Catholics worship mary over Jesus?

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Catholics worship mary over Jesus?

I'm vaguely becoming aware that catholics seem to worship mary as some type of deity.

The people I know are Christian. They pray to Jesus. They talk about Jesus. etc. I was never around catholics. But lately with all the pope stuff I've been hearing a lot about it and something kind of blew my mind.

I've noticed that catholics pray to mary like she is Jesus!? Like she is watching over them and can answer prayers and has powers and stuff.

And I vaguely heard that some people in the catholic church want to make her part of the 'godhead' whatever the hell that is.

I've also noticed that catholics don't really talk about Jesus that much. They talk about Mary a lot. The pope even called Jesus a 'failure' for dying on the cross. Its like catholics dont really LIKE jesus. lol

Could someone fill me in on this?

Whats the psychology behind this? Some innate need for a more feminine Deity? A maternal God?

Am i getting this right? Any recovered catholics in here?

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I' live in a 97% Catholic

I' live in a 97% Catholic country, and there is huge emphasis about Mary true, but Jesus stands on the same footing or slightly more.

Mainly it is because of woman.

Most devout/deluded Christians are woman here(men are usually, yeah whatever), and guess what, they love the virgin Mary.

Not that they prefer it over Jesus, but when it comes to money, they sympathize more with the pain the virgin Mary supposedly suffered and thus the most expensive stuff goes towards Mary idols(regardless of commandment :P)

So here in Malta you would see more religious house doors with a Mary picture/statuette/sculptures, then you would find Jesus.

This gives the illusion that Mary is as important as Christ, since you see it everywhere.
The truth is, that as soon as you enter the house you will find more crosses though.

"The pope even called Jesus a 'failure' for dying on the cross. "
I think that is a misunderstanding, what I think he said is the failure of living by dying on the cross.
(the context was that when sometimes it appears you failed, it is quite the opposite so you should work even harder)

Don't get carried away with christian vs christian propaganda, war is still raging between Catholics/Protestants/Baptists, even if they smile to each other now, they all hide the dagger behind their back for the chance to strike.

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"In the gospel pageant, ‘Mary

"In the gospel pageant, ‘Mary’ appears in several scenes. In all of them she is a passive character, habitually in the background and virtually without a voice (she speaks in total three times, twice in a single sentence). "

For a little background on the early development of the "Marian cult" ...try here....

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Mary is basically the

Mary is basically the Christian version of Boba Fett.

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Necro worship, necro posting!

Necro worship, necro posting! What's the difference?

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