gods can't be proven, yes. But if there was proof, like receiving a vision, would we be called schizophrenic? Would we be called liars? Insane? Yes. We would. And there are people who lie about seeing visions, I'm not saying that they're all telling the truth (like, seriously do a search on YouTube for people going to heaven and/or hell. You'll find contradicting stories about the two.). I don't expect atheists to disprove G-d or other "gods," as I know it's not possible. I simply make a point that asking a question like that is rather dumb or illogical.

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Wow. So you agree and

Wow. So you agree and acknowledge that the existence of gods cannot be proven. Good for you.

So, this brings up a question: Why do YOU believe in anything without proof. The time to believe that something is true is when there is good evidence.

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Nobody can prove or disprove

Nobody can prove or disprove the existence of god without first defining what god is. If I were to ask people here to disprove the existence of elephants, I would define an elephant as a large, grey mammalian quadruped with an elongated proboscis and big ears. Then we could look for evidence of things that match that definition. But what is this god that we are challenged to disprove?

What can be proved conclusively is that belief in god has many harmful effects and zero positive effects for individuals and humanity in general.

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Um...was I the the believer

Um...was I the the believer mentioned? And I never thought that you HAVE to believe in G-d if you can't disprove His existence.
[Lol I agreed with myself ]

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No Hawkflint! You were not

No Hawkflint! You were not the one. No matter, it is an interesting topic. Jump on in!

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Judaism claims to be the true

Judaism claims to be the true religion of the God of Abraham , Christianity claims to be the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecies. Judaism denies the Christian claims. Islam on the other hand claims Allah , all along, has been the God of Abraham and that Jesus, Moses, and Noah were worshiping Allah. Allah was the actual God who spoke through the burning bush and who Christ instructed us to bow before. Three separate claims upon the fairy tale and yet no way to definitively prove one over the other two. What possible methodology can finally win that blood soaked debate?

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Abraham didn't have a

Abraham didn't have a religion. There WAS no religion, just a way of life. Shared by all peoples but the Hamites (expecially Caananites, the bad seed) who didn';t want to observe norms of civilized behavior. Christianity was blanked by Constantine because people were following "the prophet" by keeping Jewish laws of cleanliness (you live a lot longer, etc) that he broke the first commandment, made Yeshua into God and declared himself a saint. As for Allah, don't get me started but you can refer to my post in another article where the roots of Islam are laid out. Nothing new under the sun here folks. Move Along.

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BSBeliever: That is what you

BSBeliever: That is what you say.

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Abraham DID have a religion.

Abraham DID have a religion. He believed in a god and guided his people to believe in a god. That IS a religion.

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Abraham never existed. He is

Abraham never existed. He is a mythological figure.

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@ John

@ John

I spent a Day in a cave in India where the true creator came to me. He called himself Lucifer. He told me that pure evil named Jehovah has tricked mankind into following him. The evil jehovah tricked Some bloke Jesus into getting himself Killed at the hands of humans so that by his blood and sacrifice he could rule over mankind.

The only way is to reject this evil and his 10 commandments of sin and evil worship.

Lord Satan asked me to pen his 10 commandments that are true and eternal.

1. Thou shalt look both ways before crossing a street.
2. Thou shalt Knock on the door before entering a room.
3. Thou shalt wash your hands after relieving Thyself.
4. Thou shalt prevent global warming and reduce thy carbon footprint and also deforestation.
5. Thou shalt be polite in thy speech to your fellow human and kind in thy touch to other animals.
6. Thou shalt not discriminate between man, woman and transgender.
7. Thou shall not interfere in two adult consenting individuals sexual preferences.
8. Thou shall not sexually harass any individual.
9. Thou shall not predate on children.
10. Thou shall be generous and help your fellow individual.

As proof he has asked me to relate his words to you so that you may know the truth.

Do you not see that he ignited a fire in the heavens and lo an explosion was the beginning of your universe.

On a tiny planet of a medium sized star in the universe did he chose to lay the foundations of your existence.

By his wish did the first forms of life thrive until they evolved to beings such as you, yet do not have pride so high as lucifer almighty so as to assume that you may be the only life in the universe for as large is the universe and as large is the heart of satan know his power can birth more species than you can imagine.

You are evolved animals.

Be humbled that you are not the centre of his universe but that your planet revolves your sun.

By the way your earth is Geocentric and not flat.

Do not disobey the prophets I have sent before you Darwin, Mykob4, Greensnake, Chimp3, CyberLN, Pragmatic, and so on to all nations.

You must forever be subservient to the great prophet charvak and obey him.

Pray so that you may be spared Oblivion


Now that I have made this claim, I believe it will all my heart. I have experienced the true god. The light bringer. I know its true...

@ John the burden is on you to disprove my religion.

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What lovely commandments lord

What lovely commandments lord satan provided us!

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there is no way that the

there is no way that the atheist agnostic can prove that god doesnt exist, atheist have been trying fervently for years but to no avail they have used philosophy science and still no credible answer given.atheism is a empty vacuum its nihilist you only have naturalist explanantions for life while leaving out the spiritual component.

