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The road taken to atheism varies from person to person, mostly because the road taken is heavily dependent on a number of factors like circumstances, experiences and attitudes. While the reason for each individual to identify himself or herself as an atheist is likely to differ, there remain certain similarities that bring together atheists from across the world – similarities that reflect in the way these people choose to perceive life and express themselves in spite of their diverse backgrounds and varied pursuits.

Atheist Republic is one such conglomeration of individuals who regardless of their differences, agree upon one core idea – that it is perfectly alright to question conventional ideas and practices – whether they are related to complex issues like religion or the comparatively simpler issues like lifestyle choices. The team at Atheist Republic is truly cosmopolitan and secular with members from countries as far apart as the United States and Australia.

Contributions to the website pour in from people who not only live in different countries but also thrive in different cultures. To name a few places, Atheist Republic has freethinkers from Britain, Iran, Philippines, Canada, India, Pakistan, Germany and Ecuador. However, not all of these individuals were fortunate enough to be brought up as freethinkers and many of them actually spent their growing years in households that strongly believe in some religion or other, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism among others. Yet, they chose to break away from conformist religious practices and traditional lifestyle choices so they could ask questions and seek answers instead of blindly believing what had been taught to them.

And as they broke away from all of that, they managed to unite on Atheist Republic, a portal that values meaningful news and information, a portal that encourages each one of you to interrogate and debate. For those of you who wish to be part of the Atheist Republic team, you can look for a suitable position on our website. We welcome bloggers, journalists, editors, social media managers, graphic designers, Drupal developers, strategists, SEO directors, YouTube video producers and podcast producers. If you believe you have something valuable to offer us, please feel free to fill in your details.

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Makeesha Fisher - Read Articles by Makeesha Fisher

I am a graphic artist, mom to two girls and wife of an actor. I enjoy dancing, reading, knitting and I might be a little obsessed with podcasts. I spent the first 31 years of my life as a passionate evangelical, Pentecostal Christian (12 years of which were spent as a minister) and am now trying to find my dance outside of religion.

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Lee Myers - Read Articles by Lee Myers

I grew up in East Texas and now resides in San Antonio. I am the grandson of a Pentecostal preacher and have a sister who is a born again Christian. I am also the proud father of a twelve year old daughter. I studied for my AA while living in Seattle, focusing on mathematics, journalism and philosophy. It was during this time that I studied the religions of Islam, Buddhism and Taoism. Each of them seemed just as empty as any other religion. I have been a member of the online atheist community for over ten years.

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Matty Arnold - Read Articles by Matty Arnold

I am a chemistry student living in Britain, and I love science, music and gaming. I am a creative person; I write music, books and scripts in my free time. I have never been religious, and am interested in and often involved with debates about religion with friends and family. I would like to share with people my passion for science and to show anyone and everyone how amazing the world can be when you stop and think for a moment about its intricacies.

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Armin Navabi - Read Articles by Armin Navabi

Armin Navabi is a former Muslim from Iran and the founder of Atheist Republic, a non-profit organization with over one million fans and followers worldwide that is dedicated to offering a safe community for atheists around the world to share their ideas and meet like-minded individuals.

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Jonathan Tan

I was born in the Philippines, raised in the US. I have attended various parochial schools for the majority of my education, where I learned about various religions. With the help of scientific documentaries and TV shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy, my religious belief started to decay while my love of science took over. An atheist for just over 4 years but a skeptic for more, I discovered my passion for debates concerning religious related topics such as same-sex marriage and education.

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Prithvi Shiv

I am a digital marketing specialist from India. My early introduction to an invisible friend free world began with the narration of the paradox of the stone by my math teacher. The discourse and a deep interest in astronomy led me to the dark side and today, I’m a happy, godless heathen in the thrall of the FSM.

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James Lawrence - Read Articles by James Lawrence

I was born in Plymouth, a city in the South West of England. Being an animal lover all my life I am very big on animal rights and when I see cruelty to animals, it invokes a rage in me that can only be quelled by copious amounts of tea and video games. I have been an atheist since I was twelve, but was never a very good Christian. Even as a child, I questioned God’s methods and found it all very boring and gloomy. I am a frustrated writer, waiting for my big break and love all forms of writing; blogs, comic books, novels, you name a form of writing and I’ll whip you up a story with as much sex, violence and blasphemy as you can take! I currently live in Finland with my wife and two cats!

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Frank Follie - Read Articles by Frank Follie

I'm the kind of guy that takes an hour or so to write a 100-word bio, knowing the whole time odds are very slim anyone will ever read it. What I just wrote now--these 40-plus words--this took me 45 minutes to come up with. I'm insane. Follow my many rants of political incorrectness on my blog.

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Mustafa Dasuki

I am a computer communication engineer with graphic design skills. I am also a musician (Guitarist & Bassist). Astronomy is my passion along with different science categories. I was raised a Muslim in an Islamic environment and became a freethinker at the age of 17, when my skepticism and doubt led to me to become a humanist atheist and a seeker of scientific knowledge.

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Sky Red Magner

I was born in Noble, Oklahoma and was a practicing catholic for 12 years. After exposure to the world outside of home school and catholic school, I started researching physics and quantum theory. After about a year, I realised that nothing could explain my faith. I now consider myself a free thinker. I am an amateur screenwriter, playwright, actor, director and journalist. I am sure more will interest me and push me farther as I go into my sophomore year of high school. Curiosity might have killed the cat but I will always have insatiable curiosity.

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I am a Web Designer from the Philippines. I am currently working with NGOs in the Philippines, helping them in building their websites, social media pages, and branding assets. I love reading books, listening to music, online gaming, and am an avid fan of japanese culture. Aside from graphic/web design, I also do research and write content for various websites.

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Dean Van Drasek - Read Articles by Dean Van Drasek

I am an American, although I have lived in Asia for more than 20 years. I was born into a Christian family, but could never quite believe, although I gave it a good try. My Grandmother used to good naturedly call me a "heathen," and how right she was. I came out as a non-believer to family and friends when I went to college. I enjoy reading about comparative mythology.

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Mohammed Savage - Read Articles by Mohammed Savage

I am employed as an IT tech. I was raised as a Muslim, and for the first 21 years of my life I was a very devout one. With age, came curiosity and my curiosity led me to questions that Islam, my religious teachers and my family simply couldn’t answer. Choosing to educate myself regarding the ways of the religious world, I struck out on my own to study not only my own religion but the other major religions of the world as well. Everything I learned, all of the history only seemed to support my growing disbelief of religion. Ever since turning 21 I’ve become a militant atheist, and have been disowned by my family as a result.

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Jacques Kosky

I am a former bookbinder, teacher and librarian from Melbourne Australia, where I live in a house full of books and music. Married with one child, I currently work as a network administrator. I have been an atheist since age eight when I realized that god and the bible did not make sense. I have examined many forms of spirituality, particularly eastern forms, due to having a lifelong passion for the martial arts and yoga, but have found none can meet their claims. I am also a gym rat and avid cyclist who enjoys getting a good sweat up.

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Lara Saumatre - Read Articles by Lara Saumatre

I have been dragged halfway across the world during my childhood. I come from a devoted Muslim family, but growing up in a multicultural atmosphere has provided me with a new vision of the world. I’m now an eighteen-year old atheist interested in languages, social sciences, debating and other seemingly boring pastimes. I’m a new university student and an expert procrastinator.

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Andrew Wigginton

Andrew Wigginton, formerly Ender Wiggins, is my pseudonym. I am a young man currently residing somewhere in the Middle East. I am a child of a father raised in a Christian family and a mother raised in a Muslim family. My entire nuclear family is atheist, and I consider myself an anti-theist. My immediate and extended environment, however, is hardly so. It is this struggle to reconcile my lack of belief with life in an environment to which such a stance is foreign, bizarre, and suspect that has led me to try and be as vocal as possible about the many ills of organized religion.

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Rob Sharples - Read Articles by Rob Sharples

I am a full-time optician and part-time writer from the UK. I live with my wife and two wonderful children and, due to such a hectic lifestyle, I’m in a perpetual, coffee-induced stupor. In my early years, I attended a Church of England school but, after becoming increasingly interested in Greek, Egyptian and Roman mythology, decided that any god figure was just as questionable as the next. Today, I immerse myself in ancient literature, and enjoy tearing vast chasm-like holes in the world's religious doctrines.

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Tom Hanak - Read Articles by Tom Hanak

I studied Mechanical Engineering and currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. My passions include cars and debating about science, philosophy and religion. Having never really been convinced by Christianity, my de-conversion to atheism was a very short one, but didn't happen until the later half of my college career. I have since written a few papers on atheism and religion and participated in several informal debates online.

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Casper Rigsby - Read Articles by Casper Rigsby

I’m a 33 year old husband and father who was raised in a Christian home and is the grandson of a lifelong minister. As a youth, I studied the Bible under my grandfather's guidance, and considered entering the ministry myself. I later came to question Christianity and began studying other religions. After years of study and even reviewing Christianity from a far more critical stance, including study of theology at a collegiate level and review of mythological correlations between all religions, I have come to an apatheistic atheist stance that god doesn't matter. I run an up and coming apatheist Facebook page named God Doesn't Matter and am a strong advocate for loud atheism and apatheism.

