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Despite a shortage of priests in Amazon region, Pope Francis decided not to allow married priests or women deacons.

During the state high school wrestling championship in Pennsylvania, a Catholic school lost the trophy because they didn't want boys to wrestle girls.

A woman in California has been charged after she threatened to bomb a prep school that acknowledges same-sex unions.

China will rewrite religious books and texts in order to “reflect socialist values” and to exclude any opposing content.

While a female reporter was covering a race in Savannah, a runner, who happens to be a Christian youth leader, slapped her butt.

Church in Wisconsin hosts Thanksgiving for LGBTQ people who have been rejected by their families.

A member of The Village Church confessed to having some inappropriate sexual contact with a child and also having tried to videotape children.

Arizona teacher was fired for allegedly discriminating against a transgender student and expressing anti-gay views because of her religious beliefs.

Superior Court Judge David Fields granted prosecutors’ request to deny the possibility of bail to Garcia, a Megachurch leader arrested for child rape.

Three quarters of Americans rarely or never consult a clergy member for advice about money, politics, sex, birth control etc.