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Atheist Symbol

It is increasingly common to see atheist symbols in our daily lives as more and more people abandon the religion of their childhood. Symbols provide a way to unify communities of people and communicate shared values, visually and concisely. Our logo is an atheism symbol that was crowd-sourced as a means of representing the values of the Atheist Republic community.

The Atheist Republic logo was designed and based upon the collective input of the Atheist Republic community. Here are the meanings behind the two different elements of the logo and what they each represent.

Lion: Strength (strength from unity, strength in logic).

Horse: Freedom (freedom of speech, freedom from oppression).

Unlike other crests, our symbol contains a horse rather than a unicorn and the lion does not bear a crown. The ring used in our logo is one of the oldest atheist symbols and has connotations to symmetry, peace, harmony and parsimony (the selection of a hypothesis with the least number of assumptions, a principle known as “Occam's razor”).

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