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Saahil - Read Articles by Saahil

I am a biology undergrad, and I live in the constitutionally godless nation of India. I was born in Calcutta, and I am an occasional scribbler. I have studied in two wonderful convent schools. I hope to be an active participant in the struggle for intellectual and political emancipation, a desire that is sometimes helped, and often hindered, by my lifelong engagement with irony. I have been an atheist, or a-deist, for most of my life, even when I didn't know what it meant to be so.

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Noah Blumenthal

I am a young atheist from the East Coast of Florida. I was born to a Christian mother and a Jewish father. Raised Jewish, I went to a Jewish school where I learned much about religions. At 8, I realized there were many faults in the bible. I am currently an ordained minister of all faiths, and perform weddings for those wishing to keep god out of their union. I also provide counseling for those who are having social issues with atheism.

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Danial Haider

I was born in Pakistan, raised as a practising Muslim, and for 23 years of my life was a staunch Muslim. Although I was a critical thinker to the extent of being a cynic, what held me back the most was the indoctrinated fear of blasphemy. Once I let my doubt get past that, my religion came down like a stack of dominoes. What makes my position as an anti-theist unique, is that as a former super-religious person, I can understand how the extremist mind works.

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I am a 16 year old godless heathen, born and raised in Kerala, India. Brought up in a family of atheists and Christians, I am an atheist from birth. Widely hated by the society for being a loudmouth about atheism and human rights, I am also an advocate for the free software movement and copyleft. Travelling, watching movies, reading and photography occupies a large part of my life. I make digital art and design memes when I’m bored and occasionally get punched in the face by religious fundamentalists. For the last few years I’ve been on a mission to keep god out of classrooms.

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Karen Loethen - Read Articles by Karen Loethen

I am a Midwestern American, currently living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I am an openly out joyful atheists with a penchant for science, literature, travel, theater, photography, studying all fields of learning, except for math which gives me hives, reading, blogging, and listening to the secrets of my children while we walk on the beach or cuddle under the blankets. I am an optimist, a lover-not-a-fighter, a person who thinks a bit too much and is a bit too sensitive... I am a homeschooling mum of two children (ages 16 and 12) and the wife of an amazing man. I love sweatpants. I believe in the inherent goodness of all people.

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Carol Engelhaupt - Read Articles by Carol Engelhaupt

I born in Virginia and grew up in Connecticut. landed in Nebraska for several years and am currently residing in Kansas. I was raised, with my three sisters, in a Baptist orphanage and heavily indoctrinated in the Baptist religion. It took many years before I realized that I actually was an atheist trying to fit into a Christian skin. This realization came as a result of many years of private study and college majors of Philosophy/Religion and English. Having labored in various fields throughout my life, raising two children, and helping out with two precious granddaughters, I now find myself happily let loose in the world without any job titles. History, learning, freedoms of thought and expression, and politics are foremost in my interests.

Allie Miller's picture

Allie Miller

I am 18 years old and from a very German town in southern Indiana. I was raised Catholic, but never really could bring myself to believe and have gotten gradually more iconoclastic in recent years. I still go to a Catholic high school because of my parents. I enjoy reading and writing. I want to study history and travel the world. I like to think of myself as a cynical idealist.

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Jurian Janssen - Read Articles by Jurian Janssen

I am an 18-year student living in the Netherlands. I study political science at the University of Nijmegen. I was raised in an agnostic family, but soon discovered that religion was one of the great evils in this world. At that very moment I became an anti-theist. I love writing and debating about religion, politics and morality. I am a big fan of Friedrich Nietzsche, whose work has inspired me in my writing. I also own a small web design company.

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Storme - Read Articles by Storme

I am a college student. Raised by Hindu parents, I began questioning religion from a young age, and first began to identify as an atheist during my teenage years. I enjoy writing, thinking, and debating the existence of a god. My interests include sociology and political science, and on a narrower level, imperialism and nationalism.

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Fanchon Stearns

I live in the beautiful Rocky Mountain US with my beautiful wife and our little kitty. Despite being raised in an Evangelical Christian home, I discovered skepticism at an early age. This lead me to reject religion and mysticism, and embrace secular humanism. I am passionate about social justice, alternative transportation, and burritos.

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Robert Poe - Read Articles by Robert Poe

I revolved around the sun about nineteen times before I told someone that I was an atheist. At the time I was just starting a career as an Electronics Technician. However, after finding the Four Horsemen of Atheism my life would not be the same. It awakened a thirst for what is true and for what is right within me. I have since decided to return to my studies and have become an English major, with the hope of becoming a professor and polemicist.

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Chad St. Onge

I'm from Dalhousie, NB Canada. Being a small town, religion is almost unavoidable. I was a Christian/Catholic for many years, and in my younger years I was very devout. However, as time went on, I began to question a lot of things. I hated being forced to go to church and didn't see a point in it. In my high school years I became an Atheist. When I think about it, I suppose this was partly due to the influence my biology teacher had on me. I took a grade 12 biology class in grade 11 because I loved it so much. I'm a pretty respectful and polite person, but not so much when I hear of religion influencing human rights, government or education. That is something I am strongly against.

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Blake N Ross - Read Articles by Blake N Ross

I am a 31 year old former Catholic. I have lived in Canada most of my life and a couple of years in Asia. I began to doubt my faith at the age 12. I have never self identified as an Atheist, but I accept the label for the sake of functionality. Most of my family, both immediate and extended, no longer regularly attend church services, largely due to the sexual abuse scandals. I am a political junky and I plan to combine that tendency with my commitment to freeing people from blind faith. Religion and politics are often much too closely associated, and I believe this should not be the case; I intend to shine a light on this relationship.

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Alyssa Ahrens - Read Articles by Alyssa Ahrens

I am a 19-year-old female born in a Christian/Catholic family. Raised in a religious town and home, it never occurred to me to question my faith until my late teen years. A passion for science has fueled me towards a goal of learning everything I possibly can about our beautiful world and the intricate laws which balance it. My favorite fields include biology and chemistry. I am currently in school, working toward my goal of a doctorate in Medical Science. With this degree, I hope to research and develop cures for the prevalent diseases and disorders throughout the globe. When not in school, I am a nanny, substitute teacher, and a writer. I also enjoy singing, reading, sketching, volunteering with animals and children, and creative writing.

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Robin Davies

I work in Commercial and Contract Management, including relationship and stakeholder engagement. I have worked on high profile projects in the space, security and defence industries in both the private and public spheres. I hold two degrees in law, a Business and Law Ba and an LLM in International Law. I am unmarried, but I do have a young son. I can be described as a life-long Atheist, for even though I was brought up in a Church of England setting, actual participation has been restricted to major ceremonial society events. I have a keen interest in current affairs and dabble in digital photography in my spare time.

Derrick Casey's picture

Derrick Casey

I was raised in a Christian military family, living all across Canada. I now reside in British Columbia with my amazing wife and two children, where we own and operate a bakery. I considered myself Christian until my late 20's when my wife and I had our children. It was at this time I began questioning myself as to what I valued in the church and religion, and if they were providing what I really desired for myself and my children. After a long period of introspection, I realized I didn't need religion and I no longer believed in the idea of god. I have since discovered a rewarding passion for skepticism, argumentation, and anti-theism.

Mia Adams's picture

Mia Adams

I’m a single parent of 2 great kids and a seasoned commercial artist with over a decade of Graphic Design and Creative Direction expertise. I am an illustrator and a designer, possessing both creative and technical skills in visual communications. I have been an artist all my life, but have only become an Atheist in the last 5 years. I had always considered myself agnostic, and one day I just got off that proverbial fence. I am raising my children to be free-thinkers. I believe in using the internet for good. I see division of people among my own community in means of segregation and phony religious pride, but I come here and find a community of people who believe the best way to create a truly free world is to remove the aspect of the divisions created by man.

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KimBoo York - Read Articles by KimBoo York

I am a professional writer and storyteller living in North Florida, USA. In my mid-40’s, I am employed full time at a local university, while blogging and working on my creative writing pursuits. Both of my parents died when I was in my mid-twenties, and I have been writing about atheist grief/mourning issues since 2010. You can check out my grief blog here.

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Ian Treehugger Dawe's picture

Ian Treehugger Dawe

I was born, and continue to live in Plymouth, England. I am married to Sammie, and we have four great kids between us. I was never a theist, and considered myself an atheist from the age of 12. My parents always encouraged me to think for myself and question everything; something I have always done with my own kids, all of whom are also atheists. I love hard science and have seven science qualifications; I also love reading and watching science fiction. I would classify myself as a secular humanist, environmentalist, ecologist and very left of centre politically.

IanVereth's picture


My name is Ian Verethilo and I consider myself a self-made, free, human being, with morals determined by what I consider correct, and can benefit others. Born in Belarus and raised in Ecuador – half from each country – my life in Ecuador wasn't that easy as I never felt very welcome. People found me different because of my height, skin colour, tastes, the way I talked and expressed my feelings were too different. But as I got older, I learned to be patient and to respect others so they could consider me less of a foreigner and more of a local person with my own ideas. I began questioning my beliefs when I was 14. Since then, I haven't changed my beliefs, which I consider to be the correct statement of life: Atheism.

