Could AR add a video blog section?

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Could AR add a video blog section?

I'm a videographer and have been an activist for science, education, and secularism for 14 years. Atheist Republic is a great idea for a website, and the kind of thing I like to help with, but you don't have anywhere for me to use my skill set! You have podcasts where people do an audio version of this, and you have live stream videos that are long because they aren't edited. But TED Talks are really successful, and you don't have an equivalent of that here. That format of video is easy to produce. There are other ways of producing video essays that are more complicated and more entertaining. You have everything you need to make that happen, and I've already made some videos like that. You want to work together?



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Here's one of my videos,

Here's one of my videos, about how the March for Science contributed to a secular worldview, and how it didn't go far enough.

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All miss how religions were

All miss how religions were/are about science: The Trinity is about science, is about nature, and is about identity, as nature.

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And I should listen to a

And I should listen to a video made by a drunk, why?


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Good on op for going to the

Good on op for going to the effort. I suggest make shorter clips.

Good job.

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