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"atheist have been trying

"atheist have been trying fervently for years but to no avail "

And Religion has been trying for at least a MILLENNIUM, and still has not proved its god(s).

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jesus christ was god in the

jesus christ was god in the flesh he was without sin and died for you and me on that all wooden cross.and you my friend will bow from hell to jesus christ i am as certain as that like the air that i breathe.

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"you my friend will bow from

"you my friend will bow from hell to jesus christ i am as certain as that like the air that i breathe."

That kind of gloating about other people burning in hell is a typical Christian attitude. I think my road to atheism began when I was about 10. A boy from my class fell out of a tree and was killed. A girl in our class, a Jehovah's Witless, told us that he was burning in hell because he wasn't a JW. She was just parotting what her parents had told her. I was profoundly upset. Unlike self-righteous, gloating, holier-than-thou Christians, I have empathy. Other people's suffering upsets me deeply. If heaven is full of Christians, send me to hell.

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Spoken like a true fanatic,

skeptical christian,

Spoken like a true fanatic, one of millions that exists in this world! Each is certain of their religion, as certain as you, and they (and you) are far from the truth. There is no fool like a religious fool! (Note that I'm not saying that all religious people are fools, but when they do go off the deep end they are really spectacular sights.)

I find it interesting that you picture Jesus in such a vengeful light.

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Skeptical Christian I urge

Skeptical Christian I urge you to see the light (& Lightbringer).Accept Lord lucifer as thy Lord and saviour into your arms and reject the evil jehovah and the imposter jesus christ or else your soul shall be lost to oblivion. You shall be erased from existence. That is commandment of God Satan.

See how that feels..... You forget ... Do unto others as you would have others do unto you...

Don't preach here, we are all well versed in religious literature. Debate, Converse, It is not for you to judge us and award punishment nor shall we accept such from your fictional friend.

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"you only have naturalist

"you only have naturalist explanantions for life while leaving out the spiritual component."

And theists are oblivious to the personal spiritual experiences of the real world until they take off the blindfold provided by their imaginary friend. Theism is nihilist because its core teaching is that this world means nothing, that we are only here to prepare for eternal life in cloud fairy land.

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skeptical christian,

skeptical christian,

It depends on what you mean by "proof," and on what you mean by "God." Credible rebuttals of "God" (some definitions of) certainly do exist! See my own thread "Science Gives God The Boot!" (08/07/2016 18:47) which gives strong reasons for rejecting the idea of any and all supernatural gods. However, if certain Christians can't acknowledge the basic facts of science, how much less will they acknowledge these disproofs of "God."

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You have this ass backward.

You have this ass backward. You have the burden of proof. You assert a positive claim... which is that gods exist. So prove it.

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jesus is a proven fact all

jesus is a proven fact all current scholarship points to that,he is the earliest source that we have he isnt imagined he lived a real physical life for 33 years as for the things of this world just look at the good christianity has done the red cross the refugee camps the hospitals the soup kitchens the shelters the christian universities etc, etc.i can go on do you wish me to?

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" just look at the good

" just look at the good christianity has done the red cross "

The Red Cross is not a Christian organization. It's emblem is derived from the flag of Switzerland. It makes a point of maintaining complete independence from any government or religion. You can read about its history here.

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Fascinating. Please provide

Fascinating. Please provide evidence of your claim / assertion/ statement that ''jesus is a proven fact".

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are you a doubting thomas

are you a doubting thomas remember how he felt but when our lord came to him and showed him the holes and the nail marks he reconsidered yes blessed is the one who believes without seeing.thank jesus for the food that you ate and the water that you drank and bathe with and the very air that you breathe.yes he is a tremendous god holy and loving thats why i always proclaim him.

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"are you a doubting thomas "

"are you a doubting thomas "

Absolutely. But I always believe people until they lie to me. I found out the churches were lying to me a long time ago.

I always feel sorry for people called "Thomas". They are either too doubtful, or they are caught peeping at Lady Godiva.

When I first learned about Doubting Thomas, we were shown pictures of him inspecting Jesus' hands and finding holes in the palms. That's a bit odd. Crucifixion victims were nailed through the wrists, not the palms. The palms aren't strong enough to support the weight of the body for long. Yet every crucifix I've ever seen has the nails through the palms.

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well evidently you havent

well evidently you havent been gracing the church for a long time in which i will pray for you, alot of churches have jesus our lord with the nails thru the wrist that i seen.just lok at the shroud of turin the nails are thru the wrist area.your making a big claim for such an irrelevant meaningless argument the point is that our lord came and died for humanity so one day that you and i can have eternal life the one who is without sin the second adam the first adam sinned so it took a perfect sacrifice sinless to please god the father.do you know any other religion that there god died like jesus did hindu jew muslim etc etc.,i don`t think do.repent and come to jesus the holy one.

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SkepticalChristian: Oh come

SkepticalChristian: Oh come on! There is not a skeptical bone in your body. Shroud of Turin? What a load of shit!


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