J D Brucker's picture

J D Brucker - Read Articles by J D Brucker

I’m an atheist author, a secular humanist, and an outspoken anti-theist. I’m also happily married and currently living near Chicago, Illinois. I was raised in a moderate Christian home, which steadily progressed into a fundamentalist household. My experiences have led me down the road of critical thinking, ultimately ending in my atheism. My book “Improbable: Is There Any Reason To Believe In God?” was published by Dangerous Little Books in December of 2013. I enjoy writing on subjects including atheism-related social and cultural issues and the existence of God or gods.

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Aiden Seanachaidh's picture

Aiden Seanachaidh

My employment has involved working with technology most of my adult life, including industrial electronics, programming, networking, page layout and graphic design. I was brought up Catholic by loving parents, but during my early high school years I started to notice the cracks in religious beliefs. In addition to storytelling, I study religion as a hobby, and see where religions had their practical applications during humanity's infancy. I also see where cultures and societies need to begin ridding themselves of the literal belief in myths and fables, while still valuing and recognizing the allegorical truths contained in the fictional tales.

Benjamin Lang's picture

Benjamin Lang - Read Articles by Benjamin Lang

I was raised in a strict Evangelical Christian home in Chicago that incorporated aspects of traditional Judaism (also known as Messianic Judaism). As a teen, my first doubts surrounded the logic of prayer and I became more skeptical as a college undergraduate when I began studying science and the historicity of the Old Testament. A citizen of the world, I have lived overseas for 5 years, exploring places and experiencing diverse cultures. I have worked in start-ups and non-profits and have a Master’s degree in environmental management from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. My interests include travel, the environment, astronomy, movies, sports and my awesome dog Butters.

Dennis Sweatt's picture

Dennis Sweatt

Comic book artist Dennis Sweatt is a self taught artist who teaches drawing basic anatomy in Sonora, California. His web comic Outcast Zero, is in pre-production with a release set for June in paperback. Dennis completed his journey from theistic with overtones of agnosticism to atheism in 2013 while taking a philosophy class at Columbia College in California.

Landon Haynes's picture

Landon Haynes

I grew up in Bible Belt U.S.A. in Middle Tennessee and currently reside in Central America with my wife and two year old daughter. Baptized at 12 out of sheer fear and never deeply religious, the window into my eventual position of unbelief was a passion for both history and science as I went through a quiet, then gradually more active transition. While looking towards a potential career in anthropology upon return to the states, I've been a bilingual teacher, medical clinic translator and have dabbled in music, creating an album, and have been writing since I was very young.

Chatu's picture


Immediately after high school, I strongly started opposing the overwhelming belief that there was any God. I made a sizeable number of foes and fell out with family. I joined secular groups that would accommodate diverse opinions on religion and general life. With the help of a university lecturer, I was able to link up with a few other atheists in Kenya to form a group we called free thinkers. Unfortunately, it did not survive due to hostility and limited resources for meet ups. I have since limited sharing my opinion as an atheist to one-on-one discussions with a few friends.

William B Silk's picture

William B Silk - Read Articles by William B Silk

I’m a Vancouver native who has been an atheist almost my entire life and a skeptic for years. I strongly believe in freedom of religion, freedom from religion and that skepticism and critical thinking should be taught to our children at an early age. I’m an opponent of religion being involved in politics and am honoured to contribute to the Atheist Republic in a variety of ways in order to make the world recognize that atheists are people with hearts who care about humanity. My main hope is to help educate people about science and confront ignorance about atheism.

Abbas Syed's picture

Abbas Syed - Read Articles by Abbas Syed

I was born in and brought up by a practicing Muslim family, by whom I did not really get influenced, because for most of my academic life, I've lived away from my family. I'm philomath, keenly interested in a variety of subjects like philosophy, social psychology, cosmology and evolutionary biology. I'm an introvert. I can elucidate on my viewpoints through writing better than speaking; however, I am not a weak public speaker.

Michael Sherlock's picture

Michael Sherlock - Read Articles by Michael Sherlock

I was born and raised in Sydney Australia, but spent many years in Tasmania. I studied social anthropology and sociology at the University of Tasmania and became fascinated by the myths of our ancient ancestors. This fascination led me to study comparative mythology outside of institutional education, which in turn, led me to investigate the true origins of the Bible. Western society has been built upon this collection of primitive superstition, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, rape, infanticide and other arcane and fictitious atrocities, which has spawned much of the insanity underscoring the west. I have authored and published two books and have two more due out this year (2014).

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Randall Hogan - Read Articles by Randall Hogan

I am a forty­something father, husband, network engineer, programmer, ex-­preacher, skeptic and inexhaustible questioner of everything. Raised in conservative Texas, USA by extremely religious parents, I set out to change the world as a Pentecostal preacher at the age of 16. After twenty years of ministry, I came to realize my closest confident, my best friend, was only a figment of my imagination. After reshaping my worldview through education, logic and reason have become a true source of inspiration and I may, finally, have a story to tell.

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Eduardo Blasina's picture

Eduardo Blasina

I am an agronomist from Montevideo, Uruguay. My main interest is in evolution theory applied inside and outside biology. I have been involved in activism about marijuana legalization, and also support lesbian and gay rights and legalization of abortion – all three approved recently in Uruguay. I am working on my second book and am the publisher of Darwin in River Plate, the Discovery of Evolution which won the National Prize of Literature in Science. I have been a participant of Ted Talks Montevideo and am the owner of Blasina & Asociados consultancy firm and the director of

Mike McGuill's picture

Mike McGuill - Read Articles by Mike McGuill

I'm a Londoner in my thirties, an atheist who was raised Catholic. Religion and atheism have always been subjects close to my heart. Belief, non-belief and their consequences fascinate me. I'm a rationalist, and believe a compassionate, evidence-based approach to our problems is the only way society can progress. In an age when the existence of god is still considered self-evident by many, and where declaring your atheism can have real repercussions, I think it's vital to have strong, united voices to represent the atheist side of the debate, and support those who can't make their own voices heard.

Aylin's picture


I am currently living in Turkey but will soon be moving to America. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology and master’s degree in Biochemistry and would love to get a phD in neuroscience. I love to read about psychology, psychiatry, embryology, endocrinology, evolution, histology, and more that is related to molecular biology. I am also known as a bit of a bookworm. Aside from science, I am in love with Shakespeare, French movies and espresso. I believe if someone enjoys pleasures of all different sorts, they become more free to produce ideas about a better life and world.

Dan Arel's picture

Dan Arel - Read Articles by Dan Arel

I am the author of Parenting Without God, How to Raise Moral, Ethical and Intelligent Children, Free From Religious Dogma. I blog for the Patheos Network under the title Danthropology and I am also a freelance journalist for AlterNet, Salon and The Huffington Post. I am a special correspondent and columnist for American Atheist Magazine and am a former editor and writer for The Richard Dawkins Foundation.

Barb Geringer's picture

Barb Geringer

I was born, raised and am still living in California. I am a mother of three rational children, and “Regular Grandma” to an 8-year-old boy. I once worked the West Coast’s version of Wall Street, but followed my heart into public service – wildland fire management. I tried being various types of Christian for others: Methodist for Mom, Baptist for my ex, Catholic for my friends; but the skepticism that started when I was six kept fighting back. My studies in Environmental Conservation sealed the deal and science won. I love to run on the beach with my doggie and splash in the waves.

Cadmus's picture

Cadmus - Read Articles by Cadmus

Foucault once wrote: "Do not ask who I am and do not ask me to remain the same: leave it to our bureaucrats and our police to see that our papers are in order. At least spare us their morality when we write." Well, according to the bureaucrats, I am a Jordanian of Palestinian descent, in my late twenties (as of 2014), who holds degrees in Science, Engineering, and the Social Sciences, respectively. Let’s leave it at that.

Ellie Harris's picture

Ellie Harris

I am a 39-year-old Alabamian anti-theist. My mother was a secular Southern Baptist, and my father was a Muslim apostate who was ashamed of being an atheist until the day he died. I'm a disabled Veteran of the Iraq War. I love my daughter, sketching, reading, and The Walking Dead.

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Michael Foster - Read Articles by Michael Foster

I was brought up in England in no particular religion; though, in the 1970’s, everyone assumed you were Christian unless you told them otherwise. My exposure to Christianity was limited to school and the scouts. Religion was never discussed at home. My mum gives a vague nod to Christianity at funerals and weddings, and my dad is an atheist. I have been a lifelong atheist. My major axes to grind with religion are pollution of education, and discrimination in the name of religion. I am also in favour of all law being secular. I work in secondary education and see first-hand how a more secular Britain is benefiting children.

Sarah Kimmel's picture

Sarah Kimmel

I am a student, researcher, and published author living in a small town in central Michigan. In my spare time-- that is, when I’m not trying to convert my friends to the world of atheism and independent thought-- I freelance edit. I often spend hours pondering the meaning of life, and how I can possibly fit said meaning into a seventy-word bio. So far, I haven’t figured it out.

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I was born in the Netherlands in 1996. Both of my parents were atheists, but I was indoctrinated into Catholicism at a Catholic school. At age 7 I started to read non-fiction books and became fascinated by the world around me. I always asked my father about evolution and the origin of the universe. When I was 12 I decided to teach myself English. As a result, I was able learn about other countries and cultures. It was a slow process that eventually led me to becoming an atheist.

