Atheist Republic Featured on #BBCTrending


Atheist Republic was featured in a video that addresses how believers and non-believers are promoting creationism and evolution respectively via social media. The video broadcast by #BBCTrending has been shared and liked several times within 24 hours of it being published and its success highlights the fierce religious and non-religious debates that take place on a daily basis between ordinary folks online.

A recent video titled, “Destroying Evolution” has been shared 170,000 times and it is only one of the many examples that reveal how the internet has become a global platform for religious groups and non-religious individuals to pit arguments against one another in an attempt to figure out the origin of human beings.

Apart from Atheist Republic founder Armin Navabi, the #BBCTrending video also featured social media evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, atheist activists Aron Ra, Jaclyn Glenn and TJ Kincaid also known as The Amazing Atheist as well as religion and media scholar Deborah Whitehead.

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