Graffiti Art: Response to “Respect” People’s Religious Beliefs Silencing Tactics

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I wonder where this was done?

I wonder where this was done? I See the atheist republic tag on the side there!
Personally I respect someones right to to tell me whatever they want to but they in doing so will have to deal with the consequence of doing so. So go ahead call me evil or say I am going to hell. But don't you dare disrespect my right to say what I want to and don't talk about me behind my back to others. If you believe I am evil or am going to hell tell it to my face.

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If you are "going to hell"

If you are "going to hell" because you don't believe ( what in my view is nothing more than a fairy tale) then that means "God" is very partial, and egotistical. Isn't "God" supposed to love everybody? Why do the religious faction have rules against certain people's lifestyles? Totally against what "God" is supposed to represent.

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