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I'm Allie Jackson, the CEO of Atheist Republic. I joined Atheist Republic many years ago, seeking other people who shared similar interests as mine. I found a wonderful group of strangers in Atheist Republic, who turned into great friends and now I see them as my family. I wanted to help others who needed to know they weren't alone, and give the world a view into atheism as to squash the stigma of atheism being negative. We are ever growing and constantly thinking of new ways to not only be a platform for atheists to share their thoughts, but to actually help and inspire others. I can be reached always and anytime by email:

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I call myself Dinosatan because I adore dinosaurs and calling myself Satan will hopefully piss off a few fundies. I haven't had a particularly religious upbringing which I'm quite happy about. When I grow up, I wouldn't mind being a writer; I mainly write fiction but I also love to express my passions and opinions through articles. As well as an atheist, I'm also an anti-theist who believes that religion holds back science, causes violence, and makes no sense.

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I'm an agnostic musician, designer, web and game enthusiast from a little town called Vellore, in India. Originally, being raised in the United States, I was exposed to a lot of modern computer science, and programming, which I've made use of from an early age. I'm fluent in Java and C#, but I'm also well versed in PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Python, and C. In my free time, I love hitting the gym, and heading my band as vocalist and guitarist. I'm also working on a 2d platformer game and an android app for project messaging between college students. Hit me up for any project info.

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Ray Spurrill

I am a formerly fundamentalist ex-Pentecostal. I come from a big family, of whom most are still Christian, though some are more liberal. I grew up near Kamloops, British Columbia, but now live in Airdrie Alberta. Growing up, I was always skeptical, but I gave my religion special pleading. I loved science, but was supposed to stay away from evolution and the Big Bang, because I was taught young-earth creationism as fact. Apologetics and pseudoscience couldn’t sate me for long, and I progressed away from faith.

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I'm an English--cognac-drinking-female and the founder of my University's first Atheist society . After refusing to have myself confirmed as a Catholic at age 13, I've embraced the non-believer lifestyle ever since. When getting to University I faced lots of resistance whilst trying to set up a secular society. Eventually, we went public with our tribulations and made it into international news when our Flying Spaghetti Monster poster was banned by student union workers. I am interested in the role religion plays within our supposedly secular educational institutes. I practice my Hitch-slap daily.

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I grew up in Southeast Texas and started getting deeply involved with religion and ministry in various denominations at age 17. Doubts crept in over the next 10-15 years and I eventually found myself attending an extremely liberal Episcopal church in Houston, Texas. It was here that I found the space to explore my doubts that eventually led me to accept that I no longer believed. I now live an enjoyable godless life in the Houston area with my wife and three young boys. I enjoy talking about my adventures in godlessness at

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I am nineteen years old and an inhabitant of the United States. My favorite subject is philosophy, and I can never get enough debate. My friends often comment I do not know when to stop. What I lack in life experience I attempt to make up for in curiosity; I often probe with what could be called socratic questioning to get answers I do not know. I am a strong advocate of critical thinking, no belief should be set in stone. Lastly, I blog and help run the page for an atheist/secular based company called Absence of Clothing.

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Raised secular, at 14 I turned to Christianity looking for direction after my father left. I remained a theist until I turned 30 when an attempt to defend my faith to another Christian showed there was no justification for either of our beliefs. In 2012, I was on the verge of suicide as a result of depression and an undiagnosed anxiety disorder. At the last moment, I challenged my perceptions, applying the skepticism that led me to atheism. Now in therapy, I find hope in helping others navigate through the doubt and confusion that had nearly drowned me.

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I live in Central Arkansas with my young son. I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Arts from the University of Mississippi, and am currently working towards a Master’s of Arts in Professional Writing/Communications through New England College. I am an unpublished writer who is obsessed with acquiring new knowledge. I grew up as a southern, devout (Pentecostal) Christian, who experienced enlightenment shortly after I entered University. For over ten years, I have endeavored to understand the Universe as the source of all life. Visit my blog

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Krystal L. Perez

I am a wife and mother of one. I was raised in a Christian family and attended church regularly until I was in my early teens. As a teenager I started questioning the truth of what I had been taught. I eventually came to the conclusion that Christianity, and religion in general, were not the truth. Leaving religion was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. I now run an atheist page on Facebook called An Atheist and a Good Person and recently started a secular charity called Humble Hands of Humanity to help the homeless.

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Amanda Bertelsen

I'm a southwest Virginian, born into a Methodist family. I was a practicing, non Bible reading Christian for 21 years, until I met my future husband who asked me questions I had not considered. Since then I’ve had an obsession with learning about religion and religious debate. I'm majoring in Psychology, and when I'm not obsessed with my studies, I am taking care of my son and working as a veterinary technician. My goal at Atheist Republic, is to expose fallacies of the bible, teach people how to make valid arguments against theists, and connect with other atheists.

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Dorian Wallace

I am a composer and pianist in New York City. I perform regularly with TENTH INTERVENTION, a new music consortium. Raised in the United Methodist Church in Ohio, I became an Atheist after reading the Bible at age 13. Much of my music is politically and spiritually driven. You can listen to it at my website.

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Alberto Lopez

I am a thinker and writer from Mexico. Educated as a catholic, I’ve witnessed the capacity of religion to corrupt and control though the violation of logical thinking; for me, the idea of a god is nothing but the mere remnants of a past when humanity feared its own capacity to answer life’s questions. Passionate about sports and science, I’m dedicating my life to change Gnostic influence in my country’s unfair social conditions and sexual education.

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David Brookman

I was born in NSW, Australia. My parents were not religious, but public schools had compulsory religious sessions, and I also attended various Sunday Schools. I became fascinated with science at an early age. At about 11, I began to notice inconsistencies between the Bible and reality. After asking my school religious instructor my questions, I was thrown out of religious education, my questions never answered. After highschool, I got into medicine and was disappointed to find an absence of application of scientific method in the practice of medicine. I have since become a sometimes tiresome advocate for Evidence-Based Medicine.

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I live just beyond the reaches of Philadelphia, PA with my beautiful wife and cool son, where we attend the oldest Mennonite church in the country. I believe that non-believers can and must have a positive voice in religious dialogues. When I'm not contemplating religion and faith, I write and tell stories and post long-winded reviews of picture books.

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Jessy Bissal

I am a 24 year-old Armenian Lebanese currently living in Lebanon. I earned my BA in English Literature, and Minor in Creative Writing, both with Distinction, from the American University of Beirut (2010). I then went on to earn my MA, also in English Literature, and also from the American University of Beirut (2013). At present, I am a University Instructor, teaching English at various institutions in Lebanon and publishing my own poetry on the side.

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Karam Aliraqi

I was born and raised in Iraq, the 7th most religious country according to a 2012 Gallup International Report. I was never religious, reading the Old Testament at home and Quran at school was a lot like watching 300, and practically, I was an atheist at age 15. God’s existence was never an issue to struggle with, what mattered to me were the things he was causing. Then med school came and helped me to be very decisive. That’s when I decided to take part in this community and participate in making little big changes in the world.

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I was born in Syria in a Muslim family. When I was young, monotheism in Islam was very ridiculous to me, and that’s what made other religions seems better at that time, but that faded gradually. I think that the world should learn from the Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese crisis and what the religions and its sects do to Humanity. “Tigers kill only for food but we butcher one another on account of something that we know nothing about!” -Voltaire.

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I was born to a strict evangelical minister, so for the first 18 years of my life I was immersed in extreme Christianity, but religion was never a good fit for me. When I left home I left the church and, after some brief experiments with other religions, left religion all together and became a non-theist. I have been an English professor, a newspaper editor, an IT manager, a retail salesperson, and even a chimney sweep. Now, I am retired and free to pursue my own interests.

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Jack Fripp

Raised catholic, I ended up a humanist, skeptic and tenacious contrarian. I enjoy reading and finding out about all kind of ludicrous beliefs, from pseudoscience to the strangest of superstitions. The nature, development and implications of the type of thinking that comes with them is what concerns me the most. For me, irrationality and lousy logic are the problem, gods are just the biggest exponents of it. I am also deeply interested in the origins and relationship between law, morals and religion.

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I am an independent author of atheist children’s books. My works include “It Is Ok To Be A Godless Me”, “I’m A Little Thinker”, and “I’m An Atheist And That’s OK. I have also released an autobiography, “An Awakening: The Day I Realized the Footprints in the Sand Were My Own”, chronicling my struggles and path to atheism. For more information, please check out my website.

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Howie Watts

I’m a 22 year old man (boy) who dwells within a little village in the East of England. Unfortunately I attended a Christian primary school & an evangelical youth group when in my teens, though I only went there for the chocolate. I’m a member of the British Humanist Association and continue to support all of their marvellous work. In my down time I play computer games and wish to get into writing at some point as well. I’m learning Spanish as I furiously desire to know more than one language. Remember, my loves, have fun!

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I am a young a Computer Science student from the silicon valley of India, a.k.a the city of Bangalore. However, I was raised in a small town called Jammu, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, a highly disputed territory between India and Pakistan. I am a wanderlust who could literally travel all my life, and a foodie who can eat everything edible in this world. I became an atheist as result of my parents' divorce when I was 12, and have been a freethinker ever since.

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Growing up, I didn’t realize religion really existed. In my hometown, talking about religion made people uncomfortable, so my agnostic family never mentioned it. I only learned about Christianity in history class, alongside Greek mythology. In this very secular environment I grew up an atheist without even knowing the term. Now, I’m running Charity Science where I look at the scientific evidence and find charities that are proven to work. I then spread the idea of evidence-based altruism because I want atheists’ legacy to be that not only can we do good without god, we can do better.

