Joel Osteen turned away flood victims in Houston.

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Joel Osteen turned away flood victims in Houston.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston it displaced thousands and stranded still much more, but Joel Osteen and Lakewood turned away flood victims reports the NY Post.

Only AFTER the story broke did Osteen open the doors to victims. Now he is scrambling to justify not opening the doors sooner. Heres some of his bullshit.

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LOL. Did you see how wet and

LOL. Did you see how wet and bedraggled those flood victims were? They didn't look very prosperous either. Not all the type of people Mr. Osteen would want messing up the floor of his beautiful big church.

If there was a god, a great big tornado would have flattened that monstrous building.

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Renovations to church had

Renovations to church had cost them $105,000,000. Osteen's net worth $56,000,000. He lives in a $10,000,000 home.

No time for peasants, I guess. Unless bad publicity is going to cut into the cash flow.

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I have always despised Joel

I have always despised Joel Osteen. His daddy was just as bad but not as rich. He flits around on a private jet "that his church owns" and lives like a Russian oligarch. He claims that he makes less than $20K in earnings but lives in a multi-million dollar mansion. He is one of the biggest frauds in America.

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Of course. The refugees

Of course. The refugees wouldn't be making this 'man of god' any money. After all, he lives in a $10 million home which is of course paid for so he needs even more money for god knows what. Yes $10 MM

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What happened to the people

What happened to the people who were bunking out at the church on Sunday? Did they have to leave so that Osteen could do his gig?

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