The Most Hated Family in America - Louis Theroux (Documentary)

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Written and presented by British broadcaster Louis Theroux, "The Most Hated Family in America" is a scathing investigation into the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. Based in Topeka, Kansas, the Westboro Baptist Church has made headlines throughout the years due to their relentlessly fundamentalist views and abrasive religious tactics, which have garnered them the label of "hate group" in numerous countries outside of America.

Theroux includes footage of church members engaging in various obscene tactics to protest the funerals of American soldiers, abortion clinics, LGBT activists and other progressive sectors of society. The church prides itself on these over-the-top methods in an attempt to force their dogmatic views upon vulnerable citizens while gaining publicity for their cause. Through interviews with prominent members, Theroux exposes some of the church's most hate-fueled perspectives, such as their roundabout support of the September 11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks (claiming that September 11 was God's punishment for America's amoral standpoint on gay rights and other civil liberties). With "The Most Hated Family in America", Theroux thoroughly paints a picture of the Westboro Baptist Church as the radical hate group that they have become.

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