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Rogelio Perez

I was born catholic, and began to question my faith at the age of 17. The following year, to my parents’ astonishment, I was out of church for good. The women I married were and still are believers, so my kids were baptized but they are no longer believers or practitioners of any faith. My goal is to spread around the notion that the Catholic Church, a power in my country of Mexico, has done more damage than good over the centuries, and also to question catholic people about the value of their beliefs.

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I am a middle-aged, gay brotha who rocks it west coast style: smoking tree with the homies and listening to ol' skool gangsta rap. Humans are annoying, so I prefer other animal species (I have a six-year friendship with a northwestern crow). I credit the illustrations of my childhood catechism reader for my obsession with Middle Eastern brown bois; I tend to eroticize religious fanatics - Osama was da bomb!

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Christopher Wimer

My goal is to have a positive impact on the world by getting people to think in new and creative ways. I’m a video game designer, science fiction writer, and editor currently living in Washington state. I was raised catholic but now consider myself an atheist. My transition was a long one taking more than a decade to move from theism to deism to agnosticism and finally to atheism. I think it’s a natural progression that everyone is capable of, as long as you don’t stop asking questions. The moment you become satisfied intellectually, you stop progressing.

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Raised Lutheran and terrified as a child by “God’s” genocidal tendencies but was too afraid to speak up. Started asking the wrong questions and had the smack put down on me. Disliked church as mind-numbing brainwashing and drone programming. Disliked the phony people avoiding hell. Got roped into neopaganism by friends but figured out that all prayer was a complete waste of time. Mom, computer nerd, brown belt, rock climber, musician (bass and clarinet, may even sing sometimes), retired belly dancer, swing dancer, polyglot, and something of a seamstress. Love Europe, science, 50’s fashion and classic cars.

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I'm a self-educated, nonconformist atheist with an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for innovation. I went from believing in a god to believing in "the universe" to believing in myself. I started my first business when I was 16 and I never had a "real job" since. I currently run a technology company in Hollywood, CA where we aim to break the social stigmas of secular morality.

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Raised in a very large religious family in Sacramento, I found myself the black sheep of the family, questioning the “truth” as many Jehovah’s Witnesses have come to call it. I love science and philosophy, but mostly, I love discussing religion. I have been an atheist for 8 years and teach my daughter the real truths to give her a foundation to have when she is on her own. I have made it my mission to transfer the training I was given as a JW to combat the lies perpetrated by the billions at odds with us. Check out my personal blog!

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Basement Cat

I am a Jordanian of Palestinian “descent,” currently working on my BA. It wasn’t enough that I had to be forced into a religious Islamic upbringing, and even wore hijab for years, but I had to grow to be everything society absolutely detested. Now, I do my best as an activist for freedom of belief, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and enlightening Arab societies through encouraging intellectualism and fostering a new generation of readers. I dream of a day when I will not only have the freedom to (not) believe, but also the freedom to fully express my ideas.

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I am a Risk Management and Insurance student from Syria. I am an ex-Muslim; interested in philosophy, societal and psychological matters and trying to do my part in the enlightenment movement in the Arab countries. I am an advocate for a secular state, and for women’s rights. I love everybody, and all humans are my brothers and my sisters.

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Adnan Arnautović

I am a 17-year-old from Bosnia & Herzegovina who grew up in a Muslim family. I never truly believed in anything my mother made me recite almost every night before I went to sleep so I stayed a militant, agnostic atheist and I am proud of it. I am obsessed with anything about computers, from programming and web development, up to design in Photoshop and Illustrator and video gaming. I also love riding my bike and debating for non-believers and skeptics.

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My name means desire...and my most fervent desire is to see a world devoid of religion and superstition. Together we can bring the light of reason, science and humanity to the world. Growing up, I never understood religion and my questions could not be answered satisfactorily by anyone. As I got older, I learned that there is nothing called “Devil” or “God,” just ordinary people who had the choice of doing good or bad.

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Ahmad Y.H. - Read Articles by Ahmad Y.H.

I am a commercial pilot, guitarist, and a thinker for myself. I also love astronomy, arts, and gaming. I grew up in a Muslim Arab country and was raised a Muslim, but no longer identify as one. Sometimes I wish I had not told anyone here this because of the amount of hate received as a result. People here are not ready for atheism, I used to be deeply religious, I even had people convert to Islam (yes). The more you know about Islam, the more you realize it's man-made, nothing special about it.

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Christin Hughes

I grew up in a very religious family, and was never given the opportunity to think for myself. When I realized everything I had been taught to believe was fiction, I quickly immersed myself in atheist culture, and thought-provoking topics on religion and science. My main objective in life has been to raise awareness in others by challenging their views on religion. I believe that science holds the key to all of the worlds greatest questions. All we have to do, is give it time to answer them.

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Jenny Blundell

I'm a wife to a handsome atheist husband, and new mom to an adorable baby boy, currently residing in Dallas, Texas. Before I had my son, it was not as important to be open about my atheism. But now that I'm a parent, I don't want my child raised around all of the disturbing concepts (original sin, human sacrifice, hell, etc..) that I grew up with attending Baptist churches as a child. So far, so good. I am loving life as an open atheist, and have been really enjoying building a secular community for my son to grow up in.

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Rob Hzz

I was raised Catholic in the Midwest, USA, and attended parochial school as a child. From early on I questioned why things didn't happen when I prayed for them. I was told to "turn the other cheek" and "forgive" although I was not given the same treatment by the hierarchy of the school, or even my own parents. I found the same things with the rest of society and it made me into the nonbeliever I am today. I find religion promotes inequality and injustice, neither of which should have a place in any environment.

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I was born in a log cabin in Kentucky … oh wait that was somebody else. I was born in Pittsburgh,PA and raised in a small coal mining town south of there where I was somewhat of a prodigy. I’m the reason that my school district implemented a “gifted” program because my parents were so relentless. We weren’t rich, but we were happy. Graduating high school at the age of 16 and college at 19, I took on the world until a car accident in 1989 disabled me. I have physical and psychological problems, all of which I’ll talk about.

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Matthew Hofferek - Read Articles by Matthew Hofferek

I’m a writer from South Texas. I officially declared atheism nearly two years ago. I began studying the arguments and started contributing recently. I've been writing for four years. After discovering Christopher Hitchens, I married my love for writing with my skeptical convictions. I spent my time in the military as a Navy Corpsman and have employed the discipline and tragedy of experiences I gained there to strengthen my work. I chiefly write fiction and short fiction, but have fed my interest in the essay form. I insist on the reader to award me their perspective on the question.

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Cory Markum - Read Articles by Cory Markum

I grew up in a typical non-denominational Christian home in Illinois and now live in Philadelphia with my three-legged puggle, Darwin. Around my mid-teens, for innumerable reasons, I began to question many of the things that I had taken for granted, including “God.” I soon became interested in philosophy and religion and went on to graduate from Bradley University with a Philosophy and Religious Studies. Currently I’m a co-host for a new podcast (“Hinge”) that’s in development about an atheist (me!) and a pastor exploring the life and teachings of the historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth. I also regularly participate in debates about, and give lectures on, issues pertaining to moral philosophy and the philosophy of religion.

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Tim Mudie

When in 1972 our leader HWA announced that this was the year of the second-coming and we were to prepare ourselves to be whisked off to Petra and salvation I packed a bag. I was 8. After this failed to materialise, all the bullshit seemed open to question and I was well on the road to becoming a devout, card-carrying atheist. I am an artist and musician, with interests in languages, photography, history and German electro/industrial music. Currently living in India, born in Australia, and raised in London, I lived for many years in Germany. I am married with a 9 year old daughter.

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Born and raised in Lebanon, I have witnessed the worst that can come out of religion. Despite what believers say, I have always felt religion is capable of destroying people inside out. Belief teaches people that they are useless and weak, so my job as a journalist is to shed light on what we believe, and maybe reach the world of our dreams, a world without religion.

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Charlie Révèrénd

I was a poor wretch who was baptized and confirmed in the catholic faith, until I met the wealth offered by the scientific method, in which I base my existence. Now I am just a wretch. I also enjoy long walks on the beach with my dog, and when I grow up, I want to be a Golden Dragon. PS: I like women too, a tad more than I should.

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Toni StAntoine - Read Articles by Toni StAntoine

I am a 24-year-old atheist who takes my lack of religion very seriously. I try to take a psychology point-of-view when studying the influence of religion on people considering I am getting back into Penn State for Psychology then a doctorate in Psychiatry. I love to have discussions about subjects that will make me think. I'm fascinated with science and also love to have intelligent discussions about it. My family are all Christian so I am the only atheist in my family, but that doesn't stop me from voicing my concerns and distaste for religion.

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Carolyn Hyppolite - Read Articles by Carolyn Hyppolite

I was born in Haiti, where both Catholicism and Voodoo are simultaneously held as metaphysical realities by the majority. My Path to Atheism, shared in my recently published book, Still Small Voices: The Testimony of a Born Again Atheist, is a two-decade roller roaster in which my natural skepticism warred against my upbringing as well as a powerful spiritual experience. The only other important thing to know about me is that I love animals and I am passionate about the right to be free and to their habitat. I live in Toronto, ON with my cats, Sassi and Pepper.

