Atheist Movies

Atheism is an oft-misunderstood but passionately discussed subject. However, most debate about atheism is devoid of accurate facts and usually revolves around all sorts of rumors, myths and misconceptions. As far as atheism is concerned, one of the factors that contribute to the prevailing ignorance among people is the fact that there are not many useful and reliable sources that discuss the subject in detail and atheism seems to be restricted to a handful only. But, as the times continue to change, atheists are trying to reach out to more people so the world at large understands the concept of atheism better.

Atheist movies can be a great way to address this unfortunate situation where there is little accurate information doing the rounds and more incorrect information being shared. Movies are a great medium through which unobtrusive yet eye-opening information can be shared with people without them necessarily feeling preached upon. A number of mainstream movies question the basic tenets of many well-known religions, especially the false and hyped myths propagated by Christianity and Islam. A few other atheist movies raise intriguing questions about various religious practices and religious indoctrination.

Watching such movies can help educate people and make them more aware about not only atheism but also religion. You can have an entertaining time watching the movies and then participate in some healthy debate online or in person to stimulate yourself intellectually.

Atheist movies are also a great way to introduce spiritual and religious people to the idea of atheism, which most people refuse to even consider under normal circumstances. The word atheism seems to scare people away from even wanting to learn more about it or clarifying the misconceptions that they already have. Watch some atheist movies today and recommend them to your friends and family as these films can help non-believers promote, teach and popularize atheism.

Reasons to Believe

A new must-see documentary is coming out September 11, 2017 called Reasons To Believe. It is an extensive study of the psychology of faith, religiosity, and irrational and harmful beliefs.

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PK Movie

PK is an Indian comedy drama film that tells the story of an alien, who lands on earth while on a research mission.

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OMG Movie

OMG – Oh My God is an Indian satirical film with a sardonic take on people’s blind faith and belief in godmen.

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The Man Who Sued God

The Man Who Sued God is an Australian comedy film that has an interesting take on corporate frauds who make use of people’s blind faith to make their own profits. 

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

One of my all time favorite writers, who offered wonderful tales that were imaginative and offered some creative ideas about our preconceived notions about the nature of life and the universe was Douglas Adams.

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Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 landmark science fiction film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, has withstood the test of time with its spectacular visual presentation, beloved classical music, striking realism and thought-provoking (though deliberately vague) plot.

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God On Trial

God on Trial is a 2008 television play, starring Rupert Graves, Antony Sher and Jack Shepherd. Frank Cottrell Boyce wrote it.

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Life of Brian

Life of Brian is a 1979 British comedy film written by and starring the comedy group Monty Python (John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones).

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Creation revolves around English naturalist Charles Darwin’s struggle in finding a balance between his path breaking theories on evolution and his relationship with his religious wife

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Joan of Arc

In 1412, a young girl named Jeanne is born in Domremy in France. The times are bad with the Hundred Year war being fought against England since 1337.

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