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A member of The Village Church confessed to having some inappropriate sexual contact with a child and also having tried to videotape children.

Arizona teacher was fired for allegedly discriminating against a transgender student and expressing anti-gay views because of her religious beliefs.

Superior Court Judge David Fields granted prosecutors’ request to deny the possibility of bail to Garcia, a Megachurch leader arrested for child rape.

Three quarters of Americans rarely or never consult a clergy member for advice about money, politics, sex, birth control etc.

Vatican lifts diplomatic immunity for a career diplomat at the Vatican for the purposes of criminal proceedings against him.

The principal at a Boca Raton, Florida high school told a parent that there are different beliefs about whether the Holocaust happened.

Anti-vaxxer parents of a 7-year-old child are suing to block the release of statewide data that shows vaccination rates in Connecticut schools.

New York eliminated the religious exception to vaccine requirements for schoolchildren in an attempt to suppress the epidemic of measles.

California wants to shut down a Christian school accused of punishing kids who said they are gay or bisexual.

Beth Moore speaks at churches and has an enormous support, but her actions are reigniting debate over whether women can preach.