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Vedant Vohra - Read Articles by Vedant Vohra

I would like to think of myself as a young renegade of the human race. The Homo Economicus in me breeds a certain rationality in thinking. I write a blog at I have a penchant for writing absolutely anything.

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Bob Dempsey - Read Articles by Bob Dempsey

I was born in New Jersey and raised in a moderate Catholic family. I recently moved to Florida to pursue a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from The University of Central Florida. I’ve always been a skeptical freethinker with an interest in learning. I have become absorbed in cognitive bias, illogical thought patterns, Philosophy and the Sciences. I enjoy getting people to think, challenge their beliefs, and educate themselves. You can find my personal blog here.

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Manithan - Read Articles by Manithan

I am a software engineer from India. My brain was constantly whirring with thoughts, and when I wanted to quiet it down, I started writing. Now, writing has become an addiction and my satire articles are being published in an Indian satire website almost every day. Whenever I am traveling or can’t sleep, I think a lot about the purpose of everything in the universe (which includes me). As a non-believer, I believe that I will learn a lot out of writing for AR; maybe even more than what readers of my blogs would learn from it.

Shoaib Zafar's picture

Shoaib Zafar

I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Belonging to a religiously strict family didn't leave any options for me to dream about my life independently. Since my childhood, I've been forced to submit to Islam. But thanks to my critical and rational thinking, I couldn't stop noticing all the flaws my religion had in its own fundamentals. Annoyed by my criticism, my family didn't waste any time to outcast me. Since then, I am mostly into Science & Rationality. But I’m no computer nerd or book worm. When it comes to interests, people know me as "a jack of all trades."

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Dave Thompson - Read Articles by Dave Thompson

Science helped free me from the faith virus at age 11. That was 39 years ago, and I’ve gone from a kid with fewer friends than I’d have had if I did the church thing, to an arch-atheist who is well-regarded by most religious people I come into contact with. It is possible to be ‘militant’ and not be an ass about it. I work full-time, attend college full-time, and try to fit secular, open-source, and progressive political advocacy into the mix as much as possible.

Mohammad Hamayel's picture

Mohammad Hamayel

I was born in the USA and raised in the Middle East by my conservative Muslim family. As I got older, I became much more curious, asking more and more questions that the clerics couldn't answer. My growing interest in science was fed by answers to the questions that religion couldn't deliver. That was 7 years ago, I have been an atheist ever since.

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Michael Leamy - Read Articles by Michael Leamy

There isn't a lot to say. I work to pay for my life, and I write to make it worth paying for. I am profoundly Canadian. I am the author of The Atheist Bible, and I can be found at My most pithy moments of doorstep wisdom are recorded on Twitter.

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Sheri St Amour

I’m a married, unorganized, atheist, perfectionist mom of 3 teenagers with Obsessive Compulsive Grammar Disorder (grammar nazi!). This means that my life is in a constant state of chaos disturbed by periods of extreme chaos. My educational background is guessed it...English, but my work experience is in banking. Go figure. That was a pun. I’m looking forward to spreading the reasonable, logical word of the atheist who cares.

Brandon Porter's picture

Brandon Porter

I'm a geoscientist, father-to-be, and animal lover. I was raised Presbyterian and became an atheist before I ever heard or understood the word’s meaning. I now consider myself an anti-theist humanist and speak out against religious harms on The Anti-Theist. I love nature, helping others, and extreme sports. My close friends often call me Captain Planet. Also, I'm a gamer, geek, and I watch TED talks religiously : )

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Glen Carrigan - Read Articles by Glen Carrigan

Hi I’m Glen, and I grew up with Star Trek and Queen as the religions in my life. I’m currently a Neuropsychology Researcher and Senior Research Assistant in Clinical Practice at The University of Central Lancashire, UK. I'm a humanist, public speaker (science and satire mostly), youth mentor, ex-soldier, and social and political activist with an interest in all things related to skepticism, equality, education, and politics – oh and brains ... BRAINS! I'm also the founder of Project Science and Reason, and The Atheist, Humanist, and Secular Society at UCLan.

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Tish Foust

I am employed as an archaeological illustrator and am a volunteer web developer. I have been a webmaster, technology specialist, book designer, mechanical drafter, technical illustrator, welder, soil scientist and fine artist. I live in the Southwest US and am drawn to deserts and empty desolate places. I like learning new skills and being self-sufficient. I love how web development always challenges you. I grew up in a Baptist family, but never really bought into it. I saw how it was used to control and people and justify immoral behavior.

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Some Heathen - Read Articles by Some Heathen

I am a 23-year-old Argentinian free thinker. In spite of living in a predominantly catholic country, I was raised an evangelical christian. After a long process that started in my mid-teens, I have come to the conclusion that it is highly unlikely that any deity exists, and that, even if it does, it has not manifested itself to humanity in any way. My intention is to help other people who are going through the same process realize how precious our life is in and by itself.

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Derek Mathias - Read Articles by Derek Mathias

I was born in Chile and grew up all over the world. I've worked in a wide range of fields, including infantry paratrooper, Galapagos Islands naturalist/guide, graphic designer, website developer, computer applications instructor, Thai boxing assistant instructor, embossed metal artist, novelist and screenwriter. (Google my name for details.) After exposure to so many different religions, I inevitably came to the conclusion that they're all just human inventions. I strongly resent their attempts to impose their belief systems on society and especially on science. My degree is in evolution, I informally debate creationists, and I create anti-theism videos on YouTube.

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Jessica Gray - Read Articles by Jessica Gray

I am a writer and mother of two boys living in North Carolina. I run a website for modern, moderate, thinking people called I love learning about and discussing humanism, culture and society and my site is a place for just that.

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Tamber Lee - Read Articles by Tamber Lee

I am a student of Anthropology and Writing at Oregon State University. I am the father of two children, a boy and girl (born on the same day two years apart) and a devoted husband. My hobbies include reading, debating, writing, playing music, and the sciences. I have a love affair with metal music and Montana, where I was born and still live. I became an atheist over three years ago after I became a Mormon apostate at a young age, researched all religions extensively, and spent three years a Nordic Pagan. Tamber used to blog under the name Travis.

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Fiona O' Toole

I am an editor/proofreader and web designer. Raised by a Spiritualist mother and Roman Catholic father, I have always questioned the existence of God and got into more than a little trouble with the nuns and priests while growing up. After experimenting with several other religions as an adult, I embraced atheism fully and completely when my mother died in 2003, and never looked back. When I’m not editing something, I can be found haunting cemeteries and graveyards photographing all the cool, old stones; cuddling with my dogs and cats; or aiding animal groups (especially pitbull rescues).

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Hustino Dagalea

I am an aspiring entrepreneur and a comic book fanatic. My hobbies include reading comic books and graphic novels, playing video games, and discussing religion with my theistic classmates. I was raised by conservative Catholic parents but was also trained by them to reason logically and find answers for every question that I have.

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Sherif Hassanien

I am a Masters of Medical Science student, and former researcher in the fields of chemistry and biology. I am from an area just outside Detroit and have lived here all my life. I have studied many religions in my time in university. My personal religion was Islam, but I stopped practicing several years ago and became an Atheist. I believe science/critical­thinking can tell us how the world works and give us purpose in our universe. Encouraging scientific literacy will make the world far more non­religious, and will benefit all of us in the end.

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Dan Drier - Read Articles by Dan Drier

I live with my wife and two small daughters just outside Seattle in a quiet little valley at the base of a big volcano. I spent the first twenty years of my life as a Northern Baptist. Then I was exposed to reason and accountability. The last twenty years have seen me actively not being a Northern Baptist.

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David Erik Finn

I am a recovering attorney concerned with human rights, how society has wasted its time with religiosity, and the size of my penis. I am writing a screenplay about the absurdities of attempting to cure homosexuality through Christian faith seminars, I actually pretended that to be gay attending such a conference to get the inside scoop. Though I was hoping to get a ton of humorous information, I actually left the event feeling badly for all the earnest attendees who seemed to believe that something was wrong with themselves for being afflicted with same­sex addiction. I wrote the comedy anyway; crowd­funding underway.

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Kevin Jackson - Read Articles by Kevin Jackson

After being raised by a Christian family, spending five years in a fundamentalist Bible College and another five years as an ordained youth minister, I am now a proud atheist after allowing myself to become a reasonable and freethinking individual. I am the proud gay father of a beautiful four year old little girl. When I’m not working my day job as a project coordinator, I spend time reading and writing. I also have a passion to stay informed of current events as they relate to American and international politics and religious oppression around the world. I reside in Raleigh North Carolina.

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Todd KS - Read Articles by Todd KS

I’m not exactly sure where the buckle of the Bible belt is, but I’d bet it’s within a stone’s throw from my hometown. My two beautiful children keep me on my toes and keep me laughing. I enjoy gaming and watching movies, preferably while eating buffalo chicken. I also enjoy doing video and machinima projects as well as composing an occasional profanity-laden haiku. After nearly 20 years as a Christian, atheism has been very liberating for me in all areas of life. The view is infinitely more beautiful from here.

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Tayson Peeters - Read Articles by Tayson Peeters

I grew up in Belgium, Willebroek, in a Catholic family. At the age of 15 I started questioning the catholic church and eventually, as the years passed by and I learned more of what religion was all about, got more insight in politics and passion about science, I became an atheist. I challenged my family to be sceptical and to question everything. I was successful with that. My goal in life is to approach as much people as possible and challenge them in a respectful way to think for themselves and question everything they think to know.

