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by John Richmond

There is no “gender binary debate.”  You either understand these words… or you don’t.
By John Richmond

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by Lishka Klein

Active churchgoer in “good standing” repeatedly abducts and rapes a child

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by Reymark Isaguirre

As my first blog, I want to create a motivation to those who were new to the Atheist belief system. I will tell you my story and opinions on how to face your fears of joining Atheism such as: why do you  feel such strange feelings when you are a first-timer, how to deal with it, and what are the other fears that an Atheist possesses.

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by Landon Haynes

When a non-believer falls upon hard times, he or she sees it and hears it more clearly, in all its illogical absurdity:

"You should believe in God, you see! Stop being an atheist."

In your disbelief, you go to point out for the hundredth time:

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by Landon Haynes

In his 1986 book "The Blind Watchmaker" Richard Dawkins recalls expressing his position that he couldn't imagine being an atheist before Darwin. As it happens, there WERE atheists before Darwin, and theories of evolution go back to ancient Greece. It's curious, because he also believes God is in itself a bad explanation (would it still be if evolution were false?). It's a shame if Mr. Dawkins (who I have recently met) is unaware of it, but there is a great legacy of atheist pioneers that helped forge the modern world and cut through the fog and terror of religious faith.

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Leslea Mair is the Co-Director of the documentary film Losing Our Religion.

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The idea of a Caliphate is central for many Muslims, and until this issue is addressed within the faith there will be future attempts to co-opt its religious concept as a justification for violent conflict and oppression. But the world can help to lessen the attraction of this concept.

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Many religious people claim that there are miracles, scientific or prophetic, in the scriptures and those miracles prove that their scriptures are true. They say that, despite their understanding that the same books have serious logical and scientific errors.  Actually, there is no miracle in any of the religious scriptures. No sign of anything but stupidity and barbarity. Yet, let’s assume here today that there are miracles in the “holy” scriptures and try to understand if they are enough to become a believer.

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“Project Blitz” is the latest attempt by Christians to use their power in government to make legislations according to their needs.

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Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How do we defeat the Islamic Republic of Iran?

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The Value of Atheist Blogs

There is social stigma that surrounds atheism in many communities, a stigma which causes many atheists to hide their true selves rather than proclaim their views proudly and in public.

Fortunately, not every atheist feels this way, and there are a few atheist bloggers maintaining blogs on a variety of atheist-related topics. These are valuable resources for other atheists, and it is well worth exploring them for the advice, life experience and information they contain.

What Atheist Blogs Might Contain

Not every atheist blogger blogs about atheism directly. There are many topics that might interest atheists and topics that value from the viewpoint of a non-believer. Here are just some of the blogs you may find written by other atheists:

These are just a few of the many topics that might be covered by an atheist blogger. As you explore the world of atheist blogging, you may find a variety of topics that will interest you and appeal to your views about the world.

Why Read a Blog About Atheism?

Being an atheist can be lonely and isolating, especially if you must hide your beliefs from your friends and family; a community of those with similar beliefs can be truly beneficial to both the blogger and the readers. These blogs are especially helpful when they provide some real-world advice for living as an atheist in a religious word. It can be a challenge to find atheist-friendly parenting advice, for example, from other bloggers; seeking out atheist bloggers will yield far better results.

Another benefit of atheist blogging is the ability to learn about a wide array of viewpoints and personal philosophies. Unlike religions, where members must subscribe to specific beliefs, atheists come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and philosophical principles. Reading about these different viewpoints can open your eyes to ideas outside of your own and help to generate interesting conversations with other readers and even friends and family outside of the blog.

Sharing a blog about various atheism topics can be a good way to bridge the topic with your family and bring up a discussion about your views on god and religion, providing you with a jumping-off point for valuable communication opportunities. You never know; you might even find after sharing a post that there are a few closet atheists in your social group.