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Greg Sandoval

I studied Information Technology and currently reside in California, USA. I am husband to a loving wife and father to a wonderful girl. I am also an avid powerlifter and in my spare time I love to read, especially anything that is educational or related to science. I believe that science and reason are the engines that can move our society further than we can ever dream and as such strongly advocate both. I was once a Roman Catholic, but after much research and contemplation, I have left it behind and now embrace a life of atheism.

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Neil Brown - Read Articles by Neil Brown

I am a fiction writer but the continuing atrocities committed in the name of god have instilled within me a desire to speak out against religion, to vehemently condemn the ludicrousness of its teachings and the inherent evil at its core. I am a life­long atheist, born in England but now living in Japan with my beautiful wife and daughter, a temperamental computer, and a morbid fear of carrots. I once sneezed an M&M through my nose and caused a donkey to faint in Costa Rica. You can also check out my website at

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Zubin Madon - Read Articles by Zubin Madon

Engineer, Humanist, Oil Field Trash... and a bunch of things in between. When not drilling high pressure gas wells in one of the most challenging offshore zones in the world, you can find me halfway up a Himalayan cliff, grappling at a dojo in Tokyo or buying Bonsai trees in a remote Chinese province.

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Micah Amd - Read Articles by Micah Amd

I am an experimental psychologist by trade, and a neurotherapist on the side. My experience as both, along with a colourful life, has demonstrated to me with conviction the abstractions we believe as real to be the most fascinating and worrying aspect of human cognition. I grew up a muslim, a junkie, a boxer, and a bassist, all habits discarded over the better part of a decade, although I still attempt the bass when I can. Atheism is freedom incarnate, if only to realize those divine shackles holding us were never there.

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Jarred Dennel - Read Articles by Jarred Dennel

I live in Canada. I love science, and nature. I am a former Catholic Christian, and became an Atheist not so long ago. I am growing up in a religious household, not too religious, but enough to be sent to a Catholic school. One day, in religion class, I was told that homosexuals are sinners. I then was honest with myself, and decided not to worship a homophobic god. I called myself an agnostic. But then I figured out that a god doesn’t fit into a scientific worldview, like the one I have. Now I call myself an Atheist.

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Let It Be

I am a Brazilian translator living in the US since 1984. I was brought up in a Catholic-Atheist household. My father was a staunch Atheist who almost foamed in the mouth when heard anything about religion. Therefore, I never ever believed the precepts of the religion. To me, they were all stories. I never had a ha-ha moment, one day I simply realized that I was an Atheist. A happy Atheist.

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Kevin Bumgartner

I am a believer in anything that can be justified with both reason and evidence. Those things that can't, I don't believe in. I love science, and I work in the field of scientific research, trying to learn more about how the world works. It can be seen logically that if a person says (at least weekly) that “faith” (a belief in something evidence or reason suggests isn't true) is a virtue, that person is necessarily less able to think rationally. This is the threat I'd like to counter by encouraging more atheist literature. I'm a researcher for Atheist Republic.

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Erasmo Vázquez

I’m a Mexican translator whom constantly spends his time pondering about the past, present, and future, not always in that order. I was a potential atheist at the age of 7 by seeing how the world was like outside the veil of religion, an official atheist at the age of 18. I am fluent both in English and Spanish, I’m learning Japanese too. Among the things I love to do are: playing video games, reading, writing, translating, and eating hamburgers.

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Elisabeth Mathes

I was born in Austria and moved to Canada with my husband and our three kids about two years ago. I’ve always been an atheist, but I once believed in the weirdest things like astrology, esoteric, alternative medicine, extraterrestrials and their space ships and some odd conspiracy theories. Then, 3 years ago I started to question my entire worldview with the result, that no single piece of my beliefs could withstand scrutiny and I finally turned into a sceptical, critical thinking person who loves science and reason. For about one year I’ve especially been interested in the psychological motives for faith.

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Payam Habibi

I was born in a muslim family in Iran in 1987. Because my parents were (and are) really strict about Islam, I believed in Islam till I was 18. At that time I found some irreligious friends. After we started to hang out and talk with each other, I became doubtful about Islam and at the age of 19 I wasn’t muslim anymore but I still believed in God. After three years I gradually started to read some forbidden books about the existence of God and after less than one year I become an atheist. Now I’m a master’s student in the U.S.

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Kevin Davis - Read Articles by Kevin Davis

I'm a Constitutional Law enthusiast, church/state separation advocate, blogger, author of Understanding an Atheist, and co­-founder of Young Skeptics, an after school club for kids focused on critical thinking, serving as an alternative to the fundamentalist evangelical Christian Good News Club. None of that comes anywhere close to paying the bills, so I also work from home as a project manager in the adult learning field. When I'm not stirring up trouble with those who attempt to insert their religion into the public square, I'm hanging out with my family, traveling, or doing something sports­ related.

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Morpheas - Read Articles by Morpheas

I was born in a predominantly Christian country, where religion is a major aspect of many people's lives, childhood indoctrination is a given, and atheists are scarce and mostly without a voice. I love computers and technology, I find religion extremely interesting, and like to debate. My big passion is graphics cards and gaming pc's. I think I was always a skeptic, and I would really like to see all of humanity reach an age of logic and reason and get rid of its superstitions and unreasonable ideas that do not cause any positive change.

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Noah Zukowski

Born and raised in Portsmouth, VA September 25th, 1996, I have spent my entire life in the Bible Belt with my motley family of progressive Catholics. Currently studying at my local community college to enter the world of politics, I am also a published author, TCG player, comic enthusiast, and aspiring rapper. My favorite classes are History, Favorite band is the Beatles, and my favorite movie is the Brave Little Toaster.

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Andrew McArthur - Read Articles by Andrew McArthur

Hi folks, Andrew McArthur here. As a musician and writer, I’m not usually without something to say. I am also incredibly fortunate to be among the few who’s right to speak remains sacrosanct. I believe those of us who can speak out, have an obligation to those who cannot. The dogma of faith; the father of lies is an anathema to reason. The faithful are marching, endlessly marching toward the fires of superstition and fear. Extremist views scream loud. What shall our answer be?

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Arpan Ahuja

I am a supply chain consultant based in Bangalore and my favorite hobby is just sitting around, a beer in my hand, thinking about random things. I was raised in a middle class family which wasn’t very religious about anything including religion. At 16, I started calling myself an atheist but I guess I was an atheist even before that. I am always on lookout for new friends and love to debate with each and every one of them. I love to spread the good word of logic and reason and try to live by it.

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Bernardo Aguilar

Graduate musician from Mexico City, engineering dropout, soccer theory virtuoso, regular Raised in a free thinking family, although carried on with several social catholic traditions for many years. Many people I liked, from junior high school teachers to David Lynch, were atheists, so I began to read about it, and have been an atheist buddhist for the last few years. Was kicked out from an otherwise cool music university for not teaching under Scientology. Can be seen strolling around Aragón lake (with his dog Tobias) or in small nice coffee shops and live rock whisky bars while not playing or teaching.

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Dorian Severin-Eudes

I'm 23, and a student for a Master Degree in Sociology Anthropology. I am currently following my curriculum as a distance student. I use my free time to better myself as a lifelong project, and I work part time menial jobs for daily spending and savings. I am involved in many things, it seems that in fact, I haven't so much time that is, actually, free. But there is still room for the AR, and I’m happy to contribute in the building of a secular space for all.

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I am a mechanical engineering student from Bangladesh. I love mathematics, ancient greek philosophy & Zeus! I was born in Chittagong, a mountainous city facing the Bay of Bengal. After studying over six religions, at the age of 20 I have become an Atheist. I'm also a blogger, anarchist & roadside philosopher! I want to establish a religion-free, borderless, unified earth in my lifetime.

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Brianna Keller

I am a creative and outspoken American. I have a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing and have been writing since I understood how to string some words together. Grammar/editing, music, books/reading, art history, and New York City are some of my favorite things. Atheism was natural for me and I have an atheist symbol tattooed behind my left ear. As a new mom, I spend most of my time with my daughter.

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Birdwell Brown - Read Articles by Birdwell Brown

Birdwell Brown is an atheist and human rights activist somewhere in the South.

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Ammar Anwer - Read Articles by Ammar Anwer

I am 16 and come from a religious family following the most orthodox sect of Islam. Growing up in a religious family and in such an environment where a person cannot say a single word against a sect, let alone Islam, is really a struggle I have put up with. But as they say, you cannot silence the thoughts, you can silence a man, but his thoughts live forever, inspire the masses and they cannot be silenced through absurd accusations of blasphemy, sword and fear. Here I am today, writing for you guys, though I don't know I might be the next person to get killed because of my beliefs and writings.

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Adrijan Hristovski

I am a student who likes to read, translate, workout ,debate and play guitar. I am an objective person who’s always happy to meet new people and hear new ideas regarding pretty much anything. I have been an atheist for as long as I can remember and I am interested in helping the community in any way I can, whether by sharing my views, offering support or simply conversing.

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Alex Forman

An autobiography you say? Well then, let me tell you all about myself. I was raised in Texas, which is, as you would have guessed, full of hicks and bigots. I myself am neither. I’ve been told that I have a dark world view. I listen to metal mostly, and I love the German language. I haven’t learned it, but I love it. I write poetry and short stories, but poetry is definitely my favorite of the two. I have a blog, at dedicated to it. Hail Helix.

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Andrew Cortese

I'm a software engineer, mathematician, musician, gamer, fitness enthusiast, and epic nerd. I was born in Albany, New York and have lived there for 24 years (quite literally forever from my perspective). I was raised Catholic, but always questioned it, and experienced a swift evolution to strong atheism in my teens. I’m currently pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science at SUNY Albany, but my loyalty to that field is often tested by my love of philosophy and natural science. In my free time I exercise, compose music, play RPGs, and annoy my friends with political rants.

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Aniruddh Nadimpalli

I won’t call myself a writer or an author nor would I be able to claim writing as a profession. I am just another person who loves expressing himself through words. I love music and reading books. The one thing I cannot live without is a cup of coffee every day. I like rational and practical thinking and things that don’t fall in that category don’t appeal to me.

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Dejan Savić - Read Articles by Dejan Savić

I was born and grew up in the communist country of Yugoslavia, on the crossroads between the East and the West, between different cultures, and religions; in a time where once godless politicians fought to prove how spiritual and devout they were.
I love reading, nature, and science. I take online courses for fun.

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GodlessGal - Read Articles by GodlessGal

Hello! This GodlessGal is from Florida. I have been an educator for over 10 years & have degrees in Political Science, History & Education. My path to Atheism began at a Catholic school, where I worked for over 8 years. I thought that job would bring me closer to God, instead the knowledge I accumulated & the behavior of the devout detoured me to atheism. My goal as part of AR is to challenge people to think critically, be reflective about their ideas and receptive in a respectful way to those of others, no matter how crazy they might be!

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Francesca Deperis

I’m a self-employed biologist from Trieste, Italy. Raised a nominal Catholic, after years of barely going to church, I read Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene. It finally all made sense! I’m amazed at how people disregard rationality in their daily lives. I especially dislike the doctrine that suffering is good for you, and Catholics with guitars joyfully singing about it. I’m interested in evolution, evolutionary psychology, neurolinguistics, and science in general. I’m married to a nominal Catholic and we have a five-year-old agnostic daughter, and three cats who think THEY are God.

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Hugh Harris - Read Articles by Hugh Harris

I am an Australian architect, avid Melbourne Victory soccer fan, and part time writer. I fill in my late night hours tending to screaming kids and writing for Atheist Republic and on my blog: The Rational Razor. I write articles and essays on atheism from a Philosophical and Evidentialist perspective. Passionate in my support for the new atheism movement, I hope to add an Aussie accent to the calling out and curbing of unhelpful and discriminatory religious influence in secular society.

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Katya Mogilevsky

I'm a soldier in the Israeli Air Force, and in my spare time - a dedicated procrastinator and video-gamer. I was lucky to be born and raised in an atheist family, and joined the Atheist republic to help spread the good word of Atheism and free thinking.

Lisa Petty's picture

Lisa Petty - Read Articles by Lisa Petty

I am a former stand-up comedian who decided I would rather just write funny stuff than deal with drunk people touching me after shows. When I am not cracking inappropriate jokes on my blog Petty Thoughts, I am an online English professor, wife, and mom to a rock musician and two dogs and two cats. I live in the land of all things Jesus and deer hunting, so I keep to myself a lot. They will likely chisel "She did laundry" on my tombstone.

Marty's picture


I’m a songwriter, producer and web developer. Raised in an agnostic environment in the Netherlands, after extensive soul-searching and questioning I proudly call myself an agnostic atheist. Seeing the problems that organized religions pose on humanity and the people affected by these false ideas, I decided to lend a hand in spreading the value of rational thinking and exposing religions for what they really are whenever I see a chance to do so.

Preston Climer's picture

Preston Climer - Read Articles by Preston Climer

I am a computer hardware enthusiast that enjoys reading educational material of any sort, whether it be a good article, database of information, or non-fiction book. I enjoy writing and love building high-end computers with friends and family. I am a former Christian that turned atheist as a result of my studies behind science and the Bible itself. I aimed to become a more honest and knowledgeable person. Naturally, this also made me see the hypocrisy behind much of the religious bigotry in our world. However, I believe that rationality will inevitably reduce religious zealotry and hatred.

Hande Sena's picture

Hande Sena

I’m a 24 year-old woman, and things can be hard for women in some places. I was born in Turkey, raised by a Muslim family. Time went by, I realized that ‘what I am’ is not accepted by any gods in any way. I came out as a gay person and things started to change for me. Apart from this, I studied English in high school, and French in university. I never had the chance to go abroad, so I never had the chance to improve them. But here I am, volunteering as an English-Turkish translator in this community. I am also interested in literature, nature, and above all things, love.

TBH's picture

TBH - Read Articles by TBH

I am a communication strategist by profession and a wordsmith with wanderlust by purpose. Grandson to a man who denounced his religion for another, I explored my ancestors' faith inside and out. My search for answers within religion spanned over 15 years as a practicing believer, comparatively studying the history of Jews, Christians & Muslims, the Old & New Testaments, Quran and cross references through books of traditions. My blog (Nedosažitelný) speaks of my journey from “believing” to “knowing.” Being alive, I opt for the consciousness I am; to be what I am made of.

Jeanine Fuentes's picture

Jeanine Fuentes

I'm a blogger, dancer, model and self proclaimed supermom. I have a precious boy who loves nature and asking “why?” just as much as I do. I was raised pentecostal in Buffalo, NY before transplanting to Los Angeles in 2013. After watching countless debates, Richard Dawkins, and history videos, I graduated to Atheism. It's been the most liberating experience of my life. These things make life great: Museums, Exploring shipwrecks, Egyptian history, Wildlife, Playing the flute, How It's Made, Documentaries, Snails, Zombie movies, Cheesecake, Crafts, Poetry, Bird Watching, Musicals, Hip-Hop, Louie C.K, Seth Godin, Archeology, Star watching, the Beatles.

Jithin Mohandas's picture

Jithin Mohandas - Read Articles by Jithin Mohandas

A Mumbai, India based freethinker, blogger, rationalist and a science enthusiast. I write mostly about atheism, rationalism, human rights, exposing miracles and debunking religion and such superstitions. I strive to enhance the reach of science by being a logical debater, spreading science and its virtues to more and more people, thereby empowering them to get out of the dark alleys of religion.

Jithin Mohandas on Facebook | Follow Me @mohandasjithin

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Hassan Kamal - Read Articles by Hassan Kamal

I'm a former Muslim who was born and grew up in Cairo, Egypt. I love reading and writing, in particular philosophy, science and politics. I enjoy running, listening to music and watching American movies. I consider myself now as an atheist and secular who believes in philosophy and science that can provide us a scientific vision of universe. I'm a blogger and you can follow me on my blog

Alexander James's picture

Alexander James - Read Articles by Alexander James

My name is Alexander James, and by accident of birth I am white and from a culturally christian country. By choice I married a Taiwanese woman from a buddhist family. We're both hard-core atheist. I wouldn't have it any other way. My parents were liberal and decided that I should decide myself, when I was old enough, if I wanted to join a church. I didn't want to. I think my mother was disappointed, but I like to think my father was silently impressed. Today I am a happy, husband, father, writer, skateboarder, unicyclist, nudist, radio amateur, and comic book nerd.

Daniel Jackson's picture

Daniel Jackson - Read Articles by Daniel Jackson

I am a 32 year old business executive living in Dallas, Texas. I was raised in a baptist home that included nightly bible study with my father, who spent many years as a teacher at a Christian academy. My journey to atheism started at the age of 12 when I was asked to leave a church for “asking too many questions.” Since finally breaking free from my indoctrination five years ago, I’ve made it my mission to help others do the same. My other hobbies include chess, tennis, dog-training, movies, and I’ve recently started my own programming company.

Tigran Aramyan's picture

Tigran Aramyan - Read Articles by Tigran Aramyan

I am a linguist. I attended catechism classes in the local Catholic church on the insistence of my granny, although I was never actually a believer. The first question I posed to the nun at my first catechism class was: “How do we know god exists?” I found Vladimir Colin’s mythopoeia Legendele ţării lui Vam (“Legends from Vamland”; I read a translation, of course) very inspiring in being a non-believer. I’m into languages (the more interesting, the better), music, books, painting, writing, comics,... and into my Ph.D.

Owaiz's picture


I’ve always been the odd one out. Growing up in a dysfunctional Muslim family in Pakistan, I always had more curiosity than satisfaction, more questions than answers. And, as is the case with Muslims, I was always silenced and my questions were never answered. In this bleak hypocritical world, books became my eyes and I started viewing the world I was never exposed to through the eyes of others; they wielded logic and reason, voiced ideas and opinions that mirrored my own, challenged my faith, and made me question everything. Thus began my journey to self-discovery, truth, and freedom.

Scott Jacobsen - Read Articles by Scott Jacobsen

Scott Douglas Jacobsen is the Founder of In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal and In-Sight Publishing. Jacobsen interviews and writes news for Atheist Republic. He trusts the news and narratives help build the digital repository for the non-religious online community. He considers the modern scientific and technological world the foundation for the provision of the basics of human life throughout the world and advancement of human rights as the universal movement among peoples everywhere.

You can also find Scott's articles on his Website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

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